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Walking Love In 5D / Relationship Episode #13 / Falling In Love

Hello, Allies In Love ~

This is an update to let you know that Part 13 of Walking Love In 5th Dimension is posted on the website.

In this powerful and riveting episode of Walking Love In 5th Dimension, we pose questions and play love songs to highlight, "What happens to people when they fall in love?" And "How does this life-altering event impact our sense of self? "Is it possible to love ourselves while being enthralled by our romantic love for another?" Our poignant answers as we discussed our encounters with those we attempted to love, made it unflinchingly clear that Fear's version of Love never delivered its' promises to anyone. This excerpt from a Love Yourself 101 post entitled "Loving Me, Loving You" reveals that Fear's intention, from the very beginning, was never to foster and openly thwart our efforts to learn to love ourselves. Thus, denying us the wonder, joy, and fulfillment of truly loving another:

"If I learn to love myself, will I stand alone in my life and in the world, unsheltered, without loving arms to hold me close? Is there no other being willing to accept that my love for myself will always be the brightest light that shines through my heart, and guides my feet on this eternal path of Love?

We love ourselves to create a home within our hearts, where Love can reside in the truth of its purity and grace. We love ourselves to invite, into this home within our hearts, another with whom we can share the gift of true Love. We love ourselves to embrace and embody, in this home within our hearts, Our Source and Creator, Our Mother Earth, and all beings within this world. We love ourselves to become One with ourselves and with Love and return home to the Oneness of all existence.

One thing is clear: Love is about relationship. We human beings are taught that we must experience Love in relationship to another from the moment we are born into this reality of Fear. Had we been born into a reality of Love, we would have known, instinctively, how to experience Love in relationship to ourselves. And, our parents would have learned how to nurture and support that Love as much as they did with the love we gave them.

If we had grown up in a reality of Love, we would have become a mirror reflection of the self-love that would naturally exist within our own hearts and the hearts of everyone we encountered. Our relationships would be a shared expression of our love for ourselves. However, being born into a reality of Fear deadened our instinct but not our need for self-love. It also created a lack of awareness in our parents. They could not see that we would grow up always seeking love from others in our quest for self-fulfillment without fostering within us a relationship of love for ourselves."

Because we were all programmed for failure, we must begin the process of unburdening ourselves from the guilt and the shame of our perceived mishandling and our inability to make relationships work. In the end, we realize that we must let go of the injury we have carried and forgive ourselves and each other for the hurt we caused and received on our journey through falling in Love in Fear.

With Love,

Melana ~


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