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Melana Plains



Spiritual leader, activist, and channel for The Path: A Journey Into The Light, a belief system and structure that teaches and supports the truth about Love, from self-love to equal and unconditional Love for all beings.


​"It was a life-changing experience for me when I realized that loving yourself is the foundation for understanding and living the true meaning of Love and knowing how to love other human beings."


The Path process allows us to heal the injury of Fear and gives us the will to move beyond our fearful, self-sabotaging behaviors and embrace ourselves, body, mind, and spirit, with respect, honor, integrity, realness, and truth––with Love.​


"As the 'voice' and the guide for The Path's organic journey from Fear to Love, I have committed the last 33 years to walking, guiding, and sharing this powerful truth of Love with the world."

Melana Plains is an educator of the truth about Love. She encourages everyone to love themselves and change their lives through rediscovery and self-actualization. By sharing her belief system, she guides people to walk the path of Love to find their true selves, purpose, and ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Her 35 years of dedication to this journey have granted her the tools to help people change their lives for the better, a mission she honors as a leader, guide, and visionary.

   My Journey To Love

​As a lover of Love, I am driven and destined to understand everything and all things related to this powerful and magnificent energy, and I also love human beings more than I can bear most times. My love for both touches my heart and moves my feet to continue on this path of healing and sharing Love with the world.

Love is the biggest, the most endlessly expansive subject one could ever attempt to speak about, in terms broader than those we ascribe to it from an emotionally enhanced perspective. Without romance, family, friendship, and our long list of passions, that we so nobly label with Love's grand signature, what is Love, actually? Standing alone, bathed in Its pure light and clear intention, what story does Love have to tell us about itself and its plan for us, aside from what we have taken and defined for our own human and societal purposes?

It was the answer to these questions—which, mind you, were not consciously chosen by me but rather thrust upon my life, first like a perceptual roadblock, which stumped and confused me during my budding childhood years. Later, as I stumbled gracelessly through my early adult life, I tried desperately to maneuver around this enormous need, taking up every inch of space within my being: to love and to be loved.


It wasn't familial love that I sought. I did not understand why or how the love I was shown as a child was clearly not the Love I knew or had known from somewhere deep within the recesses of my soul's memory. It was a love sorely lacking and absent of anything that would support my sense of who I was becoming as a person and gave me nothing to explain to or protect my little girl's heart from all the fears that would rise daily and take my breath away.

Romantic love became the same affair. The only difference was that, at least by then, I knew what to ask for. I wanted to be loved, pure, and straightforward. I had neither taste nor time for dating; I could not stomach the mating ritual. I just wanted to cut to the chase. "Do you or don't you know how to love me?" Despite the bravest and most sincere efforts of those who tried to fulfill my wounded cry, all my attempts failed at securing the only love I believed could breathe life into the death-like languish of a child's unfulfilled heart.

This mysterious Love stood resolutely in the midst of my troubled life, purposely blocking off all my escape routes while steadfastly drawing me to it. Knowing that one day, when I had sought out all other possibilities and was reeling and flailing from the sheer exhaustion of my search, it would reveal itself to me. It knew that I would then be ready to embrace the undeniable truth of its existence and its plan for my life and the lives of all human beings.

You see, this Love has a story to tell us about who we are and a game plan for ensuring our existence and fostering our growth and evolution as a human race. Love is presenting us with the opportunity to heal ourselves and to overcome our most certain destruction— without focused intervention—from the intentions of yet another powerful, albeit life-destroying, energy, Fear.

I will share the teachings from my journey on the path of Love with you on this website. This Love, whose freedom of expression, to behold and to become, is more significant than our human consciousness can ever fully grasp. On this journey of complete immersion and total surrender, Love asked me to bring all of who I was and everything I knew of myself to this undertaking.


This included my battered and bruised heart, my shattered ego, my fractured and piecemeal sense of self, and my blind unawareness of my true potential. In exchange for my commitment to staying the course and sharing all that I had learned with those seeking answers to the same or similar questions, this Love fulfilled its promise to make me whole.

The remarkable truth of this Love came to me from an unexpected source, at a critical, life and death moment in my life. Hopefully, in passing on what I have experienced and learned as I walked this healing path of Love, I can be that source for you.

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