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My intention for creating The Path: A Journey Into The Light website was to provide a ‘proper home’ for The Path and the information we have produced and gathered over the years since we first started this journey in 1988. It’s also a place where we could warmly invite you to come and share in our many discoveries about Love and the path myself and others have walked on our incredible love yourself adventures.

Chakra and The Team, The Path channeled entities, made it clear at the very beginning that, when it was time, the original Path journey was to be made available in a format that all beings interested in knowing the truth about Love could access.

To fulfill that intention, I am pleased to make this website content, including download files and all future material, free for you to learn and enjoy. This information is for anyone desiring to learn about our birthright Love—a Love that belongs to all of us.

In keeping with our original design for accepting an exchange, for those of you who can and would like to contribute to our efforts with any amount you choose, I would like to offer you my respect and gratitude for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Thank you!

Melana ~

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