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The Path: A Journey Into The Light

it's all about the walk . . .

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When we say, "The Path: A Journey Into The Light, we mean precisely that. When you are on The Path, you are on a journey heading towards the light. The Path constitutes spiritual awareness.  It is that fertile ground upon which the growth of a spiritual being takes place. You will notice that we are very literal in our meaning. We do not believe in excessive dressing up of the simple.  So, I would say to you that our calling card is 'The Path: A Journey Into The Light.'  It is what it says it is, and it says it all."  


The Path: A Journey Into The Light is a healing path to Love. This belief system and structure, created by Chakra and The Team, is designed to teach and support the truth about Love, from self-love to unconditional Love for all beings. The Path brings Love's full expression into our lives.  It provides us with guidelines, tools, language, information, and resources, as well as a growth process that continually expands and deepens our awareness and understanding of who we are.

The Path's structured and therapeutic format starts by engaging us in deep and self-focused contemplation about who we are. It makes us conscious and aware of the importance of having a relationship with ourselves. As we reflect on the events that happened in our childhood, we learn how to trust everything we remember and validate everything we felt. Thus, our version of what we experienced becomes the foundation of truth we use to understand what happened to us as we walked through the early years of our lives.

As we go back to the beginning, we are shown how we can re-perceive our experiences, seeing them through the eyes of Love instead of Fear. Thus, we are given the opportunity to accept, to heal, and to find new purpose and meaning in the relationships and events that shaped the course of our lives. When we are children, we are more conscious than at any other time.  And, consequently, more sensitive.  We are also very much in touch with what is true and aware when we encounter what is not.

Children are the ones most severely impacted by the way people react to living in Fear.  From harsh judgments to violent outbursts and physical abuse, as children, we are first made aware of Fear's presence in our initial relationships with parents, siblings, and other people in the family structure. As we reconstruct our childhood's reality, we realize that we often bury the pain and the hurt that we endured as children when we become adults. 

In going back and acknowledging the child within, the one who retreated and hid behind a closed heart, we are releasing the child from the burden of hiding our injury. When our conscious, adult self takes responsibility for healing our wounds, the child is given another chance to grow up. This time, not in Fear, but with a heart open to Love. This phase of The Path is called Spiritual Newborns.

Spiritual Warriors takes us to another level of the journey. The name is appropriate for the intense focus it takes to cleanse the heart of the injury caused by Fear while shifting our entire life from Fear to Love. This place marks the beginning of one of the most profound changes we will ever undergo in a lifetime. 

When introducing people to The Path for the first time, I caution them — as a way of getting them to take note — that this process changes your life for the rest of your life.  Once we set our course on leaving Fear and remain true to our commitment to choosing Love, there is no turning back. When Chakra and The Team unfolded this work's blueprint, no plans were drawn up for our return to Fear once we departed.  

However, our free will allows us to choose to return to Fear for moments, days, weeks, or years at a time.  Usually, the impetus is the need to go deeper and to learn more about our injury and gain more clarity about what we require to heal.  It is the letting go of the injury and, once again, choosing Love that brings us back to our chosen path.

Spiritual Warriors challenges us to ‘walk the talk’ of the commitment we made in Spiritual Newborns. We are presented with an opportunity to make a radical shift in consciousness and totally change life as we know it. With a new leg of the journey unfolding, new tools and a new level of awareness are required. One of the first things we are brought face-to-face with is the need to recognize our own soul's existence.

Many have come to The Path without any concrete awareness of their spiritual aspect.  When undergoing such a thorough shift in our personal reality, becoming openly acquainted and working together with all aspects of ourselves is an absolute must.  Without conscious awareness of the soul's role in our healing process, we could not make this journey. One of the many gifts of this experience is that by the time that we are done with this level of growth, the phrase ‘body, mind and spirit’ takes on a whole, new meaning in our lives, as the relationship with all aspects of our being comes fully into play.

Within the structure of Spiritual Warriors, there is an energetic vehicle called The Process.  It is designed to move us through a series of five steps of awareness: Acknowledgement, Willingness To Let Go, Letting Go, Integration, and Acceptance. At each stage of The Process, we are faced with new challenges and presented with new tools to navigate through them. At the end of Spiritual Warriors, our walk in Love begins.


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