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The Path: A Journey Into The Light is a belief system and process that utilizes the power of self-love to access and actualize the healing reality of Love within us. All aspects of the self and our human journey are realized and brought into balance as we embrace Love as our source for creating, growing, experiencing, and living an authentic, spiritual, purposeful, fulfilling, life. A life empowered by Love and lived without and beyond the limitations of Fear. These sessions are based on that design.

Waking up to catch sunrise with the earl

Taking My First Step

When you're ready to begin your journey home to Love

Walking My Spiritual Path
Just Checking In

When you're ready to stop for directions or guidance on your journey home to Love

How Do I Love People In Fear?

When you're ready to engage in self-loving relationships

Life Questions
"What Do I Do?" (Any Subject)

When you're ready for answers, and all you have are questions


Life & Career
How To Discover & Live My Purpose?

When you're ready to create your reality and live the life you desire in Love

The Path Journey To Self-Love
Learning How To Love Yourself

When you're ready to explore The Path Process of learning to love yourself

What The Path Allies Say



"I have known and worked with Melana for years, and even as I write this, I realize how little I recognize the person I was when I first began my journey on the Path. Sometimes it's hard to find the words to express the deep gratitude and profound joy I feel in doing this work. However, I so readily identify with these feelings and more when I walk the experience I now have in this life, thanks to The Path and the expert guidance Melana has given me over the years." (more)

About Melana Plains



Spiritual leader, activist, and channel for The Path: A Journey Into The Light, a belief system and structure that teaches and supports the truth about Love, from self-love to equal and unconditional Love for all beings.

"It was a life-changing experience for me when I realized that loving yourself is the foundation for understanding and living the true meaning of Love and knowing how to love other human beings."

The Path process allows us to heal the injury of Fear and gives us the will to move beyond our fearful, self-sabotaging behaviors and embrace ourselves, body, mind, and spirit, with respect, honor, integrity, realness, and truth––with Love.

"As the 'voice' and the guide for The Path's organic journey from Fear to Love, I have committed the last 33 years to walking, guiding, and sharing this powerful truth of Love with the world."

Melana Plains is an educator of the truth about Love. She encourages everyone to love themselves and change their lives through rediscovery and self-actualization. By sharing her belief system, she guides people to walk the path of Love to find their true selves, purpose, and ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Her 35 years of dedication to this journey have granted her the tools to help people change their lives for the better, a mission she honors as a leader, guide, and visionary.


Session Guidelines

"I love to see people win. We are all winners. How we win is with Love."

The Joy Of Being YouMelana Plains
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Session Intention

My purpose for offering Love-sourced sessions is to allow people to seek and receive guidance based on establishing a foundation of Love within the self. We do this through engagement with Love's five aspects: Integrity, Honor, Respect, Realness, and Truth. When we apply these five aspects in how we treat ourselves, we create actionable behaviors that become the basis of our self-love. As we utilize these positive attributes to gain deeper insights, understanding, and acceptance of who we are, we learn how to offer the same loving response to other people and all aspects of our lives.

Client Responsibility

When deciding to book a session with me, please note the following requirements:


  • Seriousness of intention and purpose: Do not book a frivolous session with me. Please do not waste your time and money and my time. I will do everything in my power to assist you in whatever way I can to gain clarity and move successfully through any blockages and hindrances on your path forward. Please respect that and come prepared to work.


  • While I can support and guide you, I cannot instill in you the desire for clarity or healing. Although I do not expect or require you to be clear about the issue you are dealing with, you must intend to understand, move through, and choose to heal it.


  • You are not required to see or agree with my assessment of your issue or situation. Please be respectful of the insights and guidance I offer you. I can always bridge the difference between my and others' perspectives. As a channel and empath, I have been doing this work for quite a long time and am usually correct in my perceptions of people and situations.


  • To all psychic bullies, group stalkers, and dark forces of Fear who will no doubt attempt to run interference and bring misdirection and chaos to this new endeavor: You and your cheerless band of mischief makers stay the f__k away. In short, don't even try it. We are fiercely protected here by Love and The Divine.

Session Details

  • When you book a session, you have two options with different prices and time slots. You can find this information on the Booking page.


  • In the 'Overview,' we focus on the issue at hand while looking at how it relates to the way you navigate your daily walk in the bigger picture view of your life. 


  • In the 'Deep Dive,' we focus on the issue at hand and also take an in-depth look at the motivating factors that govern your beliefs and inform the choices you make in your life. In both, the outcome is discovering Love-sourced insights, revelations, and solutions.


  • Sessions will be done on Skype (audio only). It can be Skype to Skype, cell phone, or landline. Once you book your session, you will receive an email with my Skype information, including my Skype number, which you can call from your phone.


  • You will receive a confirmation text after booking your appointment and a reminder text 2 days before your session (if applicable). If you wish to cancel, do It at least 24 hours before your session to receive a refund of your payment.


  • You can request a recording of your session at the beginning of the call. If you do not, I will not record your session.


  • If you would like to book a series of sessions after your first one to work through a particular issue, we can make those arrangements.




  • The information I provide vou as a Spiritual Guide in our Love-sourced sessions is based solely on my 30+ years of experience as a channel and teacher of the belief system, The Path: A Journey Into The Light. I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical professional. You should seek out those entities with issues and conditions that you may have regarding your mental and physical health. You should use or rely upon any information given in these sessions as spiritual guidance and follow solely at your discretion.




  • The website contains testimonials by users of my services. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such users. However, the experiences are personal to those users and may not necessarily represent all users of my services. I do not claim, and you should not assume, that all users will have the same experiences. Your results may vary.

Session Intention
Client Responsiblity
Overview / Deep Dive
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