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Chakra And The Team

voices of truth . . .

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"My Name Is Chakra. I Can Help You With This."

As the focal point of my years-long search for Love started to blur and fade, I felt a deep well of emptiness and disappointment in its wake. At that time, I became open to the possibility that the Love I was seeking may not be a 'romantic' Love. It wasn't just that I wanted someone to love me; I needed something else from this Love that would feed and nurture me to help me feel better about myself. Although I remained mostly competent and functional outside, I was inwardly spiraling into a deep depression and hopelessness.

"My name is Chakra. I can help you with this."

As I sat, shoulders slumped in a chair at my kitchen table—where I made all my important decisions––a voice out of nowhere spoke to me inside of my head, startling me out of my exhaustive brooding over the state of my life. I was born a Gemini, the astrological sign of The Twins. Anyone who is one, or knows one of us, even in passing, is aware of our talkative nature. We speak incessantly in our interactions with others, and we also carry on in the same fashion inside our heads. I engage in dialogue and debate with at least two voices that I am intimately familiar with––this was not one of them.


I looked up with a blank stare as my eyes scanned the inner recesses of my mind. I was surprised and confused at the suspicious and unfamiliar voice attempting to get my attention. It could not have been a worse time for this—whatever 'this' was. Besides, experiencing something of this nature at such a stressful time only served to push me further over the edge of doubt and uncertainty about my current mental state. It was just too much, so I chose to ignore it. I sat silently on the edge of my chair, arms resolute and folded on the table. I waited for the feeling of 'foreign dust blowing through my head' to settle so I could resume my business. And for whoever or whatever it was to go away. Not only was I not in the mood, but I also did not feel inclined to accept an unsolicited offer of advice or assistance.


"My name is Chakra. I can help you with this."


Somehow, the voice seemed louder now, patient but persistent. I began to surmise that it wasn't just going to blow away. My growing sense of it was that this voice had something it wanted to say and would wait, however long it took, for me to listen. What to do? What to do? If I answered, then what? Although some parts of me felt curiously drawn to it, I felt stubbornly reluctant to participate in the exchange. Why?


"My name is Chakra. I have come to teach you about Love."


Wait, stop! Did he say he could teach me about Love? How could this be? Was this some magic? How else could he (whomever he was) know that as far back as I could remember, learning about Love was the one thing I had always longed for? Did this voice named Chakra finally come to answer the long-ago tearful pleas of a desperate little girl and now the dying wish of a disillusioned woman? Could Chakra be the one who had finally come from the place where the Love was?' Would teaching me about this Love help me to save my own life?*




Chakra was the first entity to come through as a representative of 'The Team.' He was wise, loving, and, most of all, patient. He said he was part of an entity group that chose to share the reality of Love with human beings and teach us how to love ourselves. Chakra became my friend, confidant, teacher, and healer. He would gently but firmly coax me along (sometimes kicking and screaming) through each phase of my process of self-healing. With a quiet charm and fierce devotion, Chakra held his Love for me, steady and firm, until I learned how to love myself.


Monea was introduced to me several months after Chakra arrived. A dear friend of Chakra's, Monea, came aboard to help him guide people through The Path Process. Monea reminded me of an aerobics teacher when we first met, all high energy and always raring to go. After Chakra's quiet manner, it took me a little while to get used to her style and flair for the dramatic. Soon, she became a trusted friend, ally, teacher, and role model. Her warmth, sensitivity, and willingness to sit with me in my 'stuff' while I sorted it out were incredible. She was brilliant at modeling your stance when you speak from your heart, empowered by your Love for yourself.


Once Chakra and Monea had established their purpose, other entities belonging to their group appeared. The Ascended Masters Erwan, Jorgen, Gerard, Batiste, and Clarissa, the co-creators and overseers of The Path: A Journey Into The Light, were never regular visitors or participants in the traditional Path activities. Still, their energy was always evident and present in everything we did. Whenever there were life-changing shifts for me or in The Path reality, they would always come forth to assess, support, and offer guidance on the best course of action. Having a fondness for the element of surprise, the AMs would show up with their wit and wisdom when least expected.


Chakra and The Team are the mainstays for The Path: A Journey Into the Light beliefs, teachings, and walk. Without them, neither The Path nor I would not be here today. Chakra often tells the story of how 'back home,' as a member of The Team, I raised my hand excitedly when asked who would volunteer to bring The Path to Planet Earth. Although honored to be known as a part of such an esteemed group of beings, I always laughingly shake my head in denial that I would have ever made such a foolish and damnable choice!

Excerpt from

The Path: A Journey Into The Light:

The Journey From Fear To Love

By Melana Plains

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