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Join Chakra And Monea, the channeled entities

who introduced me to the true meaning of Love, as they guide the first Path Group through The Path: A Journey Into The Light.

It is a treasure to learn from the 'original guides' as they introduce and unfold the story and the walk of The Path

to a willing, eager, and curious group of new allies.



Session Update: 8/20/21

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Spiritual Newborns

Chakra Introduction

Group Session #1

Hello. My name is Chakra. I want to say it is very, very good to be here this evening with you. Welcome, to Spiritual Newborns. What an exciting beginning this is for me to go through this journey again with you. I always learn more and more as I do. How exciting it will be for you to go through it, for the first time, and experience what it is like, this sensation of deciding to head towards home and get in touch with that original place from which you came. It's making a decision that you don't want to have amnesia anymore, and you do want to be awake for this experience on Earth. 


I want to give you all a hearty welcome and say that our time together will be very momentous. There's much work to do. There are many discoveries to make. So you will be pretty busy and focused. I will say that you will feel the effects of going through this process of self-discovery over the next six weeks.


As you go through the process, you will feel it because feelings––all kinds of feelings, every feeling you could imagine––are going to be the keynote of this experience for you. Since you will be dealing with many issues that bring up much emotion, there will be a general, shall we say, universal protection and support for you during this period.


I say that to let you know that we are very appreciative of the fact that you are going through this. We are sincerely warmed and heartened by your decision to take a look inward. We feel that it is a good idea for us to show you we are working with you. How we work with you will be to make your journey through this process as comfortable as possible. So, you will also feel a general sense of well-being over the next six weeks.


You will have your ups and downs and will go through quite a bit of emotional, shall we say, clearing up. But, do not ever despair too much about it because, quite frankly, after you go through your bouts of recognizing and acknowledging certain feelings you have, there will be overall a general feeling of goodness and protection. The presence of this positive energy is how you will know that we are with you every step of the way. That is our commitment to you for making your commitment to do the work.


How we would like to begin this evening would be for me to first say hello to everyone. I want everyone to say hello and, if you feel inclined, to say a few words. I want to connect with you and hear the tonal quality of your voices. If you will give me a word or two and your name, I would very much appreciate it.


(In Path work, we are called 'Allies.')


Allies:     Introduce themselves.


Chakra:  Thank you. 


We are missing some people. I am aware that they are committed to joining us later, so do not be concerned. We will carry on. We must get the information to them on this session so that they can catch up.


Okay, what I would like to do now is take everyone through a bit of meditation to get you kind of grounded, focused, and open. It will give you a little picture of where you will be traveling during your time here. So, if everyone would please get as comfortable as you can and close your eyes. 


What I would like you to do first is take three deep breaths. These are cleansing breaths, so inhale very deeply into your diaphragm; very deeply. Inhale and then exhale very slowly through your mouth. As you exhale, allow for your body to feel the sensation of letting go. I would like you to take three hardy intakes of breath and then let them out slowly. Allow the feeling of letting go to permeate your body. You are letting go of all the day's worries, anxieties, and aggravations. This is your time to be calm, quiet, comfortable, and protected. You may let go of everything discordant that you brought in with you.


After taking these three deep breaths, I would like you to start breathing in and out at your regular pace. Do that for just a bit to get caught up with yourself. As you breathe, notice how your body feels. Allow it to relax. Allow your body to get in touch with your breathing and have that same, quiet, even quality to it. Very good.


Now, I would like you all to get a mental picture in your head. If you cannot see it, you can sense it; either way is appropriate. See or sense a beautiful, green, lush, wooded area. There is a lake in the center and a waterfall off at the far end of the lake. Surrounding this lake are tall, green, lush trees all around, and the air feels very cool and calm. There is a soft breeze that plays with the leaves on the trees, and you can hear the trickle of the waterfall. As you see or sense that scene, I would like for you to be there in it to experience for yourself this wondrous, beautiful, calm, and protected place.


There are all kinds of flowers all around, and you can smell them when the wind blows ever so gently. Get a feel, look around you, see how blue the water is; how green the trees look; how blue the sky above is; how calm this place is; how pleasant it all is. And there you are, standing amid all this beauty, looking around you.


Now I want you all to take a look down at the ground beneath you and your feet. What you notice when you look down is that you are standing on a path. Then you look up and around and notice that the trail goes way beyond you, ahead and behind, further than your eyes can see. It is a winding path made of moist dirt. What I would like you to do, as you stand there, is sit down for a moment and take off your shoes––or whatever it is you have on your feet. Take them off and set them to the side of this path. Then you are going to stand up and put both of your feet on this earth. Feel the sensation of your bare feet on the cool, moist soil. Let your feet feel the ground beneath them. Allow yourself to enjoy how incredible and comfortable that feeling is to your feet.


As you stand there, I would like you to look around you at all of the beauty, the peace, and calm. Get a real sense that you belong here. This place is very familiar to you, but you have been gone for a very, long time. But, now, you've come back, and you know that this is your place. All of the trees, you know. The lake, you know. You can hear the waterfall talk to you as it runs down into the lake. You realize that this is a special place that belongs to you, and you have decided to return and become a part of it again and be at one with it. 


While you are standing there, I would like you to be aware of your breathing on this path. When you inhale, realize that you are inhaling all of the wondrous beauty and energy through your body. It courses through your limbs, through your feet, and down beneath the ground. You feel connected with all that is around you and the earth beneath you. I would like you to realize that this is the path for each of you; this is your path. 


This path is the road that you will travel on as you journey to the light. Any time in the next six weeks, if you start to feel a little lost, if you begin to feel a little less grounded or panicky about the feelings coming up, I would like you all to remember to take three deep, cleansing breaths. As you return to your regular breathing pattern, this will be the place where you will come. Every time you come here, you will feel safe and grounded and get in touch with what you need to know.


So, I want you to breathe into that realization that this is your safe place. Over the next six weeks, this will be home. Look around and realize how familiar it all is, and as you move your feet around a bit and squish them into the ground, realize how familiar that feels. Now, own this as being your special place.


We are going to come back to the room. I would like each of you to take three breaths. On the first breath, as you exhale, say silently to yourself the number three. On the second breath, say the number two. And, on the third and last breath, say the number one. When you feel that you've returned to this room and feel comfortable and safe, you may open your eyes. I will give you a moment to do that.


Ally: Can I share something with you?

Chakra: Yes, please. Please do share things with me; do not leave me out. Otherwise, I'll have to eavesdrop.

Ally: No, it's just a mortal thing that in the middle of all of this, the light above me went out.

Chakra: Yes.

Ally: And, you knew that, didn't you?

Chakra: Yes.

Ally: And then just now as we came back, it went on again.

Chakra: Yes. Now, that's interesting.

Ally: It's fascinating.

Chakra: I would say so. I thought we'd have a little fun there.

Ally: So, I'm glad to know that everyone else noticed it, too. 


Chakra: Yes.

What I would like to say to you now––as you all seem to be present here with me, and this is good––is that I will speak just a little more, and then Monea will come out and get things moving here. It has been a while since she has talked to a group, so she is, shall we say, chomping at the bit. So, I will make the rest of my time here a little brief.


What I would like to say to you, to give you a base to understand what it is we are talking about, is that when we speak of being on the path, when we speak of doing path work, what we are speaking of and dealing with is the issue of Love. Love is going to become an often-used work over the next six weeks. Love is going to become something very familiar to you. You will explore the concept, the feelings, and the expression of Love until you realize that even with Love, you have to own it. 


You have to reclaim everything you forgot about who you were before becoming a human being on your planet. The foundation of all of that, the element that makes reclaiming everything else possible, is Love. You must first reclaim Love and learn how to understand and embrace what that means. You will hear a lot about learning how to Love yourselves. 


You see, you must understand that doing this work, for you, would have no meaning if you did not think you were worth the effort. Or that it was not worth the time and energy for you to specifically focus on yourself and get clear about your own life. The impetus, concept, and expression that makes you get in touch with your worthwhileness is your Love for yourself.


As you go through reclaiming your Love for yourself, you will know what it truly means to love another human being. This is not to say that you have not loved your friends, partners, and children. That's not what it means. You each express your concept of Love to its fullest degree in all your relationships. What we are saying is that you have expressed all the Love that you knew. We also say that it is not only possible, but it is a truth that there is a much greater and fuller expression of Love inside each one of you.


When you tap into that and give it to yourself, you will then see what a transforming experience it will be for you and all your relationships. There will be a new depth and expansion to the Love you feel, not only for your family and friends but all human beings. All of this work centers around Love; that is the point of it.


I want you all now, if you can, to get a sense of Love. It doesn't mean that you have to start working on it to know or understand it better. I would like you all to consider the possibility that more Love than you have ever realized in your entire life is going to become a part of who you are now. Every time we get together, be aware of how much Love there is for you. And, how much Love we have for you, and you for us.


There is an awful lot of Love in just talking about the beings in this room. Then when you take into consideration that the whole Universe, and all of the beings in the Universe, are sending their Love to this group as well, it's pretty incredible. I want you all to bask in it as if you were at the beach, basking in the sun to get a tan. Drink it in, use it and make it a part of who you are. Know it and claim it as being yours.


When we speak of Love for yourself, I would say to each one of you, another thing you're going to hear a lot about over the next six weeks is how wonderful you all are. How incredibly special each one of you is! There is not another one like any one of you in this room. You are all originals and essential to your planet––and in the bigger picture––the whole Universe.


The Universe watches each and everyone one of you very closely. You have a part to play in the growth and healing of your planet and responsibility for keeping things balanced in the Universe. Your contribution is of utmost importance. So each one of you is very dear and valuable.


Our commitment is to take the time and the energy--as much as it takes--to help you see your inner beauty. Because when you see it, then you will share it with others. They then, in being touched by your beauty, can get in touch with their own. You start giving off this energy that allows other people to see in themselves how special they are. You are all so very important. I say all of this to let you know why we are on about this all of the time. Why we are here, and why are we taking the time and energy to do this kind of work with you.


So, given all of that, I'm going to take my leave. I would like all of you to say to yourselves as I leave and Monea comes, "I love myself." It does not matter how much you believe it at this moment. The saying of it does make it so. And, as you say it more and more, and you will be saying it a lot over the next six weeks, you will begin to believe it. I love each and everyone one of you. I will take my leave now. 



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Spiritual Newborns

Monea: The Journey Begins

Group Session #2

Monea: Good Evening! My name is Monea. My goodness, it is so good to be here again. I feel as if I have not done this in absolute ages. I am thrilled for the opportunity to get down to work with some more spiritual newborns. Doing this work with you is me at my best.


I want to say to all of you welcome. Welcome, welcome. I'm going to be a little hyper, but that's okay. I am allowed seeing as I have not done this for a while. So you'll have to bear the brunt of this energy that's going to exude from me, okay? 


All right then, what I would like to say first is to ask everyone to introduce themselves to me so that I know to whom I'm speaking. Anyone can start.


Allies: Greet Monea and introduce themselves.


Monea: Thank you all. I am delighted to be here with you. Thrilled, I must say.


Ally: The lights keep going on and off.


Monea: Yes, that's Chakra. I would not pay any attention to it. I would call those cheap parlor tricks, but that's his way of doing whatever it is he's doing.


Ally: Would you like some water?


Monea: No, I'm fine, thank you. I just got a little nudge from Chakra; he says it's not a cheap parlor trick. Well, you can call it what you want, and we won't say anything else about it.


All right. I want to welcome all of you Spiritual Newborns. It is lovely to have you here. This experience is so exciting because this is your coming out party, shall we say. You have made a decision here to start taking a look at who you are and what your life means, how your life works and what the heck you're going to do with it when you figure all of that out. 


This work is exciting, okay? Although, there are going to be times when it doesn't seem so. Some moments get a little, shall we say, touchy. Some moments get a little emotional. Now, you must understand that coming from me––my having been on your earth plane before––I am well acquainted with human emotions. So, I do understand when things get, as you say, rough. I do understand what that means.


However, as you start to open up, you will learn how to deal with those moments. You are going to expand your ability to cope way beyond what you think you can do now. In part, it means allowing yourself to open up to the full expression of life and all of its experiences. There is so much beauty and joy in life. You will begin to see that and not get so bogged down in the emotionalism. So much so that you can't pull yourself out of it enough to look and see everything with a bit of joy and even humor. But, you will get the opportunity to do that here.


I want to convey to you tonight in the business of The Path and doing your work the importance of your feelings. Feelings are fundamental; they express it all, okay? Chakra has already told you that you'll be dealing with Love. Love is the reason all of this is happening, and that is true. Remember that. You can look upon Love as your ground, that everywhere that you stand is Love. That's where you're coming from, and that's where you're going.


We will start by getting acquainted with how you navigate The Path in Love. Human beings grow up believing that the ability to think is a gift. To be able to think long, hard, and fast is the greatest accomplishment. The more that you can think, the better human being you are.


I will not go into a lengthy discourse about where that belief started, but you can get a hint by acknowledging that you come from a very male-oriented society. Men pride themselves on being able to think hard and fast. Women tend to, shall we say, in their quest to be equal to male energy, try and do it just as hard and fast as men. So, what you wind up with are many people going around thinking themselves through their lives. Thinking that if they do that, they've got it made. What I want to make clear to you is that this is not the case.


What has happened with all of this thinking is that people have forgotten about those things called feelings. "Oh, you mean that emotional stuff that gets in the way of clear thinking? That 'baby' stuff that makes you appear not as cool or as self-possessed? As you grow up and get older, you learn to put those troublesome feelings away so that you can become a thinker." Okay. But I am going to say to you that your feelings are the key to everything. If you want to understand what has thrown you, your society, your planet, shall we say, off-balanced is the fact that no one until recently has understood how essential your feelings are.


What I want to say to you about feelings––and listen very closely––is very important. Your feelings are the vocal expression of your soul. Your feelings are how your soul communicates with you. It is your feelings that are the expression of the higher self of your whole being. So, you can see that by not listening to your feelings, you are not listening to your soul. You have completely shut it down. 


Since your soul guides you through your life and all your life lessons, being out of touch with it is a problem. There are a lot of human beings on your planet that have this problem. That is why this business about the 'new age' is happening in your world right now; people want and need to find clarity. People who have gone for so long not listening to their souls are starting to say, "Who am I? Where am I going? What is this life all about?" They are in total and complete confusion and feeling cut off from any sense of direction or guidance.


It's because they are not listening to the part of themselves that would direct or guide them. People are too busy thinking their way through their lives. You can't think your way through your life no matter how hard you try. You cannot do it and grow. You cannot think your way through your life and be happy. It simply won't work.


So here you are now, understanding that your feelings are the voice of your soul, okay? Get that clear. Let yourself think about and feel it. Let it permeate through your being that this is the absolute truth about how you operate as a human being. Let that sink in. When dealing with The Path and with the reality of Love, you must listen to your feelings. And you are in for some interesting surprises.


Your feelings have things to tell you from way back, a long time ago. Something that you would not imagine that anyone–– let alone you––could remember. Like that time you fell and scraped your knee, and how sad you felt when there was no one there to pick you up and make it better. Or the time when you were in your crib and very hungry, and how abandoned you felt when your mom was late in bringing you your bottle. That is how far back your feelings are going to go to bring you up-to-date. So we are talking about many feelings that are going to come up in doing this work.


Now, what you have to accept is that this is just the way things will be. There is no other way to do all of this work without allowing that to be so. It will be quite an accomplishment for all of you heavy thinkers to let your brain–your thinking place––take a vacation for a while. Not that you won't function from your brain because you will. You have walked your life from your brain for so long; it can go on automatically and prompt you to do all the things you know you have to do. It is well-versed in that, so you needn't spend more time teaching it how to function.


You will be working on getting out of your brain and into your heart and listening to your feelings. We will talk about feelings over the next six weeks until they come out of everyone's ears. You will get annoyed with me––I am anticipating it––and that is okay. I tell you now that it does not bother me because your annoyance is just more feelings, and that's what we're about here. 


You will be keeping a journal of your feelings; you must do this. So when you get yourself a pad or a notebook, you might as well give it the title, 'Feelings.' You're going to writing down how you feel about any and everything. Now, there is a trick to this, okay? Your brain is not going to go along with this right away. Your brain has been the top guy for a long time and will not feel happy about being put on the back burner. So expect a little conflict and competition from your brain. Be aware and prepare for that; it is normal and natural. 


How you deal with it is to say, "It's okay, but we're going to do something else now. I hear you, but you're fine. You can take care of yourself while I deal with our feelings. I'm trying to get all of the parts of our being balanced, so you have to allow me to do this work." You have to start talking to yourself and your thoughts as well. When they say, "Oh, this is stupid. Really, what do you think you're going to gain from listening to all that emotion? Come up here and sort it out." Say 'no' to that invitation; it's a trap.


I'm going to give you a bit of advice about that. When you feel something––anything––you are first going to have a sensation. You're going to feel something, and the word that expresses that feeling will pop into your head. That first word, that first impression, is the one that you grab and hold on to. Because, if you do not, that first thought will only last for a second longer before your brain kicks in and says, "Well, you know it might now be like that. What you have to consider is that maybe you're not clear. Maybe, you're not fair. You think you feel angry, but maybe it's not anger. You're just feeling guilty, and you don't know it." "Oh, wow, you say to yourself, what did I do wrong?" And then it's on and on and on from there.


By the time your brain finishes with it, you don't know what the heck you felt. You don't even have a concept left of the original feeling. At this point, you're just confused. So, you have to be prepared for your brain to do that automatically. However, now you will be actively participating in deciding how to navigate your own life. You're not going to allow the aspects of your being to run away with themselves and do whatever they want. Keeping you totally in the dark and confused most of the time, as you follow along, saying, "Well, I don't know.:


Now it is time for you to realize that it is you that calls the shots with you. That no one else, not a part of you––not your brain––runs the show. Doing this work and getting two feet on the path is saying," I'm in charge. I'm going to walk this life and own every step that I take. All of my parts, my emotional, intellectual, and physical self, are all going to do as I say. No more being out of control, running wild, and carrying me along. No more me getting sick and not knowing why. Or getting confused and not having any idea how it happened. All of that is over. I am in charge now. I am going to run this show."


And, that is how it should be. Your parts only took control because someone had to. Otherwise, what would become of your life? Take a moment, and reflect on that.

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Spiritual Newborns

Monea: Self-Acceptance & Self-Love

Group Session #3

Monea:  So you see, you have to know at this very moment that each one of you is where you should be. No one has done anything wrong. No one is behind or ahead of themselves. You are all where you should be and doing wonderfully.

What goes hand-in-hand with that thought is the truth about self-love and self-acceptance. I want each of you to consider that if you are going to love yourself, you're going to have to accept yourself––just the way you are at this very moment. All of your parts, all of your being, you're going to have to accept all across the board.

You're going to have to embrace everything about yourself. You can't love something you don't accept. So, you're going to have to take yourself just the way you are. What you must understand about that is you have done the absolute best that you could do. If you could have done anything differently or better, you would have. That's the truth. It's not even debatable.

Human beings, generally, try to do the very best that they can do in almost any situation. That is your expression as beings. So, you have to know that you did what you learned and you did very well. You are always where you should be at any given moment. There are no accidents; there are no mistakes. We're also going to clear up right and wrong. Because what you know right and wrong to be doesn't exist. Things just are.

From moment to moment, as you go through this lifetime, every instant is an expression of what it is––and that's it. You see, right and wrong, mistakes, accidents, and judgment––having to assess as if deciding on whether something was appropriate or not––that one's going, too. There is no judgment. Everyone is born here to learn, go through their lives, and work out as best they can what they need to fulfill in this lifetime. Everyone is here to do that work. No one is any different, and no one here is on vacation.

There's no one 'just hanging out.' If that is what they are doing, in your perception, that's what they are working on. So, you see, everyone is busy doing something. Once you understand your work, you will find there's no space to judge another for theirs. You will feel a great deal of compassion for your fellow human beings, knowing that each one of you chose to come here to do your work.

Choosing to be a human being is a tough decision. It's not easy work. And, so, that you were brave enough and committed enough to your soul's growth to put yourself here and go through this is commendable. You start this journey bravely. You should always remind yourselves just how courageous you are for being here and intending to get clear about who you are. What other evidence of your commitment and your brilliance do you need? When you start piecing it all together and looking again at the notion of self-acceptance and self-love, it's easier to consider the possibility of why you would do it.

In talking about this business of your feelings, they will uncover for you all that you are. It is necessary that you learn to listen to each feeling expression. As you do this work with The Path, to start, we're going to focus on you recognizing a feeling from a thought. How to recognize the difference between the voice of your soul from the part of your brain called the mind. To listen to and act on the information that your soul gives to you.

You know, people ask, "How do I know when my soul is talking to me? How will I know?" The easiest way to identify your soul expression is by sitting quietly and asking yourself, "What do I feel?" Because if you allow the feeling to come up regarding any issue––anything at all––it will bring up names, dates, people, places––all of the information associated with the matter.

If it's a thought from your mind and not your feelings, you'll notice that the information that comes through is decidedly different. If you listen to your mind thinking that you are engaged with your feelings, you're going to get confused. And, that's how you'll know that you didn't hit the nail on the head. It's the confusion that informs you that you are still in your mind. If you feel confused, it is your high sign that you haven't listened to your feelings. Instead, you're trying to figure something out about what you felt––in your head.

So, you must start again and say to yourself, "I'm not thinking about this. I need to know what I feel." It's going to take some time to get used to doing that and getting clear about knowing when you are in touch with what you feel. Walking through that and the entire journey on The Path requires your commitment and patience with your process. You're going to have to trust that you have not gone off the deep end, that your work on yourself is of utmost importance, and that you will gain a great deal from this journey of self-discovery.

You also must trust that Love and the whole Universe are watching and supporting you every step of the way. As we go along, you will see how all these different elements I have spoken about are going to come into play.

Ally:  Can I ask a question, Monea?

Monea: Why, of course, you may.

Ally:  If you have what I would call conflicting feelings, is that another example of not paying attention to the primary one?

Monea:  Yes, Yes, absolutely is. Conflicting feelings mean that you came up with the original one but did not buy it. Instead, you amended it a little bit in your mind and came up with something different. However, you weren't sure if you could buy into that either. You have these two different perspectives about the issue and uncertainty about which one represents your true feelings.

A feeling only becomes debatable after you've run it through your mind. When you have an initial reaction or response to anything in your life, there is no conflict. You don't look at a sunset and have a conflicting feeling about its effect on you. You see it and have an obvious, defined response. However, once you start questioning how you feel about anything, a conflict is created between your feelings and thoughts. That's when things get confusing.

Your soul is never going to speak to you in riddles or a conflict of feelings. Your soul is very clear about what it says. It makes no mistakes and communicates with you directly, clearly, and straightforwardly––if you listen. You introduce conflict when you decide not to accept the information as it comes and own how you feel about something. That usually happens when you want to change it, either because you think it's the wrong feeling to have or it's somehow not appropriate or good enough.

Monea: Do you understand what I'm saying?

Ally: Yes, I do.

Monea:  Soul communication is straightforward and elementary. We're going back to basics here, to the simplest form of expression. All of this complexity about simple things is brain and mind-induced. Life is simple. Being in the expression of your highest being is simple. You have learned to make it complex, and we're going to unlearn that here and get back to elemental simplicity.

For instance, you see the magnitude of the Universe, and in your mind––you think you feel––it is so huge and with so much activity going on. You look at your sky with all the stars and the planets and wonder how does that all work?" The answer is effortlessly and simply. When you're dealing with that many diversified energies, how else could it work, you see?

If the Universe operates that way and you are an energetic product or offshoot of the Universe, how do you think you should be functioning? In the same way. As is also with nature, it's elementary and predictable in its manner. You are not, as a human being, a separate part of this Whole. This Whole operates in such a rhythmic simplicity and, yet, you are spinning off in your individual, complex universe. Doing this puts you out of sync with the bigger picture. You're supposed to be over here with everything else. Not alone and separate.

So, what we're going to do is to get you back in touch and in alignment with where you came from––your source––so that you can live your lives with a great deal more comfort, ease, and joy. You will find out in this work that you will stop doing so many things you deem essential and valuable now. You're going to cut your activity in half.

You know what? When you operate from where you are, 'do, do, get it done quick, get it done fast, get it done right,' you can't hear your soul or the needs of your being. You could be screaming at you, "But, I need just to take a day off and read a book!" Instead, a part of you feels compelled to do, accomplish, achieve. "We have to create on the physical plane some evidence that we lived where and did well." While your inner being (your spirit), which goes with you when your body dies, is left languishing.

So, when your physical body dies, and your spirit returns to interact with the Whole, it's unprepared to enter into the Oneness because it was left to languish, not nourished to grow and evolve. Yes, it was great that you could build houses and buy new cars and all of that. However, those things all remain on this earthly plane. Your spirit does not make its final home here.

So, it would seem very smart to consider that the care of your inner being is the crucial factor in your human walk on your planet––not your things. When you allow yourself to become valuable to you, life becomes more meaningful. You find yourself with a great deal of time to be with yourself–– because you like and love yourself so much. You will find that you don't have to do all of those things to create evidence that you were here and did well. Every time you walk down the street and come in contact with someone, they will know immediately just how well you've done. You see. It's caring for what you take with you, not what stays here, that says you are well.

This is an excellent place to take a break now. I am so excited about being here. It's great fun, and I'm so proud of you for being here with me. I know that you will like this work and are going to take to it very well. So, let's take our break, and when we resume, you can ask questions, and we'll interact a bit.


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Spiritual Newborns

Monea: Q & A With The Allies

Group Session #4

Monea:  Well, hello there. We are back again, and it is good. What I would like to do first before we get into questions and answers is to give you your homework. I am a stickler for it, and I want to make sure that my instructions are clear. In this way, there will be no excuses for misunderstanding what I'm asking you to do.


As I mentioned earlier, you must have a notebook or journal for this group. There are two essential things I would like you to do between now and next week; first, that you listen to the tape of tonight's session at least once––and more than once if you feel so inclined. I say this to you because the information is delivered so that when you hear it again, it will leave another impression on you. It's essential to this so that you can further understand and retain the guidance from this evening's session.


(Note: For those reading this, please go back and reread Part 1-4 of Group #1 before starting Group #2. Thank you!)


Monea:  Also, what I would like you to do with your journals––and I touched on this earlier––is to keep a list of all of the things that come up and your feelings about them. Okay? Write down anything about whatever it is you're going through. I'm asking you to do this so you can learn how to listen to and monitor your feelings.


It doesn't have to be a long, elaborate thing, "I felt sad. I felt angry. I felt, whatever." If you are in a situation that is bringing up a series of feelings, you might want to say, "These feelings are about my relationship with this person or situation." I would like you to keep an accounting of your feelings and see how much, from day-to-day, you can come up with, remember, or be aware of what you're feeling that day. It's important.


What you will be doing is self-monitoring. It is an exercise in learning to listen to your soul. So, what we will do next week when you come in is go through this information in the last half of the session. We'll talk about it, you can ask questions, and we'll discuss how to get you acquainted with what you are feeling. We'll go through the process of feeling, noting how one came up and you ignored it, allowing your mind to take over. We'll look at what that experience was like for you.


Watch out for that because it will happen. You will have a feeling express itself, and although you will be aware of how it got into your head, you still won't be clear about what you initially felt. That is going to happen, so try and be aware of that process when it occurs. It's becoming more informed about how you operate as a being—getting in touch with and self-monitoring yourself so that you know what makes you tick. So, listening to the tape, keeping a journal, and writing down your feelings are necessary activities. And, if you do your homework, I will be pleased! ( (Humor)


I would like you to open up the room and allow you to talk, ask questions, and have a discussion. This time is for you to talk about things that happened during the session, in your life, or in the universe. Whatever you feel like asking, please feel comfortable doing so. This portion of the evening is your time to connect here. So, anyone can start.


Ally B:  Hi, Monea, this is B.


Monea:  Yes.


Ally B:  I'm asking this question for somebody else, but the answer would be very relevant to me. This person is not just contemplating it but has made arrangements to live closer to me. We're not always on the same wavelength, so we both want to know if it's going to work out.


Monea:  Moving to live closer to you, give me a moment. (Pause)

You will notice that I will do what I'm about to do here––and it's amusing. One person asks one question, and then I'm off again. I promise not to do it too much. Because it's an opportunity to gain more clarity, when you ask me a question, I will sometimes ask you a question back. I do that for a reason, and you will catch on to how that works as we go along. I do this so that you can begin to know your answers, you see.


You're going to notice that all this work we do is about getting you independent of everyone but yourself. It's about being able to assess your lives, what happens to you, what you're going to do––so that you can understand and answer all your questions yourself. So, I'm going to do a two-part thing. I will give you enough of an answer to know that I'm with you and am aware of what's happening. But, I'm also going to start coaching you on how to assess your own.


You see, when you ask me a question, and I say, "Give me a moment," and I pause, what I do during that time is assess and talk to your soul. Your soul gives me the answer, and I give it back to you. I know that if your soul can speak to me, it can talk to you. That is how I know your answers; that is not a mystery. I sit and listen to what your soul has to say about it and then repeat it back to you. The goal is to get you and your soul to work together, so you don't have to communicate through me. That is one thing.


The other is the opportunity to illustrate a lesson when a person asks a question. I will use that person's question as an example to teach something. Everyone will have that happen to them. So, I don't want anyone to feel as if I'm picking on them. I will take a person's question and have the whole room look at how they asked the question, how they worded it, or something else about what was asked. I do this so that everyone can learn from this experience. 


Now, let me get back to you, B. You asked me a question about whether or not it's going to be a good experience for you both. Let me ask you, B, what are your feelings about this? Do you feel it's going to be a good experience for you?


Ally B:  I think –


Monea:  Okay, here we go. See, here we have the perfect opportunity. I don't want to know what you think, and you don't want to know what you think either. You're concerned with how you're going to feel about it, period. To assess what it's going to be like for you, try and ask yourself for just a moment what was your initial feeling about the prospect of this person moving close to you. What is it––in a word?


Ally B:  I don't have––I.


Monea:  It's okay.


Ally B:  I don't––nothing comes to mind.


Monea:  Okay.


Ally B:  I know what I want to say. I want to say that it's a good idea, a good move. It is, for part of me. But, there's another part of me that is seriously concerned because––it might not work.


Monea: All right, B. Could you do something with me here? Let's go back to your original question. You asked me whether or not I thought it would be suitable for you and this other person. Now, I can tell you what I know, and that might help you get in touch with your feelings about it.


I would say that there is a bit of apprehension on your part about this person's plans, and I believe the concern is well-founded. It is not to say that you should not agree to this, but you should pay attention to what makes you feel uncertain. Because in that uncertainty will lie a conflict. If one does arise, it will be that. I will not tell you or this other being what to choose. I will say, however, that the other person is also feeling the same uncertainty about the move.


Ally B:  Yes.


Monea:  So, you both have to acknowledge your mutual apprehension. Since I am only guiding you––and not the other person––I would ask that you try something with me. In a word, what does the apprehension feel like? In one word in the English language––just one––what best describes what moving close together brings up for you?


Ally B:  Anger.


Monea:  Okay. Now you see, anger is a powerful emotion. It can also be destructive. If you let anger sit unexpressed, well-hidden inside of you, and you go ahead and do something the anger identifies with, that anger is going to make its presence known to you, you see? The anger is not going to disappear in a puff of smoke. It will allow you to bury it wherever you find it convenient to do so. But the thing is, in the end, it will have its' say. 


If you sit on it and do not allow yourself to feel the truth of what the anger is about so that you can release it, I'll tell you what will happen next. If you go ahead and agree to this move while you're sitting on this anger, you will experience a physical reaction to suppressing it. Some physical malady will come up for you. Something will start not feeling right––some pain, ache, old or maybe new will surface. That is the way that human beings collect pains and physical ailments. For every feeling that you suppress, there is a physical reaction to that suppression. In the end, no feelings go unexpressed without consequences.


Your soul is intent upon getting your attention––one way or another. It's up to you how you want to take your medicine. Do you want to get clear about this now and let it go? It does not mean that you will choose differently, but you will choose wisely. You will know that there is a possibility that this person coming into your space is going to create some angry feelings for you. You can choose to do it while being aware of that. However, if you agree to it and try to convince yourself that it's not going to be a problem because you won't let it, it is deciding to make yourself sick. It's all in how you want to do it, and it's all up to you.


Ally B:  Thanks. I had that exact physical reaction already, in the same way, that you described. I guess I don't want the move to happen anymore.


Monea:  Yes, I don't think you do, either. And, I want to tell you something about that––it is okay, quite okay. There is nothing wrong with you not wanting it to be that way. Every time you make a decision that is clearly in your best interest and for the good of your well-being, it is a perfect decision for you to make, and you can support yourself in making it. Sometimes, when you make this kind of choice, other people can get upset. But, if you speak from your truth and say, "This choice is what's good for me. It's not about judging or making you wrong. It's not about not wanting to be good or fair to you. It is just about what I need to do for me." People respond to the truth. They may not like it, but, in the end, they accept it.


Ally B: Then that's the other half of my question. Do you, um––have any idea of what I'm talking about? Do you, um, know the relationship?


Monea:  So far, no. When you ask do I know the relationship––I know as much as I need to know unless you feel I need to learn more.


Ally B:  Well, I understand what you are saying now. But, if I get clear about this and express myself, do I need to confront the person with this information? I think I think it would be very painful for this other person. I honestly don't think she'd be capable of dealing with it.


Monea: All right. Let me ask you a question. How will you deal with it if you don't come from being truthful? What will you say?


Ally B:  Is there a way I can work out the anger and all these feelings myself?


Monea:  Well, let's go back to the question I asked you first, and then we'll move on to what you just said. If you don't come from the truth on this, how will you deal with it––with this person? Let's say you will say no, but you don't want to speak the truth; what might you say to explain why you don't want to do this?


Ally B:  Why I don't want to? I want to make sure I understand you.


Monea:  Okay. How will you handle this if you don't say how you feel or don't say anything at all?


Ally B: Oh, on that point?


Monea: Yes, What do you think will happen if you don't say anything? Let's say, hypothetically, that this person doesn't have to know. What will you be choosing?


Ally B: You mean what choice will I make about her moving here?


Monea:  Um-hmm.


Ally B:  It will still be the same. I will still encourage it for different reasons.


Monea:  Okay.


Ally B:  I––yeah.


Monea: I am not saying that you cannot do this.


Ally B: I know...I know.


Monea: I want you to be aware of your choices and their impact on you.


Ally B:  Other people would be affected by this and, for them, it would be very positive. I feel that I want to encourage it for them and not discourage it for me. It's just––um.


Monea:  It's going to be quite challenging for you to deal with this situation. And, yes, I have an idea what it is now. I know what the ramifications would be for you. It is almost as if you don't quite have a choice. If you chose not to agree to the move, it would be an unsettling experience for everyone involved.


I would say to you, let's shift our focus a little bit. Let's look at you and this person. What is it about her that makes you angry? What power do you give her that she can create anger for you?


Ally B:   I...I...I feel like I've never had any approval from her, and though she says I'm okay, I never thought I was.


Monea: Hmmm. Yes.


Ally B:  And the power, well, it's always there. It wasn't my choice to give it,

per se.


Monea: Well...


Ally B:  With where I am now.


Monea:  B, you are so good to let me do this with you! You need to understand that your love, acceptance, and approval of yourself–your perspective, concept, and feeling about who you are is what makes you okay. No other human being can validate or invalidate you unless you are uncertain of yourself and unsure as to whether you are or not.


When you look outside of yourself for approval, it only means that you disapprove of yourself and are trying to get approval from someone else. Usually, in situations like the one you describe in this relationship, the person has more of an unconscious than a conscious awareness of what you need from her. As a result of that, your relationship has turned into a game of sorts between the two of you. Her withholding keeps you wanting, and the wanting keeps you seeking. Your seeking keeps her feeling powerful, and the more you want, the more she pulls back. So, then you want more––and it goes on like that. You will never get what you want from this person because both of you are caught up in this game.


Now, I want you to look at what she is doing for you. Let's change the perspective and take it from 'this horrible person is setting me up to how this wonderful human being gives you an opportunity and a gift.' How so? 


Well, she is saying, "Don't you see you're never going to get what you need from me? Don't you understand that it's you you're supposed to get it from? If you got it from me, then you would believe that's how you get the approval and love for yourself that you are seeking. So, I'm going to give you a gift––and not give it to you. So, you can learn to love and approve of yourself and never again try and get it from me or anyone else.


That is a different perspective. These are the relationships that human beings set up to help each other learn and grow. They're not always what they seem to be. This person is trying to help you understand that you don't need their approval; you need your own. So, if you show up as if you know who you are and everything you stand for and that you're okay with you, everyone else will treat you as if it were so––including her. That is how that works.


If you choose to agree to this move––which you shall because I see it is the direction you are heading in––keep in mind what I have said to you. Please don't feel like you have to understand all of this right now or fix anything. As you go through the experience of being in touch with this person, keep in mind what I have said and be willing to be as clear as you can about how you feel. That's all you have to do; be willing to be clear about this relationship and the challenges and gifts that it brings. Primarily, so this person is no longer a hindrance to your happiness and your growth. This situation is one of those tests constructed to show you that you need to claim back a part of yourself. Does that make sense to you?


Ally B:  Yes, it does. Thank you, Monea.


Monea:  You're welcome! Just be willing to let that all sink in, and that will be very helpful.


Are there any more questions?





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Spiritual Newborns

Monea: More Q & A With The Allies

Group Session #5

Monea:  Are there any more questions?

Ally N:  Well, I've just been thinking about how to deal with my feelings about myself. I know that I've had this identity for many years––this public identity––and I took it on as my own and bought into it. I guess I liked it. My identity is very, you know, calm, unfazed, and not how many people experience their feelings in the throes of emotions. I do know that I've played into it as well. However, while that's not really the case, I still don't see myself ever getting as emotional over things as other people. So, I'm wondering if I'm still doing the public identity persona or if it's my actual personality and the way I naturally deal with things. I'm not sure how to look at it.

Monea:  N, What you are starting to notice about your emotional framework is a layering effect. What is happening is that every time you decide to get a little clearer about who you are, another layer of your emotions reveals itself.

You're quite correct in suspecting that you won't have significant volumes of emotional outbursts or erratic emotional expressions. What you will experience is the effect of having your emotions covered up for a very long time. In terms of your emotional expression, you manage to give the appearance of being sensitive––and I do not say that to mean that you are not because you are innately very sensitive. However, the true nature of your sensitivity sits below the constructed version, which you do so well that it is almost a mimic of your true nature––but it is still a mimic.

Ally N: You mean sensitivity to others...?

Monea:  Sensitivity to life in general; a way of absorbing and responding to the experiences of life and other people. Stay with me on this because this is not a criticism. I would like you to take a look at something here that is a real breakthrough. You are just now starting to get in touch with who you are as a human being––your true self.

You constructed an extension of yourself from the true expression of your being and feelings. One that feeds directly from your inner self as an outer representation of who you are. Although its origins come from who you are, it's not your most authentic expression since it is a construction. It's not quite the real you.

As you get more in touch with who you are––the process you are going through right now––you and others will be pretty surprised to see how you evolve when all the layering is gone. It's not that you will be different, but you will be more intense and expressive. There will be a stronger feeling of commitment about who you are and an apparent and noticeable sense of strength and power.

For a long time, you have been covering up those qualities about yourself that you've felt inappropriate to display in this lifetime. You and your life are making a significant shift, and those qualities are now going to come into play. And, with them will come a vital element of passion from your personality and for your life. When you say that your emotional expression of your feelings is not as strong as other people––I say to you not yet. It is not your personality that has made that so. It is just that these qualities are just now starting to come to the surface. Although my answer may sound a bit convoluted, do you understand what I have said?

Ally N:  Well, I think so.

Monea: Then, let's get on with what you feel. How did hearing this make you feel?

Ally N:  It made me feel a little sad.

Monea:  Why is that?

Ally N:  Just the sadness that comes when you realize that you haven't been as in touch with yourself as you would like to be. A little sad, too, I think, about letting go. I mean, that's been going on for a couple of years. So sad, I would say, at letting go of the persona.

Monea:  Yes, it is sad in that regard for you. This sadness is something I would like everyone to learn about. It does not matter that what you are letting go of is something you no longer need. If it has been with you a long time, there will be sadness in letting it go––no matter if it's not appropriate anymore and not good for you. It is something that is a part of you, and letting it go will create sadness. All of you will be experiencing quite a bit of that kind of sadness as you let go of the unnecessary parts that will no longer serve you. What I would like to say to you about that is I honor your sadness.

However, if you can do it, I would like you to try and look at all of this from another perspective. Just shift a little bit and look at your life from more of an overview and not so literally. If you look at it from that perspective, you can see that you came into this lifetime from the beginning––to wherever you end––to play out a specific life expression. Its design had a beginning; it will have a middle and then an end.

You can't get from the beginning to the end without going through the middle. And as you go through this process, you unfold, become, and show every layer appropriate for where you are. Nothing happens that is wrong. You can't get from one place to the next without going through where you are now. You've not been out of touch with yourself; you've been unfolding who you are. Do you see?

So, don't make yourself wrong because you didn't know sooner. If you were supposed to, you would have known. This part had to come before the next. It's the steps in the slowly unfolding upward spiral to the truth. Do you see how when you change your perspective, you don't judge yourself for it? You are precisely perfect, just the way you are.

Ally N:  Yes, I do.

Monea:  Okay, M, it's your turn. Come on.

Ally M:  Monea, you're so sweet!

Monea:  Well, that's very sweet of you to say, thank you. I get called a lot of things, but I rarely get called sweet.

Ally M:  I guess I'm just feeling the intelligence and caring and just taking that in. I was struck by your gestures and words that conveyed to us the universal rhythm instead of our frenetic stuff over here. I guess it did speak to me about my process right now, longing very much to be in the garden and reading. And, yet, being pulled by carpools, birthdays, and house electricians––and all that stuff. Let me see if I can formulate a question out of this.

I have tended to be hard on myself and do everything all at once. This class is part of a process I threw together, and I'm not sure if it's appropriate for me to be doing all these things at once. The therapy, I think, is essential right now with what my daughter is going through. It feels like I need to hurry and heal the little girl––the adolescent in me––so I can differentiate my pain from hers. So, the therapy I think is appropriate.

The Chakra class feels necessary to my body and inner work because, of course, it carries through. And, this class feels appropriate because it ties it all together. But am I overdoing it? Or, is this different from my past?

Monea: All right, M. I want to ask you, do you feel like you're overdoing it? What do you feel about all of this activity and time spent getting your parts working the way you would like them to work? What does that make you feel like?

Ally M:  In contrast to my past of being a general contractor, I feel a little guilty. It's a lot of time for me.

Monea:  Yes. Well, I would say to you that you're feeling guilty––and I honor that guilt, I do. I'm going to honor it quickly before we get rid of it. So, I'll do that, and we'll move on.

You're feeling guilty because you don't quite believe yet that you deserve to spend as much time as you are on yourself. You are taking time to get in touch with yourself and your life so that all the parts of you make sense. It may seem a bit excessive to you, but I will say that it is certainly not too much, especially if you feel it is what you need. If it is nourishing, supporting, and helping you to get clear, then there is no need to feel guilty about it.

Understand that the guilt represents your current inability to get it that you deserve as much as it takes for you to feel whole and in touch with yourself. It is never too much as long as it's what you need. Do you see? You have to get into allowing your being to go ahead with the business of healing and growing.

You're doing some very interesting things here. You're trying to find a balance between defining who you are and allowing yourself to take shape and operate in the world on your planet. To balance being a mother and a wife while also staying in control or in charge of yourself and everything else. You go here and do this stuff for yourself. Then you jump over there and orchestrate not only what you're doing for you but also what everybody else is doing and how you need to show up for them. Then back and forth again.

It's all this activity that's taxing you and making everything seem overwhelming. That is what makes the carpools and the birthdays seem endless. It's not that they are in and of themselves, because they are things you have chosen to do in your mothering. You handle them well and naturally do them. What makes them overwhelming is that you jump in and out of all these different activities while attempting to maintain some sort of balance.

But, what I would like to say to you is to stay exactly where you are. Nourish yourself within, and from that vantage point, look at and deal with your life and your family activities. Do that, as opposed to being outside of yourself acting as the orchestrator of it all. You will realize that the balance you seek will come from being balanced within yourself, and it will naturally emanate outwardly, balancing the situations in your life.

Otherwise, you're going to wear yourself out. You'll get so close to being clear, and then you'll run out of time for that because you have to go out and make sure that everything is working okay. I'm saying that it's about staying with yourself longer past the point of wanting or having the urge to step outside of yourself and orchestrate everything is. When you have that urge, if, for once, you breathe through it and stay put, all the things that operate in your life will naturally come to you to deal with. And, with each one, you do the thing in front of you to do.

You don't have to jump outside of yourself to be this other being that does this other thing. The only reason there is an expectation for it is because you keep doing it. However, if you were to stop, everyone would turn around and say, "Oh, mom's over here. She's not over there anymore. This is where she's going to be. Okay, then we have to do it this way." They will all fall into place.

You need to conduct your life from your center within, not from an external version of what you think is appropriate for you to do. You might be ready and willing at this point to let go of the constructed persona that you believe keeps everything together. The one thing it doesn't keep together is you. You lose yourself every time you do that. Everybody thinks it's so great how mom can be in both places at one time––but you're not. But when you stop running around trying to fix everything, they will start to get it. You have to teach them by your getting it first. Does that make sense to you?

Ally M:  It does. I saw an image of a little me hiding in my closet a lot. When I would come out and face my father's wrath––and he was violent or whatever––I would hope that I had it right this time, and he wouldn't be upset. So, I think it's an old habit.

Monea:  Yes, it is.

Ally M:  And I see it's time; time to let it go. It's valuable information.

Monea:  Yes, it is time to let it go. Okay. Before we wrap it up, does that feel finished for you, M?

Ally M:  There was one other part of my thought. How do I take my center with me? Are you suggesting that I sit longer in meditation?

Monea: I would suggest, as you meditate, you go through The Path meditation that Chakra walked you through earlier.

Ally M: Hmmm.

Monea:  When you meditate, go there. That place will remind you of how and where to be in yourself. I don't want you to feel like you have to fix this or do anything but be willing to let the old expression of yourself go. When you are in meditation, go back and put your feet on that path. And at that point, say, "I'm willing to let my old injured self go. I am willing to be in the full expression of who I am now. I'm here now on the path. It will be very powerful, and that's all you have to do. As it manifests, you will start to feel that part of you pulling away. You will feel it.

Ally M:  Thank you!

Monea:  So, since we are running late, I will stop talking and say goodnight to all of you. This session has been very energetic, and I am pleased with the work that we have done. The following week is going to be very interesting and also very pleasant. Allow it to be. Have fun and be joyful. Play as much as you can and realize that it is a part of life when a crisis and serious things come up. Since it is not an expression of your being, you may separate it and let it pass on as it will. Try to be in the expression of who you are and who you are becoming. Pay attention to what you are learning about yourself.

So with that, I will say bless you and take my leave.

Allies: Thank you!



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Spiritual Newborns

Monea: Weekly Check-In, Homework & Feedback

Group Session #6

Monea:  Good Evening. This is Monea. How is everyone doing tonight?

Allies:  Mumbled responses.

Monea:  Well, that was very telling. We have two "very wells, fine, and one not very well." It seems like it will be an interesting evening tonight. It is great that everyone is here. I want to welcome you all back again.

I hope that everyone did or attempted to do the homework because that will be the subject of the evening. I want to get some feedback from all of you about your week and how you faired. What feelings, shall we say, came up and how you felt. What did things look like, and how were they different from before we had last week's session.

What I'm trying to assess is how the last session impacted your week and your lives. To see where everyone is at in the present. Knowing this will give me a sense of where it is I want to take you next. It is going to be that way with this group. We're going to check in with each other so that I know where you're at on your path.

When beginning Path work, you must get the concept down very clearly. Otherwise, if we go in and you are still unsure what something means or how to do it, we will find ourselves going back to address that particular subject or issue. However, if we get clear about it initially, we won't have to do that down the road. So, how we address it in the very beginning is to have you check in with me. I ask you questions, and by answering them, you let me know that you have learned what I intended to teach you.

The energy in the room is strange tonight. I have to speak about it because your energy, as I am sensing it, is somewhat off-balance. I want all of you to try to relax as much as possible. It will help a great deal if everyone allows themselves to relax, kick back, and think of this time as a time for you to find your center and address issues that are important to you. Also, give yourself a little space to be without all the concerns you usually have to deal with in your lives. I know that it is sometimes a bit difficult when your perceived problems are right there with you. But, if you can put a bit of space between them and yourself for a while and relax, it will make this a really enjoyable and informative evening.

What I'm interested in is a little information on how the week went. You don't have to, at this point, get into all of the feelings that you had. Just let me know how things went. When I say the week, let me be specific. By that, I mean any insights or concerns that have come up for you, either today, last Friday, or any other time during the week. Anyone can go first.

Ally B:  Hi. This is B, Monea.

Monea:  Yes, hello, B.

I am, first of all, guilty of not being able to write in my journal. I say 'not being able to' because there wasn't anything I could say that I could write down. If I recall correctly, you wanted feelings about what was going on, etcetera. And, I think I had more thoughts than I had feelings. Nothing came to me. I just kept looking at a blank page, waiting to write. But that's part and parcel of my week. The major event of the week for me was the feeling that I was blocking myself. Like I'm holding myself back, which is somewhat of an old story. But I feel differently now; I don't want to do that anymore.

One thing that has happened over the past couple of months about myself––not a revelation––but something that I was trying to keep hidden. Something I would rather not deal with popped to the surface. It didn't bother me as much as I thought it would to think about, deal with, and accept it. It was a negative issue about myself that was, for some reason, relatively easy to accept, see it for what it was, and how doing that would make a difference. So, I'm sort of there, but I'm here as well. I did create my own obstacle course.

Monea:  What I would say to you, B, is that you said it very well. In the sense that you had more thoughts than you had feelings. And, you didn't find the appropriate time to address your feelings while staring at a blank sheet of paper waiting for something to come up.

First, you have to allow for the fact that where you are is okay. Where you are at is where you should be. That's the first thing to know so you don't feel like you have to do anything or be anywhere other than where you are right now. However, where you are right now is not where you will have to stay for the rest of all time. Where you are now is okay––for now.

Even accepting and acknowledging that is the awareness that you will need to change and make a shift. I am not concerned at all about what you described your week as being. That has been, shall we say, the modus operandi of your life. It's been the way your life has gone for a long time. To suddenly change that in one week would be a rather strange thing to occur. The change will be something more gradual than very quick, cut, and dry like that.

I would like you to understand that it will take your effort to sit down and say, "I'm going to do this." It will require you to stare at the blank sheet of paper and say, "I know that I am thinking, but I'm going to sit here for a moment and allow myself to feel something. Even if it's just one thing that I can differentiate from a thought in my head." Taking that first step is the most significant step for you. After you see that you can do that, the rest will roll along. But, the first step is your biggest hurdle.

You're going to have to push yourself a little bit to do it. It's not going to be something that you wake up and say, "All right. I'm ready now to sit down with my journal," and be all inspired. It's not going to go that way. It will take you saying, "I have to do this for myself; make myself do this." Everyone has a point where they have to encourage themselves a little bit. After the first push, then you start things rolling. What prompting yourself is all about is you saying, "I am committed to doing this." You are announcing your intention to make something happen by your effort. That's what is going to occur with you. You're going to have to choose to push yourself.

That simple choice of sitting down and doing that impacts the more complex choices you will make later, like, starting to deal with your life from another perspective and focusing on what makes you tick to understand who you are and how to navigate your life. The small movement has a more significant impact, and it is what you must do to propel yourself forward. Do you know what I'm saying?

Ally B: I understand.

Monea:  It is no judgment, and it is not to say that it should have happened last week. It will happen when it happens. I wanted to give you an idea of what it will be like––not an inspiration, but with effort. The inspirational stuff will come, and when it does, it feels good, and it's a lot of fun. But, it starts with the effort first. With that, you open the door for the rest to happen. Okay?

Ally B:  Okay.

Monea:  Who would like to go next, please?

Ally M:  This is M, Monea.

Monea:  Hello, M.

Ally M:  Hello. Let's see. It felt like there was a tiny shift in the birthday party for my daughter. At first, it felt like the last one where I would be a workhorse and do it perfectly. But, I've been making some mistakes. I'm feeling very willing to give up perfection.

Monea:  Um, good!

Ally M:  I had a visualization of two suitcases. One each from my mother and my father. I dropped them in a lake-size body of water from the center place within me (sigh of relief and laughter).

Monea: That's very good!

Ally M:  It feels like some baby steps like I'm ready to stand on my own feet. Rather than be propped up by the environment I had as a child. It was curious that I couldn't keep myself from writing. The therapy session on Tuesday was good. I wasn't finished with the tears afterward or with figuring out why they were coming. So, I sat in the park for an hour and cried and wrote some more.

It's becoming clear. It's the same old stuff I worked on about my father, the violence, and all. But, it's from a different perspective. Not from the place of being a victim so much as that my parents were teachers for me. And, I've come to a place where I am daring to stand on my own feet. So, there has been a shift. Still not finding my center as quickly as I would like to (laughing).

Monea:  That will come in time. Last week, when you spoke about what you should do, I advised finding your center. To go within and meditate from that place, with a visual of you on the path, and say that you would be willing to start allowing yourself to let go. And, in doing that, things would begin to shift. I see that they have.

I want to say that a willingness to allow things to do whatever they need, let go, know, become, and do anything is very powerful. You will all notice that it is a valuable declaration if you ever find yourself stuck needing to know, release or get clear about anything. If you repeat to yourself and the universe, "I am willing to know, let go, receive." Willingness is what you do when you don't know what to do, but you know something needs to happen.

It is saying that as much as I know how to do, I have done. But, I am willing to have this happen. You will then allow the universe to bring to you what you need to start the ball rolling. It's a very powerful statement of intention that is heard immediately and compels things to start happening.

What I want to say to you, M is to stay where you are. Allow yourself to travel that territory and get to know what those feelings are. Allow them to come up so that you can become acquainted with them and gain your new perspective. It feels good like you're starting to make a definitive shift now. Let yourself travel that territory.

There's nothing that you have to hurry up and finish. Allow yourself to feel all of what it is like to sense yourself moving from one phase of your life to another. That perspective of that movement will leave a solid impression on you. It will be something beneficial to you further down the path.

There's a word that describes what you are about to do, and it is called process. Watch what happens to your life. Feel your way through this entire cycle of things that are going to occur. Later on, you will be able to duplicate the process structure you used to go through it and apply it over and over again for a lot of different
things in your life. So watch what that feels like, and don't hurry through it. Every part of the process is significant and has its specific experiences and lessons. 

What you shared is very good. I feel a calmness about what is happening to you. There is an underlying sense of being in the appropriate place and supported there despite all the emotional stuff. Whatever happens around you while you're moving through it, you have that protection. So don't worry about it. Things may be up and down emotionally, but you are walking on solid ground. Remember that, okay? You're doing just fine.

Ally M:  Thank you.

Monea:  All right, N?

Ally N:  Well, this was a very intense week for me. My question last week in our session is what started it all off. I had a sense of what you were saying at the time, even though I knew I would have to listen to it again to understand it better. But, even before I heard it again, I was at the park one day, and what you meant kind of clicked into place. I could absolutely see how I've done that, in terms of the real me and what I've come to call the cheap imitation or something like that. And I was struck by that so much.

I will share with M & B that what we are doing in the other group is picking an issue and working through it using the process. So, my homework for that group was to choose a subject, and not being my authentic self became my issue. I could see how many other things would fall into place if I could work through that one. I've just been getting into situations now that bring up lots of emotions, and I'm not used to it. It feels hard. I feel so vulnerable (emotional, clearing her throat).

Monea:  All right. Well, what I would like to say about that––and I would like everyone to pay attention––when you are going through something like what N is experiencing here, it can be quite a startling shift in how you express yourself. An old way of generally dealing across the board is starting to disintegrate, go away, and be let go, out of necessity for the being's growth.

For N to grow any further, the growth must be connected to her authentic self. The outer persona of her being is no longer an appropriate one to express who she is. It just doesn't work anymore. Were she able to stay the same as she is now––or has been all of the years of her life––that would be one thing. But, she agreed to grow beyond that. When making such an agreement and commitment, there has to be a major shift so that she can, indeed, continue to grow.

A whole way of dealing in the world, with herself and other people, is coming to a close. It's a very startling kind of transformation to make. One might ask why such a big transformation all at once? To answer that is to say that you have to consider that no one gets anything they are not ready for or can't handle. More than that, people generally choose what it is they want to go through. How big or how small they want it to be.

So, that one doesn't look at N and say, "Poor, N." One could look at N and say, "That was a very courageous choice on your part." Acknowledging not that she is a victim, but that she has chosen bravely to make a huge shift in her life that she is very capable of dealing with. The vulnerability that comes from it is that who you have been, you no longer are. What you are becoming has yet to take shape. So, somewhere in between the old and the new, there you are, rather exposed and seemingly unprotected.

The feeling of being unprotected is very valid because that is how you are sensing it. But, in truth, you are at your most protected. However, not in the way that you have been accustomed to being. Not in a way that allows you to feel in control. You are going to learn something about the wisdom and the power of vulnerability. And the limited expression of control when you put it side-by-side with vulnerability. Control in its limited expression is no longer appropriate for someone trying to grow beyond that way of being. So, you're not going to be able to use your controls; you're going to be vulnerable and open.

Your protection will come from the universe and your soul. They will protect you through this. Not by making you feel like you're in control, but in an authentic way, by allowing you to feel out of control for a while. It's about weaning you from control and trying to get you hooked on vulnerability. That is why you're going to feel a little bit out in the water all by yourself. But, if you keep in mind that you are not alone––you are very protected––and allow those feelings to come up, you will draw people to you who can support you through this. It is not as daunting as it seems to be when looked at all at once. The changes will come just like the days and the nights come and go. They don't get dumped on you all at once.

But, it is a significant shift. Were I to say that it's no big deal would be a story, and I won't tell you a story. But. I will say that this is the biggest one that your being will have to go through this lifetime. Once you make it through this, all the others will follow, and you will understand them. But, the first one is the teaching one. That is why it is the most impacting one. You have to allow yourself to feel your way through it. You won't be able to figure it out with your brain. It's like being blindfolded and going through something, relying only on your senses and feeling your way through it. You're going to learn to utilize that knowingness in a very real way because it's going to directly connect you to your own survival. And, in using it that way, you can own the territory of your journey in a permanent way.

See the beauty in what is about to happen. You're going to get to know who you are, to meet yourself for the first time this lifetime, the person you initially chose to be when you decided to come here. That is pretty remarkable. It is a grand occasion to get to the point that you can truly get to meet yourself. The beauty, splendor, and wonder in that is something incredible to look forward to. And to take courage in knowing that all of this is for your good and that of all the people connected to you.

You will not fail. The worst of it will be that you will scrape your knees a couple of times. But then you will get up, dry your tears, and continue. There's no way to fail or to do it wrong. To be present for it is all that is required. Whatever happens, being present is the key. So, you do not get to be hard on yourself, and we don't get to treat you like you are a poor thing. That would be inappropriate. You are quite a courageous soul, and we should more look you directly in the eye with a little bit of awe that you've chosen to take on so much. We have a great deal of respect for what you are doing.

I notice that I may seem distant. I am supportive and as close as I always am and will be. But, I am allowing you to get a sense of your strength around this. So that when you acknowledge the support, it's not solely coming from other places. I am giving you your space to support yourself and get a sense of how strong you are to be doing this in the first place. 

Do you understand what I am saying?

Ally N:  Oh, yes. Thank you very much.


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