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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

Batiste On Women, Men & Power, P1

What is power? Is it just manipulation and control, or can it be an act of true love? Can power be used to heal and deepen the love between men and women? In part one of this session channeled for a group of women, Batiste, a member of ‘The Team,’ offers eye-opening, thought-provoking insights into the dynamic and eternal dance between the sexes. From our earthly role-playing to our transcendent spiritual beginnings, Batiste reveals our future evolvement together in our soul-driven quest to love each other, against all odds.


It's about being a woman in these times, and this stage that your planet is positioned in. Being in a role, meaning female role or male role, takes on a very significant meaning in these times. There is something bigger that is occurring in the balance of male and female energy. There's a coming to the truth about the energy that both males and females hold; it is not specific energy relatable to being a male or female. It is a balance of the two within each being that creates a balance between males and females.

When I say more of the truth is coming out, it's going to be more apparent—and a realization—that one is not more powerful than the other That one has been abusing a certain amount of power. The other will bring it into balance by showing real power, displaying that power, thereby forcing the other to get into shape. It is not because anything is wrong. It is just where you are in your evolution.

Women, just like men, are very powerful. If you were not in body, you would just all be very powerful beings. But, you are in bodies, and you are role-playing to satisfy the dynamics of learning and interacting as men and women. When that role-playing gets infused with more of the truth, it changes the dynamics of how you play. What you need to remember about yourself, as a woman, is that you cannot separate your 'womanness' from your power. This is the time to bridge the gap between power and women—use it so that it becomes one, natural expression.

Be conscious of that as you learn more and more about your power. Do not separate it from your femaleness––express it through that role. Be powerful all of the time, with everyone. Don't be powerful when you're out there moving in the world and less powerful and more 'female' when dealing with your loved ones. When you do that, you fragment yourself by not trusting that women are powerful.

Keep in mind that you cannot look at how men have displayed power as a guideline for how to do it. Your very best bet is to not look at how they've done it. And, if you are looking at it, look to see the pitfalls. What you are seeing when you view men and power is power through ego. In terms of women and power, we're talking about power through the soul—two very different expressions of power.

As you've known it to be in reality on your planet, power is not real power. It is control and manipulation. Women have become those beings who will teach the men and children about the true expression of power. It seems only fair. You have spent half of your life watching them, doing what they say. It seems a rightful balance that they can spend the last half of their lives listening to you, learning from you, and doing what feels appropriate.

Do not look at it as if because you have this power, we are asking you to take control and make men wrong. Instead, look at the balance of the dance. You've danced to their music. It's only fair that they should dance to yours. Feelings of it being 'not appropriate' are leftover from the vision of oneself as a woman, therefore being less than men. You see, the work that you've done has made you aware that all beings are powerful.

It has nothing to do with male or female; only in the role-playing established on your planet. Be aware that this natural turn of events was always meant to happen. It's part of the bigger plan of your world. All the beings on your planet agreed to do this. It would seem a shame to fight the inevitable and not take your rightful position as a woman.

Men beings playing that role are tired. They are worn out from trying to be powerful in a way that isn't. They're resentful. This is a general malaise; this is not every individual male person. The male beings who are thriving as this shift occurs are those who listen to the females, listening to the soul's real voice. Taking in that information and using it works on all beings, male and female. It doesn't matter who you are. Men discover that when they stop fighting and start taking it in.

Part of your job as a female on your planet is to teach the men. To be the messenger of this information so that they might learn the truth. It's part of the dance that has been set up for your planet. It is essential to recognize the truth about yourself and that aspect of yourself. There is a danger always in separating yourself from that: being female and being powerful. That the two somehow don't fit. You can be powerful, and you can be female. What I'm stressing here for you is that you marry the two and make them inseparable.

How you display that power is the same at any time and under any circumstances—with Love, compassion, and a willingness to be open, caring, and supportive. That is what power is because all of those things have to do with Love. Power is Love, and that is the power that men will learn about from women. Real power is an expression of Love. When you know that power is Love, you can be very powerful. It is essential to understand the difference between what we have learned is power on your planet and what true power is.

Why, at this point, is this shift occurring? It's because there is a general need to infuse Love in any way, shape, or form into your planet. All of the expressions that are becoming highlighted are all expressions of Love. There's all of this talk about creating. What is creating but an expression of Love? All of the varied and intense expressions of beingness have different words. However, they all mean the same thing. They work in different ways, but they all work together. It is vital to understand what is happening here.

What we're talking about is the transformation of a planet. When we speak of women, we speak of an honoring. It is inappropriate for women not to be honored. Women are beings, and all beings are honored. It's inappropriate for women to be victims; women are beings, and all beings are powerful. It's inappropriate for women to be at the mercy of men, for all beings are equal and women are beings. That is why this is happening. It is not because men are wrong. It's not because men are not loving; men are beings; therefore, men are loving.

We are dealing with transforming the structure that men and women operate within. You cannot transform a design from the outside; you have to do it from the inside out. Men and women live, breathe, and function within the structure. So you have to go inside those beings and do the transformation to transform the structure. That is why this particular dance is occurring between the men and the women.

You will begin to see men as beings, not just men. Not separate or any different from you. But, just like you. Sometimes it will be very startling, much like seeing a body without the flesh, just seeing the bones and the skeletal form. You will be able to see beyond the flesh, which is merely a carriage that drives a being through life. You're going to start being able to relate to men as you relate to each other, in terms of other women.

You will allow for them to put down their spears, guns, and all of the accouterments of their work so far. They deserve to rest. They've been waging wars, fighting battles, and setting up frameworks. They've been very busy doing their thing, displaying their power. We've seen it—very interesting. It hasn't worked very well but, then, it was never meant to work. So, it did what it was exactly supposed to do. The men got us to this point and, when we look around at what they've done—in the scheme of things—they've done a tremendous job. They've done their part. It is time for them to rest, learn, be nurtured and nourished, and become students of power.


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