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Love Yourself Radio Show




Love Yourself Radio Show

Melana Plains / J.B. Williams



Please Note:

The Love Yourself Radio Show aired in April - August 2009.

Because of technical issues with episode #1, we begin with #2. The show descriptions, written for an earlier podcast blog, have been re-posted as is. The references made about show air times, and our listeners, apply to the time we recorded the episodes. They were left in to maintain continuity of content in the description of each one.


The download links on the podcast blog

mentioned on the show are no longer available. Click on the download buttons below for the new links.The Love Yourself 101 episode topics have been re-recorded for better quality and easier listening. The Love Yourself 101 links in the episode descriptions

are for the transcribed versions.


Love Yourself  #2
April 15, 2009

Walking Love On The Path / 2

JB Williams and I are excited to announce the start of our new

Love Yourself Radio Show, airing every other Saturday on DIRadioCast.


In this show, we feature my podcast, Walking Love On The Path: P1 &2, to introduce The Path: A Journey Into The Light and our journey in Love.

We have seized this incredible opportunity to bring the truth about Love

to the world and redefine how we view ourselves, our relationships, and

how we love each other.

Thank you for listening to our show and, with your energy, supporting us

in our efforts in exploring the possibility of healing ourselves and each

other with Love.

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Love Yourself  #3
May 12, 2009

Walking Love On The Path / 3

​I am excited to post this latest episode of Love Yourself, our new radio show, airing every other Saturday on DIRadioCast. My co-host, JB Williams, and I are having the most wonderful time doing this show! Sharing the truth about the power of loving yourself with as many people as we can reach inspires both of us to embrace more deeply our love for ourselves and each other.

In this show, we play Walking Love On The Path, Part 3, as we continue to provide an overview of the meaning of Love, loving yourself, and loving other people. We also discuss the issue of race, exploring the power and impact that loving the self has on healing our relationship with our own race and with people of other races and cultures.

Join us at our new scheduled time every other Saturday. On our next show, which will air Saturday, May 23, 2009, we will introduce a new series called Love Yourself 101. We will begin with the basics and unfold everything you need to know about loving yourself and how to do it.

Thanks again for listening to our show. Your energy inspires us and supports our intention to share this truth about Love

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Love Yourself  #4

May 24, 2009
Healing A Legacy Of Pain

Love Yourself 101: Healing A Legacy of Pain is the topic of our latest show on DIRadioCast. In this first episode of the Love Yourself 101 series, we delve deeply into the origins and source of our relationship with Fear and its impact on our lives as children. We speak of it as a ‘pain gene,’ an inherited ‘illness,’ which injures every aspect of our being—body, mind, and spirit, distorting our self-perception and blinding us to the truth of who we are.

My co-host JB Williams, and I speak personally, sharing the stories about our very ‘opposite’ childhood experiences. We recall our childhood awareness of the presence of this ‘pain gene’ and how it manifested in each of our lives. JB and I found this show to be a compelling, riveting, and moving experience, both as hosts and listeners.

Our purpose in presenting Love Yourself 101 is to teach the basics—the what, when, where, why, and how of loving yourself. We intend to share with simple and straightforward language the absolute necessity of healing ourselves with Love.

With open hearts, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, knowledge, hope, and enlightenment as we unfold this healing path of Love.

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Love Yourself  #5

June 7, 2009
Through A Child's Eyes

The second episode of our new series, Love Yourself 101 - Through A Child's Eyes, takes us even deeper into the story of a child's experience with Fear and explores Fear's impact on our innocence vulnerability when we are young.

Children are the brightest stars in our Universe. As pure beings of Love, they are hit the hardest by the fearful beliefs and behaviors so pervasive in our world and their parents and caretakers' lives. How do children survive the ravages of Fear? What must we, as adults, do to heal our children and the child hiding inside our hearts?

Join me and my co-host, JB Williams, for another powerful and moving Love Yourself show, as we continue to unfold the steps we must take and the new level of awareness that each one brings, as we journey on this path of learning to love the self.

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Love Yourself  #6

June 21, 2009
Where Is The Love?

Love Yourself 101: Where Is The Love brings Love center stage and allows us to look at how the original Fear we inherited from our parents as children altered our perception and shaped our experience of Love.

In the beginning, we come to this life with the gift of our ‘birthright Love in tow—the pure Love that comes from The Source and Creator of our existence. Never being taught how to love ourselves to sustain this powerful and life-giving energy, we succumbed to a Fear-based Love. In response, we shut down our hearts to withstand such a painful loss and learned how to accept an energy we did not recognize, trust, or understand.

In our latest Love Yourself show, the journey of loving the self continues, as my co-host, JB Williams, and I engage in an open and frank discussion about the children and our child within. We talk about what we learned while growing up and what we have taught our children about Love.

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Love Yourself  #7

July 19, 2009
Love And Fear: A Conscious Choice

Love Yourself 101: Love and Fear: A Conscious Choice, the topic of our seventh show, brings with it a force field of energy that challenges us to take a closer look inside, so we can see that there is a choice we must make about how we want to live our lives.

Love and Fear are both potent energies; they each have their own story, purpose, and plan to unfold on this planet. They are here to captivate us, engage us, influence us, and harness our energies to serve the greater purpose of their design. As conscious human beings, we must decide which one we will serve and empower, to govern and guide our journey through this life.

Thus far, in our Love Yourself 101 series, we uncovered the story of how we were born into and inherited the 'illness' of Fear. We looked through our child's eyes at what our lives were like growing up in Fear and how we felt about them.

Next, we came to realize just how much Fear has distorted our perception of ourselves, each other, and of Love itself. Now, with an informed heart and a discerning mind, we are asked to 'see' the truth of our birthright as beings of Love. We are presented with the opportunity to choose the one and only energy that supports, nourishes, and empowers us, body, mind, and spirit.

Join me and my co-host, JB Williams, as we take you on an in-depth journey from our origins in Fear to the crossroads. Once there, we will face together the choice that will determine our fate, our future, and the inheritance we will create for our children and future generations to come.

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Love Yourself  #8

August 2, 2009
Living A Life In Love: A New Beginning

Once we choose something, the next step is incorporating what we have decided upon in the daily walk of our lives. In our last Love Yourself radio show, we explored the truth about the choice between Love and Fear.

Love Yourself 101: Living A Life In Love-A New Beginning
is where we have arrived after we embraced our decision to choose Love. in preparation for the journey ahead, we must now address the important issues we all need to know and understand about what it means to live our lives in Love.

Choosing to live in Love is a momentous and life-altering decision. It’s a permanent choice, and the biggest one we’ll ever make. Once we consciously embrace Love as the energy to support and govern our lives, it’s a commitment that cannot be undone. No matter what happens or how far away we stray into Fear, eventually, we will—and we must—find our way back home to Love.

Join me and my co-host, JB Williams, as we ‘hunker down’ and speak deeply and honestly about the things we all need to know about navigating Love’s terrain. With laughter and sharing openly from our hearts, we pose and answer questions that will inevitably arise for those of us who have chosen to make the journey home to our hearts and to Love.

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Love Yourself  #9

August 16, 2009
Loving Me, Loving You / 1-2

In our final Love Yourself show of the series, Love Yourself 101: Loving Me, Loving You, we finally give you, our listeners, what you have been asking for from the very beginning. Love Yourself 101: Loving Me, Loving You explores the subject of how to have and maintain healthy, working relationships as a self-loving being.

JB and I chose to cover this topic at the end so that we could, first, lay down a foundation of truth about the self, our origins in Fear, and what we must do to truly love another human being. We must begin by accepting that another's love cannot fulfill the Love a person requires and receives from the self.

Our intention was to create awareness and foster the understanding that the only way to comprehend and embrace the true nature of another person’s heart, and the depth of their need for Love, is by learning to love the self.

In our show, we highlight and speak candidly about the need to focus on our Love for ourselves, to help us find truth and clarity in our communications and interactions with each other. JB speaks of it as, “Loving in, loving out.” It’s when we bring all matters of our relationship home to bear on the self, allowing each of us to discover and take responsibility for what we contribute to our relationship dynamic.

We invite you to join us for this last show of the season, as we take an up-close and personal look at how we love who we love and how we can love them better.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to take this journey on our Love Yourself Radio Show with all of you. We look forward to discovering and sharing more truth with you about Love on the path ahead!

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