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The Five Aspects Of Love

Integrity, Honor, Respect, Realness, Truth

The Foundation Of The Path Is Love

There are five foundational aspects to Love, which are the guidelines that help us to identify Love’s presence within ourselves, and in all of our relationships.



Integrity, Honor, Respect, Realness, and Truth


These five basic yet profound actions support us to live consciously. They also serve as real guidelines for how to know when we are walking the path of Love.  They are Love’s design for making itself ‘human friendly,’ helping us understand exactly what it means to truly love ourselves and all beings. Fear creates division and separation within us and with each other.  These five aspects of Love allow us to heal the fearful beliefs and behaviors that blind us to the Oneness we all share.

Integrity is the wholeness of Love, from which all beings are created

It is the state of undivided Oneness

To have integrity is to live the truth of wholeness in the face of separation, division, and inequality. It is a commitment to the seamless continuity of Love’s expression in how we walk the moment-to-moment unfolding of life’s journey on this planet. Integrity is upholding the truth about Love with our own lives as we walk that truth into the reality of human existence. Knowing that beyond the illusion of Fear, Love is, has always been, and will always be, the One Truth of All That Is.


Honor is the recognition of the wholeness of all beings

It is the state of undivided perception

In honor, we can see ourselves and all beings as worthy of Love, even when they and we continue to choose Fear.  To honor is to believe in the power of the human spirit to heal and to remember that all human beings have roots in the wholeness of Love. That, in our wisdom as Spirit, we chose to experience the pain and separation of Fear so that we could evolve our human expression in Love. It is looking into the eyes of every being and seeing the absolute Oneness of every life.

Respect is the reverence for the wholeness of all beings

It is the state of undivided awareness  


To respect is to esteem every life as equal in measure and worth to our own and the wholeness of Love.  Love and we are the same Oneness; there is no separation or difference between us. When we open ourselves up to the bigness of Love’s presence, we realize that we are its power, expression, hope, and fulfillment. Respect is recognizing that all beings are emissaries of Love.  It is committing to be the Love we are and holding all others as Love in our hearts.

Being real is the experience of the wholeness of all beings

It is the state of undivided Truth

Being real is accepting and living the truth of who we are.  It is embracing ourselves as Love as we shed the illusion of our identity in Fear.  When we are real, we stand in full view and offer our life expression as evidence that the purpose of our existence is to transform human reality from Fear to Love. To be real is to say, “I am ill, on my way to wellness.  I am separation, on my way to wholeness. I am Fear, on my way to Love.” Being real is accepting that we are Spirit on a journey through human life.


Telling the truth is the talk and the walk of the wholeness of all beings

It is the state of undivided expression

Telling the truth is how the true story of who we are as human beings and what we experience is made real. The footprints we leave on the path of human existence say, “I was here.”  To tell the truth is to speak from our hearts, the story of our journey from Fear to Love.  It is paying homage to the meaning of life for what life has given us: a chance to deepen our relationship with Love.  Telling the truth is an expression of Love in motion.  It reflects a life inspired and moved by itself to share with others the possibility and the joy of living life in Love. Telling the truth is the talk and the walk of undivided Oneness.  It is the place where all beings merge into the wholeness of Love.

By embracing these five aspects as the foundation of our hearts, we become the living reality of Love. For the first time, we can fully experience ourselves and each other as whole human beings.  As we embody and express these aspects in the daily walk of our lives, we begin to see and to understand that both the desire and the ability to choose and to be, Love, lives in the heart of every human being. Ultimately, we are left with one simple truth: learning to love ourselves is a journey of remembrance. Asleep or awake, every person is a being of Love.  

Melana ~


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