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Walking Love In 5th Dimension


creating a new reality in Love . . .





Please Note:

Walking Love In 5th Dimension was originally recorded in July-October 1997.

This podcast version was created in 2013.


What Is The 5th Dimension?

WL5D -Part 1

This engaging and, often, humorous lecture series explains, in great detail, the story of the 5th Dimension and its relationship to Love. As we walk the path of true Love, from self-love to love for another, to unconditional love for all beings, we begin to see that Love is not just a passing emotion or a romantic interlude. It’s the core essence of who we are and the foundation upon which we can give birth to a new way of being, living, and loving as human beings.

As we grow, deepen, and evolve in our understanding, experience, and expression of Love, we are shown new and different ways to further our walk on the path. It is through our individual and collective growth that Love reveals more of the truth and the purpose of its presence. The 5th Dimension is a place that exists within us. It’s a new reality, based on Love’s guiding principles. We have been entrusted with the responsibility to unfold it and, thus, create a new way of living life on this Earth.

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Standing In The Truth Of  Love

WL5D -Part 2

As we set out on our journey to discover and understand the truth about the 5th Dimension reality, we must follow specific ground rules. Each dimension has its purpose and agenda. To thrive and prosper as human beings within the 5th Dimension, we must pay attention and adhere to the acceptable behaviors that support and maintain its energetic health.

In WL5D, Part 2, I speak candidly about the need for us to ‘hold the truth’ of our relationship with Love. And to take responsibility for always standing in that truth. The 5th Dimension requires us to show up as self-loving beings, honoring ourselves and each other, and believing that God / Goddess would approve if we treated everyone as if they were Them.

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Self-Love Is The Key

WL5D -Part 3

Love is the governing energy of the 5th Dimension and the only energy that will seed and sustain its growth. In the third part of WL5D, we explore more deeply the role that we must play, as self-loving beings, in supporting the unveiling of a dimension designed to save the human race.

Where is the 5th Dimension? How do we access it? Who is responsible for creating the foundation upon which we can build a new reality for living life on our planet? I address these questions and more as we follow the organic unfolding of Love’s design to heal, nurture, and protect our human existence on Planet Earth.

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Building A Home For Love Within

WL5D -Part 4

On our journey on this path of Love, we were handed a road map to uncover and explore critical aspects of our human nature and design. We were also allowed to witness Love’s unfolding blueprint for the healing of the human race.

We learned to love ourselves as Spiritual Newborns and Warriors and walk the truth of our Love as Spiritual Travelers. We continued to shed not only the shackles of our painful childhood experiences but also our self-limiting beliefs. We explored what is genuinely possible for us to know, understand, and become as human beings. In our willingness to let go of these very limits, we discovered a seed for the growth of a new dimension within us.

In Part 4 of WL5D, we continue to clarify the ground rules for exploring the new territory of the 5th Dimension, focusing on reaffirming our commitment to loving ourselves. By doing so, we will fulfill our responsibility to support the unfolding of this Dimension and ensure that it has a place to take hold and become a new reality for building and living life on our planet.

For Love to have a new home where it can ‘do its own thing’ and not have to negotiate the use of every moment with Fear, we must be willing and able to foster and nurture Love within ourselves.


Walking Love in 5th Dimension was a twelve-week course, of which this first week (in 4 parts) was the beginning of exploring a more profound relationship with Love and living life in a new and exciting way.

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Loving The Body

WL5D -Part 5

In this second week of Walking Love in 5th Dimension, our 12-week course exploring a more profound relationship with Love, we take a 'whole' look at the different aspects of the self—the body, mind, and spirit.

The focus of our WL5D podcasts, thus far, has been on our overall relationship with ourselves. We intended to affirm and deepen our self-love.

In Part 5, Episodes 1 & 2, we explore our relationship with our own 'parts and pieces,' starting with the body. We pose the question, "Is it possible that we need to do some reclaiming of our bodies?"

From the 'power over' stance held by the medical profession to our lack of awareness of our body's requirements for health, the need becomes clear for us to establish a new relationship with and take responsibility for this powerful aspect of our being.

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Loving The Mind & Spirit

WL5D -Part 6

As we continue to explore the role of self-responsibility in defining our relationship with ourselves, it becomes clear that it is our job to interact with and support the different aspects of our beings.

In WL5D, Part 5, we looked closely at the body and its requirements for optimum health. We must now expand our awareness and understanding to include the remaining two aspects, the mind and the spirit. Both of these significantly influence and impact who we are and the quality of our lives.

It's a decisive step to undertake the care and maintenance of our beings and become intimately involved in their ways and needs. Opening up and establishing lines of communication with the self facilitates an active and ongoing exchange between us and our 'parts and pieces.' To know thyself is to love thyself—literally!

An organic harmony and mutuality exist between our different aspects and their relationship with us. Moving forward on our journey with loving the self, we begin to glimpse our human reality's complex nature and how we must grow and expand our concept of who we are to embrace a more profound truth about ourselves.

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The Building Blocks Of Love

WL5D -Part 7

To heal and change our world, we must begin with ourselves. When creating and building a new reality of Love, we first start by taking an up-close and personal look at who we are. Doing this helps us become aware of, and acquainted with, the different parts of our being.

As we assess our inner territory and establish a relationship with our various aspects—the body, mind, and spirit—we must also learn how to listen and respond to the multiple and ongoing messages, requests, and directions they impart to us daily. To stay strong and healthy and maintain a balanced life, we must learn to love, support, nurture, and listen to all of who we are.

As we learn to navigate the territory of ourselves and begin ‘to do the thing in front of us to do,’ we are asked to embrace the truth that we are the foundation upon which this new reality of Love will be built; we are both the builders and the building blocks. It is up to us to get clear and heal ourselves so that we can heal the way we love our partners, our children, our friends, and all other beings who live in our world.

In truth, the spotlight is on each one of us. Both Love and our God-graced spirit are calling us forth. They have let us know that it is time for us to show up and make a difference in the present and the future of our human existence.

Listen to our Walking Love in 5th Dimension, Part 7 episode, to continue on the journey of discovering how we can each create a whole new reality of Love.

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The Nitty Gritty Of Loving Yourself

WL5D -Part 8

What does it mean to love yourself?

As a spiritual teacher and guide, I am deeply involved in the process and the practice of learning how to walk the truth of loving the self. Over the past two decades, I have discovered that most people have a 'conceptual' idea or understanding about self-love, without the 'experiential' knowing that only comes from walking your life as a self-loving person.

In the walk of my life, it is my' experiential' knowledge that supports and validates the teachings I share in my work with people. It gives them true meaning and depth while providing guidance and direction, with footsteps to follow.

In Walking Love In 5th Dimension, Part 8, we look closer at the connection between what it means to love the self and the act of walking Love in our lives.So often, because of our mind's ability to absorb and express a truth, we believe and can convince others that we know what it feels like to experience it. 

When faced with having to show up with more than just our words, we soon realize that all we know is the idea of the experience—not the walk of it. Loving yourself is a feeling expression with roots that go deep and grow beyond the conceptual, mind-oriented understanding. The mind's role is to spark awareness, laying the groundwork for the experience.

We began our WL5D journey with an overview of Love and loving the self. Next, we learned about the importance of loving all of who we are—body, mind, and spirit. Now, we must look at how to expand our understanding and deepen our embrace of Love as we learn to walk as self-loving beings.

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Creating Our Own Reality

WL5D -Part 9

The more that we love ourselves, the more there is to love.  Now that we have taken a close look at how to love 'who we are,' we must begin to accept and embrace exactly 'what we are.' One of the most crucial aspects of our nature is our innate ability to create our reality. In truth, we are master creators who define and impact everything we experience in our lives.  

In Walking Love in 5th Dimension, Part 9, we begin to explore the truth, that we are creators of our reality. We start by looking at how we experience the healing process that we must all 'undergo' as we walk the path from Fear to Love. 'Undergoing' is the term we use in The Path to describe what we experience when we engage with the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual impact of our fearful patterns and behaviors.

As we work to uproot and replace them, these patterns and behaviors attempt to reassert themselves. As master creators, we must decide how easy or difficult our healing work will be, by how we respond and deal with the process of letting them go, and choosing Love.

Again, we are reminded that loving all of who we are, is key to our ability to live and fully express our true selves in Love. As creators of our reality, we must apply this awareness to every interaction we engage in, including how we process our injury. We must expand and deepen even more so that we can accept all of our bigness, power, and capability to be 'the best of the best' at being who we are.

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Creating Our Own Reality

And More

WL5D -Part 10

In this more extended episode of WL5D, we take a more in-depth look at how we create our reality and the most effective way to do it. We also explore what it means to co-create our experiences and our relationships with other people.

Can we pray to another person's soul when we need to communicate our feelings to them? Is it possible that it is more efficient to do so than to pray to 'another higher source' about them? Do we communicate our needs to others without ever having to speak to them? These exciting and thought-provoking questions reveal the greater truth about what we are capable of as human beings and the rich and powerful resources we each have within us.

This inspiring and empowering episode of WL5D speaks to the heart and soul of who we are. It reminds us of the incredible work we have done to create a new place in this world for us to live and to walk in Love. It is time to set roots down in our new reality. We must embrace the fulfillment that letting go of Fear, and accepting ourselves in love, brings to us in every moment.

We are awake now, and it's time for us to let go of the injury of Fear and become and walk our lives as self-loving beings.

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The Relationship Journey:

The True Nature Of Relationship

WL5D -Part 11

As we continue our journey on our path of self-discovery in Love, we begin to realize the need to explore more deeply the roots and purpose of our relationships and why and how we relate to each other. Thus far, we have come to realize that for us to understand and experience the true nature of Love, we must first learn to love ourselves.

We now see that our approach must be the same with relationships. To understand the meaning of our connections with others and why we desire and need them in our lives, we must, once again, start with ourselves and embrace the biggest and most profound relationship we'll ever have: our relationship with ourselves.

In Walking Love In 5th Dimension, Part 11, we take an in-depth look at why the messaging and focus of our human reality has always been the importance of relationships. And why, in Love, it is a totally different design and experience than what we have ever known it to be.

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The Relationship Journey:

The Wholeness Of Love

WL5D -Part 12

Our starting point for understanding the nature of relationships was first to explore our relationship with ourselves. Since relationships are the foundation for building life reality on our planet, we must start preparing ourselves to experience wholeness in our connections with each other in Love. How do we love ourselves and each other at the same time? As with all Fear-based beliefs that govern our behavior towards us and those we love, we must be willing to let go of all aspects of the injury we have engaged in and walked thus far in our relationships.

In Walking Love In 5th Dimension, Part 12, we face embracing the belief that, despite all of the pain and frustration of enduring an unworkable relationship reality in Fear, we can have and build healthy, mutually fulfilling dynamic relationships in Love. The key to ensuring this is to remember that loving ourselves is essential to loving others, and we must continue to do so.

In this 'stimulating' and thought-provoking episode of WL5D, we learn that relationships are interactive affairs. If they are to work, they require our presence and participation–not only with our minds but also our hearts. We must open them up and allow ourselves to feel what it would mean to embrace another being with respect, honor, integrity, realness, and truth: with Love. Although these aspects are not required to declare our Love for another in Fear, they are our gateway to and the only authentic expression of the profound and wondrous experience of sharing true Love.


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The Relationship Journey:

Falling In Love

WL5D -Part 13

To chart our path forward and create a new reality of whole, self-loving, and mutually supportive relationships with each other, we must first look at what we had up until now. We must step back, reflect, and allow ourselves to feel what it was like to experience the disillusionment of our relationships in Fear. We do this now so that, in the future, we don't suffer under the illusion that our past relationship design was or could ever be a workable one. 


In this powerful and riveting episode, Walking Love In 5th Dimension, Part 13, we pose questions and play songs to highlight, "What happens to people when they fall in love?" And "How does this life-altering event impact our sense of self? "Is it possible to love ourselves while being enthralled by our romantic love for another?" As we gave answers and discussed our encounters with those we attempted to love, it became unflinchingly clear that Fear's version of Love never delivered its' promises to anyone.


We then had to explore further why we chose to continue engaging in these encounters. Now, knowing what we know, would we ever be so inclined to enter into such a seemingly hopeless dynamic again? Perhaps, for some, yes. But only if we have the opportunity to experience Love without Fear. This stark walk-through of the old made it imperative that we find a new way to love each other.


One of the most hard-hitting moments in this episode was the realization that, in Fear, no matter our best intentions or commitment to work things out––we never stood a chance. In Fear's design for relationships, we were all programmed for failure. We recognized the need to begin the process of unburdening ourselves from the guilt of our perceived mishandling and our inability to make relationships work. In the end, we realized that we must let go of the injury we have carried and forgive ourselves and each other for the hurt we caused and received on our journey through falling in Love in Fear.


Songs by Whitney Houston

I'm Your Baby Tonight

All The Man That I Need

Thank you, Whitney! I Love You!!

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