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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The Mind Heals, P2

As our minds heal, we are aware that our hearts will embrace the task of supporting and nurturing them with Love. Our hearts are restoring our minds to their natural balance, aiding them in remembering their value as brilliant mechanisms for initiating, receiving, organizing, and storing a myriad of data. This data is vital and necessary for constructing, building, and realizing our hearts and minds' creations.

Through Love, our hearts will 'remind' our minds that it was Love, not Fear, that made it possible for them to support the walk of human lives when the heart could not. Thus, we can transform the 'unholy alliance' that trapped our minds in Fear. They can, once again, begin to ally themselves in a natural and organic embrace with Love.

What role will we play in the healing of our minds? Will we champion their cause with encouragement and cheer them on? Will we blame them for ruining our lives and leading us further into Fear, or will we just leave them to their own design? Our minds need to be loved. By loving our minds-- and all of our aspects--we love ourselves. If our minds are in distress, then so are we. It enhances the quality and supports our lives' balance to serve our minds during this time of transformation, healing, and growth.

Some suggestions on how we can 'show up' doing our part:

* Talk to our minds. Let them know what we know what happened and that we are committed to their healing.

* Spend more time in our hearts, feeling and expressing our own truth from that aspect of ourselves. It allows our minds to rest and recuperate from overuse and strengthens our hearts so they can support them.

* Feed and nurture them with positive, growth inducing information. Inspiring books, enlightening lectures, and subliminal recordings work very well for this purpose. We can also create our own recordings, filled with positive thoughts and insights that are particular to our walk, listening to them in the morning as we start our day while exercising or at night before sleeping.

In short, our minds are essential members of 'team human being.' Let's treat them with the respect and honor that they require for our health and wholeness.


(channeled entity)

On the mind:

It will be quite an accomplishment for all of you heavy thinkers to allow your brain, your thinking place, to take a vacation for a while. Not that you won't function from your brain; it is well-versed in how to do the things it knows it has to do. You don't have to spend any more time teaching it how to do that. What you will be working on is getting out of your mind and into your heart--the place of your feelings. Your brain has been the top guy for a long time and will not feel happy about being put on the back burner, so to speak. You're going to have to expect a little conflict here, a little competition from your brain. So, be aware and prepared for this.

May 25, 2008


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