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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The Path Of The Soul

People who walk the path of self-love soon come to realize the practical nature of Love. Learning to love yourself begins with the 'conceptual' understanding of what Love is and having a mental sense. It then unfolds into the 'experiential' knowledge of how it walks in a life, when you feel its movement from your heart and set your feet on that course. Walking your life in Love awakens in you an ever-deepening knowledge of what it means to be a human being, and it equips you with all the tools you need to take full responsibility for yourself and your life.

To begin loving yourself, you must start at the beginning. In the case of a human being, you must take inventory and be sure to have all of your parts and pieces. Granted, many of us have lived for many years––and many lifetimes––with missing parts of ourselves unaccounted for. Emotionally shut down, mentally strung out. Physically asleep, spiritually just not present. Since missing fragments do not a whole person make, taking inventory of all of who we are is essential as we embark upon the journey of self-love.

The aspect of the self to set our sights on first, since it is the most basic, is Spirit or the soul aspect of our being. Yes, the most foundational and fundamental part of a human being is the soul. Before there were human beings, there was Spirit. Before there were human bodies, there was Spirit. Before being born into a human body, we are Spirit. Spirit chooses to become a human being and designs the basic blueprint for the unfolding of human life to optimize learning and growth experiences. As far as we know, Spirit is an energetic force that has always been alive. Human beings die, but Spirit stays alive––forever.

It behooves human beings to optimize our learning and growth experiences by becoming acquainted intimately with our own souls. Fear has kept us out of touch with this most profound aspect of ourselves. The premise being: if you can't see it, it can't be real. Premise number two: I am not capable of identifying my soul's presence. But if you can feel your heart, you can feel your soul. Your feelings are the voice of your soul, and you express your feelings from your heart. No, you may not be able to 'see' your soul yet, but you can hear it, and you can most certainly feel it.

Our soul's immediate agenda for walking through a life is to guide us in the direction of Love. That is why we are here on Earth, now and many years before: to deliver ourselves back to Love. Through loving the self, our earthly journey fulfills itself, and we, once again, become whole unto ourselves and with each other. Love is the wholeness of the One.

Chakra and Monea, the two Spirit entities who first brought The Path to humanity, would take delight in reminding human beings that the only difference between them and us was that we are in bodies and they are not. My intention here is to demystify what is not mysterious, to begin with, precious and profound, Spirit is our most authentic essence. Our souls are our most devoted allies.


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