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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The Mind Heals, P1

The mind is an alive and powerful aspect of our being. It has undergone an enormous amount of injury and distress in surviving the illusion and the distortion that Fear has created in our experience of human life. To protect us and, essentially, to keep us safe, our minds became the primary navigators of our lives when our hearts began to shut down when we were children.

Added to the responsibility of becoming a 'heart substitute,' our minds had to take center stage in our lives and endure praise and fame for being the essential aspect of our being. Intellectually astute, esoterically profound, our society hailed the mind the savior of humanity. If we were bright, smart, and had a good education, we could do anything––anything, that is, but lead balanced and harmonious lives.

In this awakening occurring within human beings, we are now coming to understand that as we focus on healing ourselves with Love and begin to walk out of Fear's illness, our hearts are beginning to open and resume the responsibility of navigating us through our lives. Our hearts move us to feel the truth of our soul's expression and give voice to that expression through the sharing of our feelings. It is the soul's guidance that leads life towards wholeness, balance, and harmony.

Having discovered that it was illness, not truth––Fear, not Love––that laid claim to the mind's singular importance in human life's success, we realize that with the awakening of our hearts, our minds no longer have to serve as surrogate navigators of our lives. Our minds are being seriously traumatized by this turn of events. They are not the life and death navigators, saving human lives from the clutches of Fear, nor will they be the ones to deliver humankind to its highest pinnacle. With this realization, our minds fear that they've lost their purpose.

How can we assist our minds in recovering from the shock and disorientation they are experiencing? What responsibility and, therefore, power do we have to help our minds move more gently towards Love?


(channeled entity)

On the mind:

Human beings have gone for so long not listening to their souls; they are in total confusion, cut off from any sense of direction. They're too busy thinking their way through their lives. You can't think your way through a life, no matter how hard you try. You cannot do it and grow. You cannot think your way through your life and be happy. It just simply won't work. So, here you are, understanding that your feelings are the voice of your soul. Get that clear. Think about it. Feel it. This is the real truth about how you operate as human beings. In dealing with 'The Path' and the reality of Love, to understand the work you need to do to heal, you will have to listen to your feelings. That is just the way it is. There is no other way to do all of this.

May 25, 2008


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