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Loving You Better

You loving you helps me to love you better; it helps everyone love you better. The road map that you create, giving directions to every part of your being is what we follow to know how to 'get to you.' This road map also allows us to see how you treat all the aspects of yourself and how others who have come before us have behaved towards you.

Are you optimistic, supportive, and giving towards yourself? Or are you negative, judgmental, and self-limiting? Others will treat you as you treat yourself. If you are not honoring and respectful of your mind, body, heart, feelings, and spirit, it is most certain that others will follow your lead. If you litter the roadmaps to the various parts of you with fearful debris—which is anything that interferes with your own positive, truthful, healthy, and self-responsible assessment of yourself — those who witness such disarray will, usually, add their litter to the rest, assuming that this is how you expect others to behave in your presence and in your life.

However, because of their love for themselves, some will ignore your signs and signals and treat you with the same love they give to themselves. If you are used to a constant barrage of mistreatment by yourself and others, you are likely to either be very grateful for the relief their love offers you (which is rare) or very suspicious and wary of someone who is obviously: 1) ignoring your road rules, 2) too blind to see who they're dealing with, or 3) has a hidden agenda that will only serve to upset the natural order of things in your life, making things worse—not better. More often than not, you send these people packing before they even get a foothold in the doorway of your life.

We cannot love you if you don't allow us to. You won't allow us to until you decide that because you are a precious, one-of-a-kind, only you in the world, your value to yourself, your life, and to the world is without question. Your discovery and acceptance of the truth and the power of your life expression is invaluable to us all. Until you learn how to love you and treat yourself with integrity, honor, respect, realness, and truth, we won't know how to. Only you, loving you, will truly help me, us, and the world to love you better.

Original Post: 6/17/2008


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