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Let's Get Inspired! 2 / Say ‘Yes’ To Love

What does it mean to say, "Yes!" to Love? Don't we say it every day when we say, "I love you," to our families, our pets, and even our food? Don't we say, "Yes!" to Love, when we say I love you to our husbands, wives, and partners? We already say, "Yes!" to love, to so many things in our lives. We, obviously, love to say yes, to Love.

Though, there is one other person who we often neglect or forget or don't even realize has been waiting all of our lives to hear us say, "I love you!" Saying yes to Love is saying, "I love you" to the one person who needs our love the most. The one person who we can depend on, to share all the love that we give to us, with everyone else. Saying yes to Love means loving ourselves!

Loving yourself is about discovering who you are and walking the path of your true self. Okay, but what does that really mean? Well, take stock of yourself for a moment or two. Do you really know who you are? Do you know why your life is the way that it is? Do you know what's important to you? What hopes, dreams, or desires you have for your life? Without going into details, is your answer yes, or no? There's no wrong or right answer to these questions; it's just about knowing which answer is true.

The next question is, are you living your life based on your acceptance of who you are, and your willingness to let go of whatever stands in between you and your love for yourself?

It isn't about making grand gestures or competing to be the best at something. It's about an inner knowing, a feeling of deep, inner peace and joy, that says: I am the 'me,' I've always known myself to be, from the time I was a young child. In whatever I say or do, I am true to who I am. I know that I am valuable and worthy of the best that life has to offer. I get it that I have been injured, sometimes, even broken. But, I forgive myself. I know that no matter what, I always did the best that I knew how to do. I accept myself and respect myself. I'm happy to be me and let the world see who I am. That is what it means to walk the path of your true self.

When you love yourself, you are no longer able to be the person or live your life as the persona we all construct to protect ourselves from Fear. Loving yourself is about freedom. It's about breaking the chains of self-doubt and self-judgment. It's about breaking down the patterns of behavior that keep you bound to Fear's every demand. It's about breaking through the inner walls of shame, blame, and guilt, that made you believe that this injury caused by Fear--that happened to you when you were young--was your fault, That it was personal, and that it was the truth about who you are.

Loving yourself is saying yes to who you know yourself to be. It's saying yes to what you decide to do and become. When you love yourself, you understand that you, and every other being on this planet, have the right to be free. The freedom to be yourself. The freedom to live the life you choose. The freedom to say, "Yes!" to loving you.

Listen to the audio version at 'Let's Get Inspired!.'


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