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Let’s Get Inspired 4/Achieving Success In Love

The big news in Love, these days, is the unfolding of the 5th Dimension. What this basically means is that we have to redo everything that we have created in the 3rd Dimension––which is based on Fear––by cleansing it, healing it, and recreating it in Love. We call these pieces of existing reality templates.

These templates or preset models that are the standard forms of beliefs and behaviors that we are told we must follow are the very things that we realize are keeping us tethered to and imprisoned by Fear. Now that we see this, we cannot leave this. We must change it.

As an example, I will share with you a new template for success. One of my jobs in this dimensional shift is to create a bridge of conscious awareness from the 3rd to 5th Dimension. This means that I must ‘successfully’ communicate and share this information with other human beings. The question that came to me, as I pondered how to do it, was, “Will be successful at achieving my goal?”

I then realized that I must create a new template for what it means to be successful in Love. Since Love is the path that I walk and Love’s home is the 5th Dimension, there has to be a new definition of what success means in Love. These words that I am about to share with you are the script for a subliminal that I am creating for myself and others interested in using subliminal recordings to reach and update subconscious beliefs that were formed and shaped by Fear and the 3rd Dimension.

So, here we go! Success in the 5th Dimension.

Success means choosing Love

Success means loving myself

I believe in myself

I believe in my success

I believe I am a successful person

Being successful is self-loving

I am a success at choosing Love,

in every moment of my life

I am going to succeed

I will succeed at everything that I do

I am a success in every aspect of my life

My heart’s desire is to succeed at everything that I do

Being a success, in Love is the fulfillment of all of my dreams

Being a success, in Love, is the answer to all of my prayers

I am a success at choosing Love

I am a success at healing myself

I am a success at letting go of the injury of Fear

I am a success at walking my life in Love

I am a success at loving myself

I am a success because I choose Love

I have the will to succeed at anything that I do in Love

I have the drive to succeed at anything that I do in Love

I have the passion to succeed at anything that I do in Love

I succeed in little and big ways every day of my life

I celebrate my successes every day of my life

My life in Love is a success

My success in Love is a celebration of Love’s fulfillment

Listen to the audio version at 'Let's Get Inspired!.'


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