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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The World Of The Path: News & Notes #1

Greetings, Allies In Love ~

This Path update will explain how 'next week' turned into two months! Time is fluid, yes, but really? This noticeable hiccup refers to my stating that I would in seven days unveil my detailed offer of doing sessions with people interested in learning more about Love and The Path––and then crickets. Fortunately, despite the apparent time warp and my disappearing act, all I have to share is good news. Let me elucidate.

What started as a heartfelt desire and focused intention to offer The Path teachings and journey to the world became a learning process of creative growth and self-discovery.

Before now, The Path has been a 'word of mouth' experience. People would share their experiences with others, and they would embrace the teachings and become a part of a growing community. Since there is so much to learn about Love and loving the self, people would leave and return after a time and dive deeper into their healing process. My original vision for expanding upon that design into the world seemed simple enough, and I believed I could efficiently execute it in the initial time I designated.

However, I realize now that what I was operating from was more of an 'overview' picture with limited details of the step-by-step navigation required to create the final product. It wasn't until I started the hands-on work and began fleshing out the progression from my offering (the sessions) to your acceptance (booking a session) that I realized how much more would be needed to bridge the space between the two.

That space allowed me to stretch, expand, and walk myself to a place where I had to let go of any limits or expectations on how I would do it, and I was willing to rely and act on the finer details my vision unfolded to create the best version of itself. Not just what would suffice but what would take the experience of booking a session to the next level––beyond what I imagined it would be. Ultimately, I constructed a comprehensive and intuitive introduction and walk-through to the reality I was inviting people into, allowing them to make a well-informed decision before booking their session.

What I can share from this experience:

- Trust your vision, whether it's a snippet of an insight or a well-fleshed idea. You know how they say, "Follow the money?" In this case, "Follow the vision––wherever it leads you."

- Don't be triggered by how the vision unfolds: Once I saw there were going to be more details to this vision than I anticipated, the next thing I faced was seeing the new information and my ideas not fleshing out smoothly. It took multiple attempts at almost every step to find the right thing that worked. I began to think that given how 'challenging' this had become, maybe I should pause it and work on something else. This answer was a false positive: it sounded right but wasn't true. Don't allow Fear to stop you before you start. Once you begin, pace yourself, take breaks as needed, and never give up. We don't give up in Love.

When I asked my spiritual family for input, they replied,

"Yes, you should be doing this. What is challenging is that you are creating something new that doesn't exist, something you haven't done before. Expect there to be challenges. It's your job to overcome them. The process of overcoming them is when the fun begins."

- Tap into your passion for what you're doing and why you're doing it. Your passion is your golden elixir. It feeds you and fuels your vision. It keeps you both going as you navigate your way to victory: the successful completion of your goal and the satisfaction and fulfillment you feel from doing something important to you.

- Completing this vision will gift you with the 'vision-making tool." Once you walk this one from conception to birth, you will realize that you can use it as a template to bring anything you can conceive to life. You know, because you've done it. You believe it because you witnessed the whole process. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Wash, rinse, and repeat. This template will work every time with everything.

- This is a solo journey from beginning to end: Do not share your vision or process as you move through it. Don't involve anyone else in your creation; show anyone you like when you complete it. You and Love are the only ones privy to the details and walk of your design. Why do it this way? So that you can cultivate and see your voice, your view, and your knowledge of why things need to be the way you envision them. Don't dilute or short-shrift your vision with someone else's opinion, which disallows your originality to shine through. You'll only know your uniqueness when all of the ideas you are creating are your own. Be brave and step into your own light.

I had a fantastic time navigating the process of making sessions available for everyone, and I look forward to working with those of you who desire to know more about Love and loving yourself. Click here to visit the Love-Sourced Sessions page.

Check out the home page; I added new material and refreshed the content. Also, please sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you updated on all the exciting opportunities I am creating to make the truth and power of Love more accessible to everyone.

That's it for now! Talk with you again soon. Stay happy and strong, and know that Love will always have your back!

With Love,

Melana ~

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