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Crossroads: A Choice Between 3rd & 5th Dimension

In this new level of healing and growth that we have encountered, as the path of Love continues to unfold, the veils of Fear blocking our clear view of 3rd dimension reality are continuing to drop. Each time this happens, we have the opportunity to ‘take a closer look’ at our relationship with the 3rd dimension and the impact and influence it has on every aspect of our lives. We must remember that Fear is a powerful force, as is the nature of the dimension that it sponsors and supports.

We are at a crossroads, in our journey in Love, very much like the one that we faced when it was no longer ‘workable’ to go back and forth between Love and Fear. There came a time when that road between them disappeared, and we simply had to choose which energy — and path — we were going to embrace and walk in our lives.

We are now at a similar place of having to choose between the 3rd and 5th Dimension. Chakra and The Team spoke consistently about the 3rd Dimension and our human reality in their latest lecture series. In short, we are being given a ‘heads up’ that soon we will have to make a firm choice between the 3rd Dimension in Fear and the 5th Dimension in Love.

As we begin to look more closely at this newly unveiled perception of the 3rd Dimension, we will see how we were taught to compromise and deny the truth of our own ‘real and authentic’ self-expression. In the 5th Dimension, we cannot and will not live in denial and compromise. Therefore, our only real response to this, as self-loving beings, will be to recommit to the choice that we have already made: to let go of any injury that keeps us separate from ourselves and Love. And to no longer walk a path that aligns us with and fosters our acceptance of a limited expression of who we are.

In many ways, this necessity to choose between the two dimensions is equal in impact to the mind, body, soul, and life-altering choice we made between Love and Fear. Why? Well, if you step back, and move with me to a higher seat in the arena, and view this choice from a different perspective — beyond the personal—you will begin to get a sense of how taking this step will forever change human reality as we have always known it to be.

For the first time, in the history of our experience of life, we are introducing a new truth into the everyday human experience: that there are different dimensions; that we can exist in them simultaneously; and, that we can share the same planetary space, with other human beings, while living in different dimensions from each other.

What we once considered an exciting subject of scientific exploration or the higher realms of spiritual belief, fostered by the New Age community will, in the not-so-distant-future, have to be accepted (or not) by all human beings on our planet. Everyone may not get it or agree that it is true, but it will become a new experience of reality we’ll all have to deal with in the coming years.

Chakra and The Team have come through recently to prepare us for this new shift in human consciousness. As usual, we are getting a 3-6 year advance notice before the rest of humanity will have to acknowledge the truth that this is actually happening. Much like when they first brought the truth about Love, self-love, and walking the path of Love—people will only accept this when they literally have no other choice. That’s the learning process for human beings on Planet Earth; we are hard-headed, and we do everything the hard way!

However, we who choose to live our lives in Love have both the opportunity and the responsibility to walk through whatever new growth Love unfolds for us as we journey on this path. As we do the necessary work to let go of our injury, heal, and embrace our choice fully to make the shift from 3rd to 5th Dimension, we will leave footsteps for those who come later to follow. That is our job as pioneers and pathfinders. That is the destiny that we each choose when we decide to live and walk in Love.

If you would like to learn more about our human relationship with the 3rd Dimension and Fear, I would highly recommend you listen to the lecture series I recently channeled with Chakra and The Team. Now that I am beginning to put more of the pieces together, it will be exciting to go back and listen again, from a more in-depth and broad perspective than I had before.

As we move along through our process with this, I will keep you updated on the latest information and tools to support us in navigating this new territory of growth.

Original Post: 3/12/2014


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