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The Path: A Journey Into The Light

The Journey From Fear To Love

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A revolutionary belief system
that teaches and 
fosters a new reality of Love,
from self-love to equal and unconditional Love for all beings

The Path Downloads, etc.

The Path Journal

Join me on this great adventure of 'Living Life In Love!' Dive into my new journal created especially for you,  where I will share the latest insights, inspirations, and guidance from our daily journey on this path of Love. You'll learn why we kill old roots and plant new ones and how to identify your spiritual breakthroughs and downloads. Discover new tools sourced from Love's bottomless kit, all designed for deep exploration into the story of who you are. Whether you like soaring on the cutting edge of change or studying the big picture projections from behind the scenes, you can create and build a new, self-loving you and a life reality filled with adventure, joy, and endless possibilities in Love. See you there!

Living In Love Inspiration

     Love has decided to take over the governing of Planet Earth. But here is the rub: you human beings must consciously choose Love to experience this new shift in your reality. Love embraces you, of course, and that's one part of the equation. Love has always chosen you. But you also have to decide to embrace Love as your governing energy.

     Why doesn't Love just come in, sweep you up, and rescue you? Well, mainly because it would be the same situation all over again. You would be, once again, externally guided and told what to think and believe. You would take Love at its word like you have done with Fear. Besides, if you do not consciously choose Love,
you will have no foundational understanding of how it operates or how to navigate it.

The 'Whys?' Of Love & Fear

"Why Choose Love?"

Love opens the heart to self-acceptance, self-love and unconditional love for everyone. When you love yourself, you heal. When you heal yourself, you heal the world. Love teaches us how to love each other without condition or exception. Not blindly, but with eyes wide open, amazed at the beauty and the majesty of every human being. ​​

Let's Get Inspired! #4 - Achieving Success In Love.
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Love is the most powerful, energetic force there is. Love will prove itself to be the one true path that will ensure the future of human existence. Love is the embodiment of what is real and true about who we are as human beings. Love is our birthright. Love is the only medicine that can heal us. We must wake up and choose Love in every moment of our lives. Choosing Love is the most important decision we will ever make in our lifetime

"Why Let Go Of Fear?"

Fear is the source and root of all human pain. We carry and pass on this pain by judging, blaming, becoming angry, and harming ourselves and each other. It's not because we're bad people. It's because we are asleep, unaware, and living in a state of amnesia. We do not know the powerful truth about who we are.

Lets Get Inspired! #8 - Love And Fear-A Conscious Choice
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We have grown accustomed to living in a reality of Fear. We have had little preparation for what to expect or how to show up when we come face-to-face with the true reality of Love. It is through learning how to love ourselves that we can expand and deepen our understanding of who we are. We then realize the absolute necessity for choosing Love as the foundation for our lives.

"Why Self-Love?"

The Path: A Journey Into The Light is a revolutionary belief system because it reveals the undeniable truth: that every person is a being of Love and, in Love, we are all equal. The Path's journey to self-love leads us out of the Fear-based beliefs that have, for so long, divided and imprisoned us. The Path's journey delivers us home to ourselves and provides us with the tools we need to live our lives based on Love.

Let's Get Inspired! #2 - Say Yes To Love.
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The Path healing process is a step-by-step journey on the path of awakening, self-discovery, and self-love.  The Path as an educational process teaches the unlimited value and practical benefits of allowing Love's principles to guide our lives. Wherever you are in the walk of your life or whatever issues or obstacles you face, Love will help you find your way. You will gain clarity and begin to make Love-based choices that will bring balance and a new sense of direction, meaning and purpose to your life.

Where Is The Love?

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