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Stop living in the upside-down world of Fear
Heal and transform your life with Love

Are you ready to learn how these powerful energies impact every moment of your life? And why choosing love and loving yourself will decide your future––and that of the human race?

Author Melana Plains takes us on a thought-provoking journey to awaken and discover the revolutionary power of love. She invites readers to use her walk on the path from fear to love as a navigational tool for healing your authentic self and living the life we all deserve.

Following the author's personal experiences, you will watch her growing awareness of love and fear and their impact on every aspect of our lives. As her knowledge grows, so will yours, and you will discover more about your relationship with these two energies that began when you were a child.

Melana walks you step-by-step through your journey to love and shows you how to guide yourself through your own healing process. You'll experience firsthand the life-changing transformation that can occur within you when you follow through on your intention to let go of the illness of fear and choose to heal yourself with love.

To further support your journey, The Path Team, channeled by Melana, takes you deeper into our human story by looking at what it will mean to heal and evolve the human race. By ending the legacy of fear on our planet, we can create new roots and a new foundation of love for future generations.

Walk your path into the light of Love
This book can illuminate your way

Melana Plains is an educator of the truth about love. She encourages readers to love themselves and change their lives through rediscovery and self-actualization. By sharing her belief system, she guides people to walk the path of love to find their true selves, purpose, and ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Her 35 years of dedication to this journey have granted her the tools to help people change their lives for the better, a mission she honors as a writer, teacher, and guide.

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