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Melana's Podcast Series

guidance and support on the path . . .


Let's Get Inspired!

Join me on "Let's Get Inspired!"

A five-minute inspirational podcast series where I share

my personal insights and experiences about Love and Fear

and learning to love yourself.

Love Yourself Radio Show

My co-host, JB Williams, and I seized an amazing opportunity,

with our Love Yourself radio show, to bring the truth about Love to the world,

and redefine how we view ourselves, our relationships,

and how we love each other

Walking Love On The Path

My lecture, in three parts,

focuses on the story of The Path: A Journey Into The Light.

It is a powerful and impassioned statement of The Path’s beliefs about Love,

the crossroads The Path community was facing at the time,

and our tireless commitment to meet the challenges of walking

Love in the world.

Walking Love In 5th Dimension

This engaging and, often, humorous lecture series 

explains, in great detail, our discovery of 5th Dimension 

and how it serves as Love's home on planet Earth. 

As we walk the path of Love, from self-love to loving another, 

to unconditional love for all beings, we begin to see 

that Love is not just a passing emotion or a romantic interlude. 

Love is the core and the root of who we are as human beings.

It is the foundation upon which we can give birth to a new way of being,

as we explore the possibility of living and loving in a new dimension.

Melana Speaks

Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation

I was honored to be invited to speak

at the Tohono O’odom Indian Reservation in Southern Arizona. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to explain the teachings of The Path,

and to share the truth about Love as a medicine, and  a birthright

for all the Hoops (cultures) inhabiting our planet.

“If Fear is the illness that kills; Love is the medicine that heals.”

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