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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The Bridge To 5th Dimension

If you have read my post, A Crossroads: The Choice Between 3rd and 5th Dimension, you will note that our journey, on the path of Love, brought us to a place of decision making and preparation. We had to work to gain new insights and learn new tools when we began the process of letting go of the Fear-based beliefs and roots of the 3rd Dimension reality. In doing so, we built a bridge of conscious awareness and action that delivered us, wholly and safely, from Fear’s 3rd Dimension reality to Love’s home in the 5th Dimension.

I’ve taken some time to contemplate what would be the best way for me to update and share with you, the world, the different aspects, and perspectives of this journey. As the pathfinder and guide for this adventure we embarked upon, I had several roles I needed to fulfill:

1) My responsibility to explore and embody each new piece of truth that Love unfolded on the path, and assess and share my personal walk of discovery and self-revelation.

2) My role as pathfinder and guide for The Path allies who receive one-on-one support and guidance from me as they settle into the daily practice of walking Love in their lives.

3) My commitment to providing a path to Love and teachings on how to love the self for all beings who have or are beginning to awaken to Love's true reality.

I will use The Path Blog, Melana Speaks, Channeled Lectures, and The Path Podcast to post the journey's teaching elements. The Blog Updates will provide insights into my personal walk and what I have learned as we continue to navigate this new territory of dimensional bridging. Tracking and charting our 5th Dimension journey for others to witness and learn from is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time now, but I had to move through some issues in my process regarding the best way to present it to the world.

The Path: A Journey Into The Light is a belief system based on the Five Aspects of Love (Honor, Respect, Integrity, Realness, and Truth). The path to Love that it teaches has its roots and foundation in the 5th Dimension. Finally, I realized and accepted that because of the revolutionary nature and design of The Path that the people who are drawn to or seek to know more about this 5th Dimension journey will meet me halfway on the bridge.

This path to love that The Path: A Journey Into The Light fosters and supports is a radical and revolutionary walk. Even in its language, it is clear in its intent. It asks us “to be willing to let go of anything and everything that stands in between us and our love for ourselves.” The Path understands that nothing less than a total and absolute commitment to Love and loving the self will heal the illness of Fear.

On this journey, my ‘job’ is to explore, teach, guide, and report all that I discover and learn. All of you beings whose ‘job’ it is to walk this path to Love will, of course, find your way and the footprints I have left, especially for you. You do not need me to seek you out. Just like me and the allies I support, your hearts will recognize the familiar sound of Love, calling you home.

Original Post: 3/17/2014 - Updated


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