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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

Making 5th Dimension Human Friendly

The big news on The Path is that the long-anticipated planetary shift–– from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension––is now in motion. We are beginning to move beyond our conceptual awareness of this powerful transition into its experiential and physical expression in our lives. We have much to learn about the basics of how to prepare for and navigate, walking, and living in a reality and a new dimension based on Love.

To maintain continuity and give you some perspective on how things are shaping up on the bridge to 5th Dimension, I will share an excerpt from an update I wrote for The Path Community Blog:


Greetings, Allies In Love ~

Phew! What a week it's been — Yes?! In each of our lives, we are already beginning to feel the 'not-so-subtle' impact of the dimensional shift we face. Remember, because we're walking the path of Love, as this story unfolds, we are going to feel it, first hand, and in a very intense and dramatic way. Think about relationships and emotions. These will be the driving force of our transformation and our new awakening. More about this later…

My life, personally, has gone 'ballistic and topsy-turvy!' Chakra spoke to me a few days ago and revealed to me the special connection between my conceptual awakening to 5th Dimension on Mother's Day of 1997; the 5D lectures that followed; the state of my life over the past 17 years; and, the journey we are embarking upon now.

In short, I have been making this transition from 3D to 5D since the beginning of my awakening in 1997. This series of events happened so that I would be ready to guide you through the steps of walking the path from 3rd to 5th Dimensio

I am still absorbing and digesting the bigness of this picture. I sit in amazement at the amount of planning that went into setting all of this up. The everyday choices I made in my life, and the actions I took, as a result, were all interwoven—on an unconscious level—into the patterns of this grand design. My life hasn't been this awe-inspiring to me since that fateful day when Chakra appeared at my kitchen table and that Mother's Day when the 5th Dimension opened its doors to me.

So, prepare yourselves! Things are about to get really 'cosmic and mind-bending' in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Just as I did in the 5th Dimension lectures, I will be sharing with you—and now, with the world at large—the information that is so generously shared with me by Love. There will be others on our planet receiving the same data, and they will explain it in a way that serves the people they connect with and support.


As you can see, big things are happening in my life, in your lives, and the world. It's so important to remember that all of this change and transformation is about us human beings. It's happening to support the healing and the evolution of the human race. For human beings to continue to thrive, and for the human race to survive, we must accept this invitation from Love to return home to the real source of our existence.

That being said, we also have to remember we humans tend to try and take 'big gulps of big things' and immediately spiral into overwhelm, which brings us to a crashing halt. Having walked through the first wave of the arrival of the 5th Dimension years ago, I have some experience with how to translate the 'big and strange' into 'the 'workable and familiar.' It's about knowing how to change your perspective to make better sense of things. For example, instead of thinking of this dimensional shift as this 'otherworldly threat and intrusion into our lives' or as 'something that's never going to happen,' let's throw a little logic into the pot.

We create the experiences that we have and the lives that we live by the choices that we make. We are not victims of our world but active participants in both its design and its upkeep. If we chose, early in human existence, to co-create with Fear and make Fear-based decisions about how the human race would evolve, then we bear the responsibility for its outcome. We also have the ability to create something new.

In other words, this is our mess, and we have to help clean it up. Love, in all of its compassion and generosity, has decided to give us a hand. Since we don't know what steps we need to take to void our contract with Fear, we must accept the guidance of someone who does: Love. It's Love's guidance, Love's rules, and Love's Dimension. The question we have to ask ourselves is, "Does anyone else have a better plan?" If we take a moment and look at the state of our world and the human condition, each one of us knows that we cannot go on like this. If it takes accepting and embracing a new dimension to change––a new dimension it is!

The human evolution from Fear to Love is a love story. It's about learning how to love ourselves, love each other, and love the human race. It's about becoming whole within ourselves, and One with each other, in Love. How exciting it is that we have a game plan––and one that works! We must be brave and strong and know that we have the support and the guidance of the Universe's biggest and brightest stars and spirits.

For now, take a deep breath, open your heart, relax your mind, and say, "I choose Love!" Keep saying it until you mean it! To learn more about Love and 5th Dimension, you can listen to my podcast lecture series, Walking Love In 5th Dimension.

More to come...

Original Post: 3/13/2014


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