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Love Yourself! You Just Gotta Do It!

There is this deep desire within me to stand atop Mount Everest (the highest mountain on this Earth) and shout, loud, deep, and clear for all the world to hear, “LOVE YOURSELF! YOU JUST GOTTA DO IT!”.

Why? Throughout the many years of my life, I have never, ever felt so touched, so transformed, so moved, and so passionate about anything else as I have by the profound yet blissful and practical act of loving myself. I was honored to not only learn, firsthand, about the truth and the power of loving the self to heal, grow, and evolve, but I was also further blessed with the ability and destiny to share this most divine experience with other human beings.

Learning to love the self is not easy. No, it isn’t. Why? Because it’s hard work. But, one must not be put off by that, not for one moment. Anything worth having in this life takes time, focus, patience, and commitment. When that ‘anything’ is you––a precious and most valuable human being––there can be no question of worth. Our worth, like the Love that created our expression, is immeasurable, enduring, and everlasting.

Suppose we are willing to face and accept that our greatest challenge, walking our lives in this world, is to overcome the pain, the desolation, the hopelessness, the despair, the desperation, and the defeat that continues to drown human lives in the undertow of Fear. In that case, we must also face the opportunity and responsibility each of us has to do our part by healing our contribution to this human story.

Loving the self is not a luxury. It isn’t a maybe, or a might be. It’s neither an afterthought nor an addendum. Instead, it’s essential, necessary, and foundational. And, for all you adventure junkies on the team, it’s one hell of a fantastic ride!

For our more practical and pragmatic members, you will never find a bigger payoff and a more solid, long-term investment than the one you make in yourself.

For our visionaries and spiritual seekers, the journey of loving the self is a soul-induced unfolding of the most profound aspects of our spiritual nature.

And, all you Matrix theorists, who have already discovered how deep the rabbit hole really goes, trust me, loving yourself will take you to depths and uncover mysteries your minds haven’t even begun to conjure up.

In short, Love, in its brilliance, aptitude, and sincere affection for the entire human collective, made sure to tailor the application of self-love to suit all human ideals, quirks, and expressions.

I probably sound like a zealot and could very well be one. But, you know, the truth of it is, we have this amazing and powerful Love that belongs to every living being. And I intend to do everything in my power to make it available to all those who want to partake of it. It’s senseless and pointless to have something of such great value to people on our planet and not make every attempt to see that they are made aware of it. My vision of Love is clear, and my heart is steadfast. When I am present for and supporting myself and others to heal with Love, it is the greatest joy of my life.


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