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Love In A Time Of Change

We, as Americans, are standing on the brink of enormous change, already feeling life, as we have known it, slip away from us and out of our grasping reach. Our feelings run the gamut from underlying, bristling anxiety to a grief-stricken terror at the loss of those things we deem valuable and essential to our well-being and our lives. The hardship of witnessing our own country floundering and failing, often by our own hands and from the blind allowances of extreme excess and inside corruption, is a cross we must all bear and take responsibility for.

How can we make amends to ourselves, to each other, to our country and the world? How do we take an active role in mending this rupture pervading human life, both inwardly and in the everyday walk of our lives? We do this by choosing Love and using it as a science to influence and reconfigure our perceptions. We can then reassess what is real, possible, and authentic about who we are as human beings.

We must learn how to access and harness the energy of Love as a viable and reliable tool for healing the Fear-related issues and diseases invading our bodies, disrupting the balance of our minds, and threatening to break and destroy our once indomitable spirits. We can strengthen our human bond and create and develop healthier relationships by opening up our hearts and exploring new and deeper avenues of loving, both ourselves and each other. We must denounce abusive acts of all kinds and foster self-awareness and deep and abiding respect for every human being we connect with and welcome into our lives. Love is free. It is here, right now, feeding and sustaining us in every breath we take.

Recently, it came to me that Love is God’s heart. It’s the long arms of His embrace, holding us, nurturing us, and protecting us from the darkness of Fear. Reach out to Love, call its name out loud or whisper it in the silence of your mind. Talk to Love like you would to a respected teacher, a dear friend, or a stranger you are getting to know for the first time. Ask for support, assistance, guidance, or whatever it is you need. Love basks in our need for it. It’s at its best and its brightest when it has the opportunity to serve us. Love is the palpable and enduring presence of God in each moment of our lives.

Life can be so very hard, sometimes, and seemingly impossible to face and overcome. We will most definitely be challenged during these times, but we don’t have to suffer and feel alone and bereft. In Love, we do have an ally here on this Earth that can strengthen us and our resolve to prevail by restoring our faith in the joy and celebration of human life and by helping us create a healthy and life-sustaining way of living.

Original Post: 2/20/2009


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