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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

Life On The Path: News & Notes / #2

Hello Allies In Love ~

A heartfelt welcome, and thank you to all of you who have visited this site. I am so pleased to be able to share the truth of Love with you and so happy to see that you have discovered a place where you can freely and deeply explore the true reality of Love.

In Notes & News #1, the new content I listed is now available on the website. You can access it through the links below and the tabs in the header of the website.


Guiding A Life Through Love: Melana

This evolutionary, insightful, and inspiring lecture series was designed to teach and assist people who had walked through Path work to guide others on The Path.

As usual with us, the experience was filled with chatter, laughter, and a sincere desire, on the part of everyone present, to learn all that they could about supporting others to walk the path of Love.

The Path guidebook was written as a handbook for the new guides and provided an outline for the lecture series. The lecture episodes and guidebook are both available for download.

My recommendation:

These lectures are for any person who works with other people as a guide or healer or is interested in guiding him or herself through a process (this or one like this) of self-awakening, self-discovery, and learning about Love and loving yourself.

These are transcribed sessions with Chakra and Monea (The Path channeled entities) guiding the first group through The Path process.

It is a powerful, enlightening, and life-changing experience to learn from the original guides how to begin your journey on the path of self-love.

My recommendation:

For everyone!

In Walking Love In 5th Dimension, Part 11, we take an in-depth look at why the messaging and focus of our human reality has always been the importance of relationships. And why, in Love, it is a totally different design and experience than what we have ever known it to be.

My recommendation:

This whole 5th Dimension series is for anyone interested in learning the truth about who we are as beings of Love and deep-diving into and exploring Love's 'home base' on Planet Earth.

The current Path Allies and I live and build our lives in the 5th Dimension. The experience is as 'out there,' far-reaching, and spectacular as you might imagine, and, yet, it is also the most grounded, clear, and authentic choice for us, or anyone, who desires the freedom to walk and live the lives that we choose.

* I will update the content above bi-weekly and will alert you in a News & Notes blog post, so be sure to sign up for blog updates when you visit the page.


Please feel free to leave comments on the site. It would be great to hear your thoughts, feelings, and questions about what you have discovered or experienced here. Also, what you are walking through on your journey in Love and loving yourself. Let's start a dialogue and, perhaps, others who are on this path will join in!

I'm currently working on the YouTube channel and joining several social media platforms. After that, Patreon and putting finishing touches on the book.

My intention is to check in more regularly and share some of the many discoveries that occur over the days and weeks of walking this path. Love is complex and exhilarating energy to inhabit and work with--and, real talk, there's never, ever a dull moment! I promise to update you and keep you posted.

With Love,

Melana ~


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