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Walking Love In 5D / Relationship Episode #12

Hello, Allies In Love ~

This is an update to let you know that Part 12 of Walking Love In 5th Dimension is posted on the website.

In this new episode of WL5D, we continue to explore the nature of our relationships by looking at how and why our love for ourselves must provide the foundation for creating healthy and whole relationships with others. We must not allow the pain and frustration of our current 3rd Dimension relationship reality to deter us from believing that in Love, we can embrace and experience a healed and profound connection with and appreciation for all those we love.

However, we must face the truth that there stands in between the males and females in our world, a deep-rooted breach of trust and misunderstanding whose injured patterns of behavior continue relentlessly without respite or any workable solution in sight. Gratefully, Love does not foster naiveté in our healing process but encourages us to peel back and address all the layers of Fear-based divisiveness and arrive at our one, true path of unity––which is, of course, Love.

I want to share with you one of those layers I uncovered when I penned this post in my 2008 Path blog:

"The eternal dance of male and female energy seeking union and balance within and without is a subject of great interest to me, from both an earthly and spiritual perspective

In the last 13 years of my life, I immersed myself in a life-altering and revelatory exploration of the 'authentic' female and male dance of oneness and unity. I sought to look beyond our' role playing' as men and women into the original separation between us by the duality of Love and Fear.

When Love created Fear as its' opposite, male and female energy split, becoming 'opposites' to each other. I have come to realize that to heal our earthly agenda as lovers, partners, and co-creators of future generations, men and women, we must create Love and harmony between our opposing energies. We must go to the source of our 'authentic' beginnings––our spiritual origins––and find the answers. When Love revealed the answers to me, I moved beyond my childhood experience of men being power mongers of monstrous proportions.

There were days when I felt as if I would choose death rather than face my father's wrath one more time. As I grew up, it's not surprising that any hopes of my having a 'normal' and healthy relationship with a man were next to impossible. That was unless I could undergo a remarkable healing process and learn to perceive and experience men in a whole new light. I needed to open my heart to them, understand and have compassion for their story and their journey through Fear.

After discovering and opening my heart to the male aspect of my being, I could feel the pain men have endured, trapped, alone and separate from any recognizable experience of true Love. Thus, I was finally able to realize that, in truth, we have all suffered from the devastating effects of our original separation from each other.

Men and women have done what each had to do to survive and create a semblance of oneness in partnership and marriage. We need to understand that the divide separating us from each other runs much deeper than the difference between Mars and Venus. We must look beyond the legacy of our earthly roles and embrace our enduring need to love and be loved by each other.

Men use their power to control, manipulate, and bind women to them out of a deep and unshakeable need for their love. If not given willingly, then by force. It's not an ideal situation, but to them, it's better than having no one. Women use their power to deny and punish men out of the same need for their love. None given is none received. Why give your love to someone who can't or won't give you love in return?

We now know where the story began, but where will it end? Who is responsible for making a change? Who has the power to transform this paradoxical nightmare that we have lived so that we may walk body and soul into the hearts and the arms of our most beloved ones?"

This episode of WL5D reveals more new and different layers of this unfolding saga that we must address despite our desperate desire to power through it as is or avoid it at all cost. We have to get this one right because the health and well-being of our future generations and the future of the human race depend on it.

With Love,

Melana ~


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