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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

Batiste On Women, Men & Power, P2

In part two of this channeled session, Batiste speaks about the relationship between men and spirituality and whether they can accept women as powerful beings and power as Love vs. power as ego and manipulation. She explains how, in the times ahead, men will awaken to the truth about Love and power, and women will come to love men in a way they never knew possible.


You're going to see some big changes on your planet. They've already started to occur. Men are going to become spiritual, and not in the traditional male spiritual religions. Those are not going to hold up, by the way. There's going to be a breaking down of the traditional beliefs, for all traditional religions are male-driven and formulated based on male power. That, which we have now ascertained, is not power but manipulation and control.

We're going to see more men become truly spiritual—big men in powerful places making very big transformations, coming from very spiritual places in their expression. Your planet is going to change dramatically in how it functions. Women are going to be taking on the role of leader—not like men led. Whenever you think of women doing what men did, don't ever look at how they did it to give you some idea of what women will do. It's not going to be like that. We're talking about Love versus ego and manipulation. There's no way that the two are going to look similar.

I am addressing this because this will be a part of what you have to deal with in your shift coming up for you. You, as a woman, being powerful in your expression of who you are in your life. Learning, being open in your meditations to receive information about accepting and being in the world as a powerful woman. Not to emulate the men, but to show the men how it is done.

It is fascinating the dynamics of the dance in as much as we've gone along for so long thinking—and everyone did—that men were the chosen gender. They ruled things, and women got what they could get and did what they could to carry on. But, if it ever came down to it, men were always the ones in charge and who made all the decisions. It seems a great balance; they got their time in the spotlight, being in charge. There is a balance in everything, like the balance in how the planet is supposed to operate. So, now women are going to take their place and become 'the chosen.' It's only appropriate.

How you'll recognize this happening is whenever you hear talk about spirituality, in terms of heart and soul, that's female power. Some woman has said that. A man talking about his soul and self-love learned it from a woman in his life––either in the present or a woman in history. Some priestess he has read about in either mythology or the Bible or any great historical book with information about women of power. That is where he has learned it. Men do not, in the role of men, self-generate that realization. That is something contained within the female role.

Let me say that if a man dies, becomes free of body and role-playing, the awareness of self is there. Just like when you enter into this lifetime. you entered in forgetting on purpose to remember. That's what beings do in the roles they take on. Of course, men are whole spiritual beings, but it's not their place to recognize that, just like it hasn't been a woman's place to be powerful––even though women are powerful. In this lifetime, there hasn't been a great show of that or allowance for it. It was just part of the role.

Now, women get to be powerful, and men get to learn about their spirituality. Men were always very spiritual, as women were powerful. But, they get to experience it now in a way that they have not. There are cycles of this, stories about powerful women. There's a history you could look to where both men and women could say, "Look, here's this information about this great priestess. Look at this story. Someone had to tell the story, and someone had to believe it. It is a thing about how much you are willing to learn from your history and your own stories along the way. Not a whole lot, as it seems.

However, that is not entirely true because it is about to be remembered grandly. Stories about Goddesses and priestesses are going to be the things you speak about more and more. You'll see something; you'll read books as we come into a cycle of women being in actual power. It is imperative to understand and keep in your mind about your femaleness and what it means. Remember, you are playing a role. You have work to do within the framework of that role. And, you're going to start losing, at the same time, your ability to maintain a separation between your being and male beingness as you love them.

It is challenging for women to love men, with men being in manipulative power and women being victims. It's not a healthy situation for an actual exchange of Love. It's like asking someone who has been in prison to love their captor, the person who has taken and controls them. It's saying, "Be grateful and love me, too." It's kind of impossible.

You've managed on your planet well enough to assimilate a loving situation in that regard. You're going to start really loving men. Look out! If you are in a relationship where you love one now, you're going to really love that being. Not that you haven't loved them, it's different stages of Love. The more you get to the truth about Love, the more of it you take in and give out.

It's a little startling to start seeing the man that you love more as a being, like you than the man that you love. It will make you do a double-take. You won't lose the male qualities that are the attraction between men and women, but there will be a difference in how you feel about them. And, how much of his maleness you find it necessary to take in. You will love him as a being.

The more you travel that territory, the more that's how it will be with women and men. It's like if you choose to, you can put in all the male attributes to make the positioning, the dance, and the role-playing. But if you just let it be, he will be to you another being to love and have compassion for and not judge. The lines of demarcation get very thin along the traveler's path. You're heading home, and at home, there are no men and women.

You start losing some of the aspects of that separation. It's an exciting time to be aware of that, and it frees you up to take in more of the truth. Because in the truth, and in the reality that is not your reality here, there are no separating lines of sexes. That's the path you are traveling on; when you get higher up, the air gets very thin. When you get further up that path, the lines of demarcation get very wavy. Sometimes you'll have to remind yourself, "This is the man I married. I got that!" At other times, you'll be very blissed out in the fact that there is no difference.

And, there will be some compelling moments of that. Knowing and sharing it with a male—of course, at an appropriate time with a male who can handle hearing it—potent! Talk about Love. It's another level beyond what you can see within the framework of your beingness and who you are now. You will experience a whole other level, which takes in more.

I just wanted to share some of that with you. Our intention is to prep you for the shift. You will hear more about this in future sessions. I wanted to make you aware and to let you know what is happening.


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