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Love Yourself 101 / Living Life In Love: A New Beginning

For those of us who have chosen Love, how do we live in its design? What are the ground rules? The game plan, the do’s and don’ts of living life from our hearts––instead of our minds? How do we bridge the Fear-based road we have traveled thus far with the path of Love that now lies beneath our feet? Can we trust that Love will heal our lives, instill us with hope, and support us to value ourselves and our dreams? Is living life in Love even real? Is it true? Can Love set us free?

People, who contemplate choosing Love as the foundational reality of their lives ask essential questions like, how will living life in Love change the way we now live? The changes are both gradual and radical, organic and revolutionary, exhilarating, and terrifying, all at once. We must remember that moving from Fear to Love is truly a night and day experience of our lives. Where we have been in darkness, we will now be able to see the light. Where we have been caught up in lies, we will now bear witness to the truth. Where we have been narrow of mind and heart, we will now open up and see more of ourselves and others in a new and different way. The changes are, in equal measure, to the bigness of the decision to choose Love as a way of living our lives.

Here, at the beginning of our journey on this path of Love, we must take some time to get accustomed to, and acquainted with, the new territory we will be experiencing. Mostly, we must give ourselves time to catch up with––ourselves. Choosing Love, with the intention of walking our lives based on its design, creates a major shift in every aspect of who we are—or have believed ourselves to be.

When we choose Love, we let go of Fear as the energetic force that will shape the future reality of our lives. It’s a big move. Feelings of abandonment and loss may arise as we prepare to leave the familiar and the known, uncertain of what lies ahead. Will Love be there? Can it hold us and shelter us from harm? Is Love really a place of hope, where we can learn to dream again? Everything is at stake.

We came to a crossroads; we made our choice, and, now, this chaos of uncertainty about what’s to come offers us little comfort. We must reach deep inside ourselves with our most primal instinct for survival: our belief that we can heal. If we hold such a belief, it can become the foundation that anchors our choice and supports our decision to live and walk our lives differently. Once we regain our clarity and remember why we chose Love instead of Fear, we can begin to walk beyond our doubts and empower ourselves by accepting responsibility for making the conscious choice to change the way we live.

Taking responsibility for all matters related to the self is one of the most basic ground rules for walking our lives in Love. It is a conscious decision that empowers each of us to establish our intention and set the tone for how we will show up in our relationship to ourselves, our lives, and our path. It also puts our conscious self in the driver’s seat and confirms that, in harmony with Love and with Love’s support, we will now actively participate in designing, impacting, and influencing the future course of our lives. As Chakra, one of the original Guides of The Path, so clearly stated:

You are going to be participating in your own life from now on. You’re not going to let your being just run away with itself and do whatever it feels like, keeping you totally in the dark and confused most of the time, as you ‘sort of’ follow along saying, “Well, I don’t know.” Now it is time for you to realize that it is you that calls the shots with you. No one else. Not a part of you. Not your brain. You run the show. Getting two feet on The Path is saying, “I’m in charge. I will walk this territory, and I will own every step that I take—no more out of control. No more parts (my body, my mind, my emotions) running wild and carrying me along with them. No more me getting sick and not knowing why. No more me getting confused and not having any idea why it happened. My conscious awakening self is in charge now. My soul and I are going to run this show.” And, that is as it should be.

As we take our stance and prepare ourselves for walking our lives in Love, we can now begin to see that in choosing Love, and making a conscious choice to become self-responsible, we have taken our first steps in committing to love ourselves. Our first and most basic way of assessing the personal damage we have suffered in our journey through Fear is to develop an awareness of our aspects: our bodies, minds, and emotions. We must consciously identify our fearful behaviors and intend and commit to changing them from Fear to Love.

In this way, by engaging every aspect of ourselves in participating in the choice to truly live our lives in Love, we ensure that we will have a good beginning. This is a momentous time in human life, the most real and authentic ‘new beginning’ we ever get to experience. Now, it’s all about going forward. As Chakra once informed us, after the fact, they charted a course from Fear to Love, but not one for going back.

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