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Let’s Get Inspired! 3 / Dancing On The Path Of Love

This is not the time to live our lives in Fear—as if Fear is all that we know. Yes, once upon a time, it was the expected and the acceptable way, to be, to live—and even to love. And, yes, there was a time when we openly embraced Fear, as our energy of choice. This was before we realized that the only reason we dance to Fear’s tune, is because we are not listening, therefore, not hearing, the joyful, healing sound of another energy, awakening us, and beckoning us home to its embrace.

Well, now that Fear has made it exceedingly clear, to every human being, with eyes to see, and ears to hear, that devastation and destruction will forever be its only intention, it is time for us, human beings, to silence Fear, and tune it out.

Love is the song that we must now open our hearts to, and move our feet, to its rhythm and its beat. Love for the self, Love for humanity, and Love for all living beings is the real dance of truth and freedom. Let us celebrate the beauty and the magic of Love, by letting it inspire us, and guide us towards unity, wholeness, and oneness.

So, how do we make these words, not just be words, but enliven them with the energy of Love in action? We declare ourselves as keepers of the flame of Love, by letting go of the hurt, the anger, and the rage—that we use to cripple and destroy ourselves and each other. We take responsibility for all that we say, do, and create for others to share in and experience. We hold on to all the good within us, and we let go of all the fears that separate us from ourselves and each other. To dance on the path of Love, we must heal our bloody wounds, bathe our feet in hope and possibility, and move and sway to the rhythm and the beat, of the promise and the power of Love.

Listen to the audio version at 'Let's Get Inspired!.'


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