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Introducing / Love Yourself 101

Love Yourself 101 is a new Path series featured on our Love Yourself Radio Show that teaches the basics of how to love yourself. The show is a perfect vehicle for learning the foundational what, where, when, why, and how of loving oneself. The radio broadcast also allows us to reach larger numbers of people worldwide with the truth about Love.

In our first episode of this series, we start with Love Yourself 101 / Healing The Legacy of Pain. We begin with an in-depth look at the original 'pain gene—Fear––and how to identify its everyday presence in our lives.

My co-host, JB Williams, and I participate in a lively, thought-provoking discussion about our different childhoods. We explore the impact of growing up with an inherited relationship with Fear and the long-lasting effect it can have on us as children.

By the time we reach adulthood, this same Fear has become enmeshed and ingrained in everything we feel, think, and express about ourselves and who we are. It takes going back and recalling our first realization, as children, of its presence in our lives for us to start separating it from our perception of ourselves.

We then begin to understand that we are not our pain; we are not our fears. Fear is an illness that injures and distorts our true nature and our sense of who we are. Its presence can be acknowledged and let go of; its damage can be identified and healed. Love is the energy that provides the power, the tools, and the medicine to facilitate this process.

I had an interesting experience while spot-checking the show this morning. It was my fourth run-through to ensure that everything was running smoothly when I listened through to the end and heard JB play our signature song, Love Train by The O'Jays. Without warning, I just started weeping! The most significant thing about this is that during the show, I speak about how we are presenting the information to support and encourage people to open up and allow themselves to feel.

When you present Love in its pure and enlivening expression, it will sink in, beneath all barriers and layers of self-protection and defense, to induce a healing response. The first sign of that movement is our reaction to the surfacing of our feelings. I was so moved by the words of the song that's what happened to me.

Now, I've been learning, living, and teaching the truth about Love for the past 20 years. Although there will always be something new to discover about loving the self, the basics stay the same and become a part of our foundational reality.

However, how powerful it is to be reminded that even someone like myself, so steeped, schooled, and immersed in this truth about Love, can be moved to tears by that initial and groundbreaking awareness that I am, we are all, worthy of Love—and have always been. Loving ourselves and each other is as natural and organic for us as breathing. Without Fear to blind us, we are captivated, again and again, by the truth of who we all are in Love. We never outgrow that moment…

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