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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The Revolutionary Nature Of Love

Love is revolutionary. The decision to love the self and explore the more profound truth of our human existence is akin to choosing the red pill in The Matrix. We do, indeed, get to see 'just how deep the rabbit hole goes.' Similarly, the completion of Spiritual Warriors 'unplugs' us from our third dimension, Fear-based reality (The Matrix), and awakens us to the greater truth about Love: the embodiment of All That Is and the birthright of every human being. We are, thus, required to let go of the illusion of Fear, walk our lives with open hearts, and love ourselves with compassion and unconditional acceptance.

As I wrote in Chapter Five of Guiding A Life Through Love:

Spiritual Warriors is the next phase of The Path. The name is appropriate for the intense focus it takes to clear the heart of the illness of Fear while shifting an entire life from Fear to Love. This place on The Path marks the beginning of one of the most profound changes we will ever undergo in a lifetime. When introducing beings to The Path for the first time, I caution them, as a way of getting them to take note, that The Path Process changes your life for the rest of your life. Once we set our course on leaving Fear—and remain true to our commitment to do so—there is no turning back. When Chakra and The Team unfolded the work's blueprint, there were no plans to return to Fear once we departed.

Love is not just a romantic notion, a peddled fantasy, or a ruse favored by lovers as truth, before and after their acts of betrayal. Nor is it just a favored familial expression, a bond of bloodlines, or a chilly closeness, sparing only the well-favored amongst us, leaving the rest to weather harsh judgments and painful scars of self-doubt and insecurity. Love is the most powerful energetic force that exists. It is, simply and gratefully, not a thing that we can co-opt, misshape and re-enact as a viable medium for expressing all of our true and untrue emotions. Love is a more profound Truth, one whose meaning cannot be conveyed by our overwrought and fragile emotional expression.

Our feelings are the voice of our soul. Our emotional framework, through which we express our feelings, is intricately connected to our familial experiences and patterns. They reflect if and how much we were allowed—or disallowed—to speak and share our feelings as children. In truth, most adults in our world are, emotionally, still children striving to release the silenced voices of our childhood. We struggle to' emote' in a balanced and safe way, the secret longings of our hearts (our feelings).

Self-love and unconditional acceptance of our' child self' within are necessary first steps in our evolution and growth. Through self-application of Love, we begin to understand Love's 'revolutionary nature' and its intention to heal––being by being––the entire human race.



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