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What Color Is My Pain? / 4

In the conclusion of this lecture series on healing racial disunity, Chakra brings it all home to our doorstep. He gives us a choice and the responsibility, as human beings, to decide what we desire for ourselves and each other moving forward. What are our hopes, dreams, and intentions for the future of the human race and our planet? He accepts us unconditionally for who we are and the story we have woven for ourselves. That, coupled with his encouragement and support of what else we are capable of achieving, is an example each one of us can follow as we gently, and with an open heart, remember it is every person's birthright to be loved. Loving ourselves and loving each other is the true path of every human being.



When we speak about a spiritual revolution, what you must understand is that this is something very big that is happening to you. It is your opportunity to wake up. We are not saying that you are wrong for not having your Love for yourselves. In the evolution and the unfolding of your planet, that is what has occurred. You beings made different choices based on free will. If you did not have free will upon your arrival on this planet, you would have been little more than puppets being told and directed what to do by a Creator. How boring! How can anything grow if it is not allowed to express itself?

You were allowed to express yourselves, and this is what you did. It's not great, but you did it. It has potential, but you left something very important out of it. Do you want this to work or not? Are you interested? Do you want to throw your hands and give up, or make a change and gamble on something you left out? That perhaps that part could help this situation most profoundly? What do you want to do as human beings? What are you interested in? Are you all ready to die? Come home, try it again? You're awfully close to getting it. Awfully close. And, you have more help and support than this planet has ever had before to get it. What are you going to do?

How are you, as human beings, going to show up? How much pride is going to stand in the way of you getting to the truth about what happened? Who wants to be so right anymore that the destruction of the planet weighs in the balance? Who wants to blame so much another without tending to themselves? Looking at someone else and saying, "You did this. You're wrong. You're horrible." is not going to heal a thing. Looking to yourself and saying, "What can I do to heal this situation within myself," will change things.

Everyone has to heal themselves because of poor judgment––leaving out the essential factor of seeing oneself in Love. Loving the self is the healing that has to occur. There are many aspects to this healing process; to this business of loving the self. Everyone has to begin at the beginning with themselves. Everyone has to be willing to take a look at their lives in relationship to all of it. In relationship to themselves, within their family structure, within their cultural and societal structures. Take a look at their own picture and see where the Love stopped.

You must acknowledge that if you are a person in the white culture, the Love of self stopped when you were first conscious of the belief that you were better than someone else. For a person of color, the Love stopped when you were first conscious of the belief that you were less than someone else. Do you see the lack of balance and the extremes? How both beliefs identify places out of Love?

To think you are more means you do not love yourself. To think you are less means you do not love yourself. To see yourself as being equal to is the place of balance––for both sides. So it's not for the people of color to aspire to be like the white culture. They are out of balance; they don't love themselves either. Go for the balance. Look at yourself and see at what conscious point you were aware that you were either too much––you were more. Or, too little––you were less.

The white culture has to begin asking itself questions about how thinking of oneself as being more affects that person's life, taking for granted the privilege. The taking for granted that there would be beings who were considered less and looked down upon. Beings who were less to compare oneself to. Beings who were less who would serve the white culture. Automatically, not even knowing these beings, this was the case because they were a different color. How did this impact your ability to love yourselves? Where, for the people of the white culture, did you first realize that there was something inherent in how you held yourself that was off balance?

Every person in the white culture has a moment of realization that they ignore; how they got to be better than everyone else––just like that. It's the 'automatic-ness' of it that comes under suspicion by the person. Just for being born a particular color, they get to be better without having done a thing. When on the planet itself, in your society, supposedly ones' progress is measured by ones' ability to accomplish. People of the white culture are very aware of that fact because they designed and created it. And, yet, they get to be better than anyone without having done a thing. That is suspicious.

They designed something, and they get to be better before they even participate in the design. Something's off there, and every white person has a moment when they understand that. Part of the healing of the white culture is discovering that point in time. When did you see that the picture was wrong? When did you consciously realize that you were covering up from that point on? When did you consciously realize that you were making excuses, from that point on? When did you consciously decide not to be––conscious? When did you knowingly choose to follow the set-up and not go your own way?

The people of color have to take a look at their walk and their history. All the time, being told that they were not okay while realizing, on a deep level, that this wasn't true. So much of the pain, the grief, the anger, and the self-destruction experienced by people of color, comes from ignoring that realization. It's like pain and anger turned in on oneself because one cannot speak of it outwardly and hold it inwardly.

The people of color have always known that this wasn't true. They have. They've become angry, hostile, destructive, and all kinds of things to carry the pain. But, truthfully, the pain has always been about knowing that this wasn't true. For people of color, in terms of loving themselves, it's honoring that knowing. It's going back and saying to oneself, to one's parents who were carrying the same disease: I am, and I have always been just fine. I am who I've always known myself to be. It's claiming your truth about who you are. The part that is the most difficult is getting through the pain of all of the denial and repression.

What we are going to do, at this point, is to allow for what has been said, thus far, to be an opening. The next level will be sitting with each culture. Sitting in the midst of their stories and walking through each culture's truth will help them heal their illness.

How to heal each culture's sickness and how to heal each culture's out-of-Love state. How to heal each culture with Love, and what each culture has to do to bring about their own healing. It is very important to do this in levels. It works best to introduce the idea and let people sit with it. Let people start to get it and allow the information to move the hearts of the people. As the hearts begin to open, the awakening begins to happen, and a level of receptivity occurs.

To Melana:

We appreciate the opportunity to be able to disseminate this information this way. We will depend upon you and your support for its editing and its continuity and for pulling the material together and giving it a certain flow that works with the minds and hearts of human beings. There is so much to say; there are so many aspects to pull from. We see it so broad-based, the narrowing down, the fine-tuning, and the continuity becomes difficult in your language for us. We rely upon you to make the necessary adjustments to bring it into form.

We're going to close this particular session now and allow you to rest and be with this information. We give great thanks to you for allowing this to happen and for participating in it. It is always a pleasure to spend this time with you, giving voice to the healing that needs to happen, and having the opportunity to express it and share it with human beings.

Thank you for your continued support. As you know, we are continually supportive of you. Please keep doing what you are doing with this Work, for great things will happen. The more you put the information out, the more great things will come. It is valuable information, and it is necessary now on your planet for people to have it. Be that voice. Be that vehicle.

We love you very much.



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