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What Color Is My Pain? / 2

First, let me applaud each of you who braved the risk of leaving your comfort zone and allowed Chakra to share his healing words of Love and wisdom on the plight of our very human condition.

I was contemplating today that human beings, one day, are going to have to face, unflinchingly, this task of healing racial divisiveness. It simply can’t go on like this forever if the human race intends to survive. The thing I find most profound about what Chakra continues to unfold in these podcast episodes is the opportunity we have, as individual beings, to make a conscious and sure step towards a goal that we can never afford to let out of our sight. We are each responsible, and we each have the power to change. In this second part of What Color Is My Pain?, Chakra addresses our relationship with Love and the spiritual aspect of our human expression. He exposes our lack of awareness about who we are and reveals how our misconception of ourselves has brought us to the place we are at today. If you listen to his words and allow them to move your heart, you will begin your process of self-discovery and transformation as he intends. With each episode, Chakra unfolds for us, profoundly and with unrelenting logic, the path that every individual must walk towards healing themselves, their culture, and the entire human race. For me, the beauty of it is knowing, without a doubt, that we can do this.


Every culture has to come into truth with itself. It's not easy. The white culture wants to look at the cultures of color and say, "It's your fault. If you weren't around, we wouldn't have gone through any of this. We would have been the only ones. However, the white culture realizes that cultures of color have made significant and necessary contributions to their livelihood and their lives on some level. There is an unspoken awareness of how much the cultures of color have supported the white culture throughout history. What is difficult about acknowledging and accepting that fact is a desire from the broad majority of the white culture to view the cultures of color as troublemakers. If the cultures of color did not exist, there would be peace. And, indeed, no question as to who is the chosen culture. They would, after all, be the only one.

The white culture has failed to take it a step further and realize that there was no way they would have made it by themselves. They were ill-equipped to make it by themselves. If they were capable of doing so, they would have been the only ones born. But, they needed help, support, and guidance. They were also in need of direction and purpose. They came with a certain amount of those things, but not enough to run an entire planet. That was not the planetary design. It's challenging for human beings to understand how this relates to their healing process.

You have your cultures of color who turn to the white culture and say, "You! You __ ___ ___! Look what you've done! You're horrible! You're like a monster out of control. Look what you've done to this planet. Give us back our ___! You need to make it better for us!. Help us! Give us__and then disappear! Get a life, but give us ours first. Then, just go!"

Well, see, the problem with this is that number one, the white culture can't give the cultures of color what they need. Oh, yes, they could probably release their hold on the physical manifestations of abundance on your planet. But, that would not do––nor has it ever done––a whole lot of good for the cultures of color, since that is not what they need first. They do not need access to things. You can be sick and dying and have access to every material thing possible, and you will continue to be sick, and you will continue to die. Because that is not the medicine that you need. The medicine that everyone needs you cannot get from each other. Each culture has to get it for themselves and then share it.

The white culture cannot give the cultures of color Love. For if they had it for themselves, they would not have done what they did. The white culture cannot get Love from the cultures of color. If the cultures of color had Love for themselves, they would not be in the place they are now. No one has Love to give to each other. Here you are on a planet whose story is about Love, and no one has any. How is that for a joke?

Everyone has their versions of Love. Everyone has portions of an understanding of what it means to love. Everyone has touched or been touched by it and, "Oh, isn't it wonderful!" But there is a real core aspect to Love, a fundamental basis and center that is missing. You can go around talking about how you have a love of this, that, and the other. Love for your country, your fellow man, your wife, your partner, and your children. And, to a certain extent, that holds up.

You love to eat; you love to dance; you love to play; you love to sing; you love to travel––you love to love. I do not say this with sarcastic tones, but I want you to realize you talk about Love as if you know what it is. As if you are on top of the very expression of it. And yet, your planet is dying from the lack of it. For so many beings who are so busy loving, there's a great deal of Love lacking on your planet. Why? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Why is this happening like this?

You want to love a certain way. You want to have Love and romance. You want to love your relationship with food. You want Love to express your absolute unity with your country and what it stands for––when what it stands for is being out of balance. But, when someone comes to you and says, "There is a spiritual revolution, and it is about Love." everyone draws a blank and asks, "What does that mean?"

You can't relate to Love beyond a particular perspective that ties it to physical reality. You can love all of your physical reality things, but when one speaks of a spiritual revolution––loving Spirit––everyone draws a blank. When in loving everything on your planet that you love, the earth is still dying. One would hope that you might turn around and say, "Perhaps we forgot something here. Perhaps, we do not love like we think we do. Probably, if someone is talking about how to love our Spirit, we should take a look at that. Maybe that's the one thing we've forgotten to love. Perhaps, that's the element that's missing.

You can see the level of sickness that human beings carry. The anesthetized state that dulls your response when someone comes to you and says, "Look! Here is Spirit. Here's that element that will help heal you and bring your perspective of Love into wholeness." Some of you start talking about how that belongs to some 'new age' perspective and has nothing to do with anyone, except those people who are 'a little weird.'

You are so used to being out of balance. You are so accustomed to relying on tools that keep you that way, confused as to why they don't work. When a hand extends out of the very heavens and says, "Wait a minute. Here, look at this. This here is the part you forgot. Everyone wants to try and pretend they don't understand. Why? Because you're sick and you are used to being sick. And, you are dying from your sickness.

Healing. All beings need to heal, and Love is your medicine. At some point, for every human being, getting this is pivotal. You see, your money is not going to heal you. Neither is your politics, your education, or your intellectual knowledge. The ability to travel or to eat great food can't treat what is ailing you. None of these things will do the job because there is a significant and essential part missing. None of those things can address that particular level of the illness. Let me say this to you about who you are. It might help you to understand why you need this specific level of healing. How it relates to you having to be healed from the very beginning about who you are.

Let us say this to you about who you are. It might help you to understand why you need this particular level of healing. We will say this to help you understand how it relates to your having to be healed from the very beginning. We know when you look at yourself in the mirror, and when you look at each other, you see the physical expression of self and others. You see bodies. You see bodies that have a certain look to them. One of the first things you see is what color they are. You see bodies, their types, sex, male or female, in terms of their gender. You see old, young, and middle-aged. You experience each other from those different perspectives. You acknowledge and honor the ability of any being to use their minds, so you know, to some degree, that you all have brains. The thing that gets respected is intellectual prowess, one's ability to be intellectually astute and have intellectual capabilities.

Just to throw a monkey wrench in the works, those capabilities mean one thing if you're white and quite another thing if you are a person of color. There is a dichotomy in that—even that which you honor has a measure of dishonor. Nothing on your planet gets to be fully honored. It can only be honored as much as the balance extends, and then when it falls out of balance, so does the honoring.

If you look at yourselves as being bodies with intellects, as being a certain color, a certain age, a certain gender, and a certain physical expression, and see yourselves as being whole, you're missing something. You're missing the thing that keeps you out of balance. You're not just bodies on this planet, cultures of a different color. Beings who walk around with intellectual and economic capabilities. This is not all that makes a being a human being. The essential part of what makes up a human being has to be acknowledged before balance can occur.

Before a human being exists, a human being is something else. You don't just come here and leave when the body leaves (dies). That is not the entirety of anyone's' expression. You come here from somewhere, and you leave here going someplace else. There's continuity to your journey. You don't just climb up on the platform and drop off at the end of your life––and that's the beginning and end of you. That is really not so. You start as Spirit, as one of the unseen, in terms of your physical perception. You begin as Spirit, which enters the body and takes on the aspect of the soul. The soul aspect is the central, core part of your expression. Spirit is composed of Love. That is all Spirit is. That is why it is said that all of what you are is Love.

What is meant by that is that the essential, core expression of who you are is Love, for Spirit is that. When Spirit enters into human form, it takes on the position of the soul. The idea is for Love to emanate out from the center to every aspect of the being. So then that human being is the expression of Love. If that does not happen, if for some reason that plan gets thwarted, then you have human beings walking around who have no idea who they are. They are beings who are out of touch with themselves and the truth.

These beings have actually put their Spirit to sleep by not allowing it to express the fullness of its' Love within them. You might ask, how could this happen? You have Spirit, which is Love, and Love is all-powerful. You have Love as a part of the framework of a human being. So, wouldn't it naturally do what it came here to do? To take hold and be that expression of Love automatically? Yes, it could, and it would, except for the fact that one of the things that human beings have is free will. And, you use your free will any way you choose––to allow or not to allow.

If a human being feels that they would much rather honor their intellectual prowess and their ability to see from that perspective, rather than to deal with what comes through them, in terms of Love, they will do so. Despite what Love beckons them to do, as opposed to what their intellect offers them. If they choose what the intellect offers and decide to ignore the guidance spirit is offering them, through their hearts and their feelings, and follow the directions of their intellect, they can do that because they have free will. It is vital to understand that there are certain things that human beings did that created this out-of-balance state.

There are specific responsibilities that have to be taken that did not just happen. It is essential to understand that the reason this healing has to occur for everyone is that for everyone present on your planet––now and for generations before––this non-acknowledgment of Spirit, and this sense of pride and focus on the intellect has kept everyone in a state of sickness. It has kept everyone out of their relationship with themselves. It has kept everyone in a state of needing to be healed through Spirit––and Love is the medicine.


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