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What Color Is My Pain? / 1

In the first part of What Color Is My Pain?, Chakra teaches us about the roots of the illness that continue to undermine all humankind's health and well-being and informs us, with sincerity and grace, that Love is the only medicine that will heal us. As a member of 'The Team,' his spirit entity group, Chakra offers his unique perspective of the human condition. He addresses our need to heal, not only as individuals but also as members of our cultural and racial groups. I use to refer to Chakra as the 'Dr. Spock' of 'The Team,' because of his profound understanding of our human reality and his masterful ability to strip a thing 'down to the bone' and transmute something, impossibly complex or controversial, into a simple, clear, and undeniable truth. When addressing the issue of race, there is a tendency for people to be more reactive than open when faced with any role they may have played in the matter. We usually find ourselves either bowing our heads in shame and denial or rearing up offensively with blame and accusations. Chakra, gratefully, offers each one of us an opportunity to break through this seemingly, eternal misunderstanding and take responsibility for the healing that we, as individual beings, have to undergo to end our racial disunity. I find Chakra's assessment of our human condition brilliant, compelling, and utterly fascinating. I would suggest you listen with an open heart and allow yourself to feel his gentle offering of Love, hope, and the possibility for our lives today and for the future of the human race.



What we are going to deal with, as we proceed with this session is healing. What does it mean to heal? It is necessary for all the different cultures, all the different people on your planet to heal. This healing process will only occur through the Spirit. Of course, there has to be some information about how Spirit intends to accomplish this healing—healing into wholeness. Healing the beings on your planet is what is necessary at this particular point in time. We all speak about the process of healing, but what does it mean?

In relationship to becoming whole, in relationship to becoming at one with oneself, healing the places that prevent this from happening is what is required. We're going to speak about healing in a very basic way. So that the understanding becomes really clear around what is healing, why is it necessary, and what will it produce? Who needs it? How much of it? Where do you begin? We're going to start at the beginning when it comes to the issue of healing so that people can get a foothold in understanding why it is necessary to focus on healing. What will healing bring about that is absolutely profound at this point?

I would like for all of you to consider the possibility that when one is ill or sick or has some disease or some dysfunction, it is difficult to impossible to function in a productive way. Either from the acute pain or from the acute sense of being drained by whatever malady one has, one does not feel physically, emotionally, psychologically, or psychically capable of functioning in a productive way. So, if it is not possible to perform in a productive way because one is carrying or experiencing a disease of some sort, the first order of business would be to heal oneself. To have oneself become healed so that one will have access and use all of one's faculties. So, that one can continue on with one's life in a whole and productive way. Basically, everyone on Planet Earth requires healing; everyone needs to be healed. Everyone.

It does not matter if you look in the mirror and get on your scale, and you check yourself out through your medical people on your planet and discover that you are considered "100% healthy." Those are not the standards we are speaking of at this point. It is not to say that those standards are not important at a certain level. However, we are going to deeper levels than that. And that is something I want everyone to try and understand. We are talking about very basic healing; to heal what it means to be a human being—healing what went wrong or what malady, dysfunction, or disease came into this process of being a human being from the very beginning. That is why this healing is so basic. It has to start right at the moment that a human being comes into a life.

What we are going to use for this healing, the medicine that is necessary for this healing, is Love. That is the one medicine that we're going to use to heal what is needed to be healed in order for human beings to walk the path towards wholeness. So, we have everyone needing healing, and we have one medicine that we can use—and that medicine is Love.

If in being born a human being on your planet, you're born 'well,' you would not be on this planet. You would have been born somewhere else. No one gets to be born on Planet Earth 'well.' It is not the birth process when the unwellness sets in; it is actually prior to the process of birth. How so? You have a planet that is and has been running out of balance. Why? Because the beings on your planet have been out of balance. The female beings and the male beings, individually, and collectively as coupled units and family units, have been the creators and carriers of the children that come forth. If the parents themselves are carriers of this out-of-balance state, then the children from those parents will carry it. It is something that is passed on while a child is in the womb.

You have to stretch your perspective to realize that the nurturing, the communication, the setting up of ideals, the setting up of attitudes, belief systems, all of those things are activated before the birth of a child. While a child is being carried in its mother's womb, those things, that information is being communicated to the child. So you see that information is there at the moment a child is born.

That information is with the child when that child comes into the world. The child already knows, upon arrival, many, many things about what its' life is going to be like. Children, babies in the womb, can hear, can feel, can sense what the situation is with their parental structure. As well as what the situation is with their family structure. What the situation is with the world structure. All of this is communicated to them via their family unit before they take their first breath.

You now understand that this stuff was communicated to you, communicated to your children, communicated to your parents before everyone got here. So you come into this life, on this planet, ready and prepared to live this out-of-balance state.

Prior to this session, when we spoke about what happened with the different cultures, you can now understand that the setting up of ideals, attitudes, and belief systems was the information communicated to your parents, to you, and to your children, before everyone was born. Everyone comes into this life on this planet, ready and prepared to live in an out-of-balance state.

For the white culture, it is coming into this life with the expectation and the knowledge of your position of power. Or, if you talk about those beings of the white culture who say, "We are as poor as the people of color. We get treated as poorly as the people of color because we don't have the economic standing required by our own people to be honored by them. So, how can we be considered better, or how could we be considered their oppressors if we, too, are oppressed ourselves?"

It does not matter what your economic status is as a member of the white culture. In your genes, in your communications with each other, before your birth, you come in realizing at least this: you may not have what your own culture expects you to have in order to be 'on top it,' but the one thing you have that sets you apart from all of the other cultures is that you are white. You can be poor, you can be destitute, but you are still white. And, that in itself makes you markedly different from any person of color—even though they have the same economic standing that you have. They are still less than you because of their color.

It is a very difficult position, yes, for members of the white culture to be in. For all appearances, they seem to be no better off or treated any better. However, the one thing they have to remember that sets them apart from the cultures of color, and puts them in alignment with their own culture, is that they are white. Period. That in itself is the difference.

So, you get to see that it does not matter if any person in any of the other cultures show up either economically, politically, intellectually, educationally astute or not. It does not matter. However, those things should matter according to the political and social plan for the allowance of growth and prosperity in your world. They should make a difference, but they don't. They only seem to, in certain instances, which is only a cover-up for the truth. But the truth is, as it stands, is that if a white person is economically impoverished, it does not make them a person of color. It does not make them equal to a person of color. They still get to be better.

If a person of color has money, education, political standing, social standing, all of those accouterments of the white culture, they do not get to be seen as white. They do not get to experience life as a white person. They get to experience life as people of color who have gained, accumulated, and climbed this ladder towards the dream. But, they always get to experience the dream as less than. All the while, doing the very same things that the white culture does. Knowing the very same things that the white culture knows. Having the very same money that the white culture has. None of this ever produces a person of color that is equal to a white person. That is just the way it is. And that is why everyone needs to be healed.

That is part of the reason why you can look and see the out-of-balance state through your own eyes. You have white people and people of color, who, by the very fact of their shared standing in the world, should have a place of equality that represents where they have walked their physical paths within your social structure. They should have something in common. They should have something that bonds them. But it's very difficult for people of color and white people to bond because of the fact that they are not the same color. Even though they could help and support each other since they are at equal places, the thing that separates them is that one is white and the other is not.

So you have a continuum of out-of-balance-ness. A continual state of being out of balance. A constant state of disharmony. This issue is basic to being a human being on your planet. That is why when we speak of healing, you have to start from the very beginning. For unity to occur, you have to heal the disunity that occurred before ones' birth.


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