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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

The World Of The Path 2023

Greetings Allies In Love ~

Welcome to ‘The World of The Path 2023.’ If you've visited the website before, it's been a while since I last updated the blog, so thank you for your patience. It's great that you've come back! For all you first-timers, I am pleased you are here and hope you return. In my earlier 'Life On The Path: News & Notes' posts, I wrote about the reality of Love and Fear and shared the content on the website referencing these subjects. Today, I would like to introduce you to something new. 

But first, let me catch you up.

"So, where in the hell have you been?" some might ask. Good question, and I'm here for it. As you may note from the image above, I have been on a long journey, pioneering new lands, forging new paths, and discovering new dimensions. I've fought off viruses, demons, psychic bullies and stalkers, the bondage of family agendas, and the crazy of people attempting to steal my identity and Work. In short, I have been––as I'm sure all of you have––pretty damn busy as of late. And, obviously, so has Fear. 

We have all lately been put to the test in more ways than we could have imagined. We have struggled, fought back, and fallen to our knees in hopelessness and prayer. We have stood up shaking but relentless in our determination to break free of the chains of Fear that imprison and block us from expressing and living the truth of who we are. 

I offer my immense gratitude to Love and The Divine for reminding and supporting us to stay strong, courageous, and fearless––as the warriors we are remember or know ourselves to be. To face down anyone or anything that opposes our right to choose and walk the path of Love. I offer to you, my fellow Allies in Love, my heartfelt appreciation for your boldness and bravery as we stand tall and walk or crawl on our knees (sometimes it's like that) together, side-by-side, committed to the fulfillment of our soul's journey home to Love.

For the past 12 years, I have worked exhaustively with a small, select number of Allies in individual sessions with the focused objective to discover and explore what it means to embody and walk every facet of the Christ reality of Love. I needed to learn, understand, and know our foundational relationship with Love––from loving ourselves to sharing equal, unconditional Love with all human beings to walking that Love in every moment of our lives. I had to ensure I could deliver on my vision that there is another way to live on our planet. Not living the lies that Fear taught us to believe, but in a way that teaches us how to know and be true to ourselves and our purpose, create our reality, and experience and celebrate the best of who we are.

Thus, moving forward, I would like to extend an invitation to anyone from all walks of life to explore this new opportunity to access The Path's teachings, process, and guidance, from ushering in your awakening to navigating your journey from Fear to Love as you create and build a new way of living in Love. 

It has always been my intention to, once again, open the doors of The Path to the public, making available the collective footprints and wisdom gained from those of us who have walked this Path since its inception 35 years ago. The first step is reconnecting with and learning to love the self. The self we first encounter as children is the true, authentic one. They are the starting point, the root, and the foundation of who we are now, and they hold the key to accessing the story of our soul's journey from our beginning through this and all lifetimes.

Within each of us, a universe exists in the same way, shape, and form as the outer universe we pray to for guidance, support, and the fulfillment of all our dreams. We go within to heal the child self to access the key that enables us to unlock the truth about everything we've ever wanted to know. The child self, once healed, will help us remember our spiritual beginnings, our human story, and our relationship to Love, God, Goddess, and All That Is. 

In short, we are collectively predesigned to receive the keys to the spiritual Kingdom––to our Kingdom––and our royal place as the earth angels, magicians, warriors, and priestesses of the Light. Who, despite all that we learned to the contrary during childhood, we have secretly always imagined ourselves to be. We do not engage with this reawakened awareness to boast or show off, but to embody and walk the truth of who we are. These times, more than any others, require us to pick up the mantle of Christ, our brother, and walk His Light of Love in the world.

Amid the past two years' upheaval, change, and growth, I completed and published The Path book! I would say 'finally!' except that I know everything has a process and happens when all the necessary steps preceding it have occurred. Still, finishing the book was a welcomed accomplishment and a necessary tool for making The Path accessible to more people.

I wrote an earlier version of the book specifically for past guides and teachers of The Path to support Allies on their journey through the Work. The rewritten and extended version is designed to support people to guide themselves through their process. The greater significance of writing it this way is to acknowledge that despite Fear's continued efforts to keep the human race lost and trapped in the same maze we have been traversing since our arrival on this planet, we are evolving. Sparked by the urgency of Divine messaging, downloads, and guidance, many have awakened, and others have begun to listen and follow the soul's directions on our purpose and how to return home to Love. 

We have grown to understand that we each are responsible for agreeing to and taking the necessary action to heal ourselves. In short, it's our job to make it happen. Yes, seeking support from those of us who aim to pioneer these changes and assist others going through this transformation is often advisable. But, ultimately, we each are in charge of our healing process. We can heed the call or choose to decline the request. It's up to us.Gratefully, we are moving beyond the times when we give spiritual teachers, gurus, leaders, and even therapists the impossible task of healing and making us whole. No one can do that for us. It is time for human beings to learn the truth about who we are––our value, the power we wield, and why The Divine has graciously requested our presence here on Earth. First, to heal ourselves and then join our spiritual families in saving the human race.

There is a war afoot between Love and Fear. Battles are raging inside every human being and in every corner of our world. We must choose to love ourselves to understand the nature of Love, how to access it, and live in its energy. Or, we stay stuck in the maze of Fear, allowing it to win by running down the clock on our existence, knowing damn well that without Love, we would never survive. Trust this: Fear is not our friend; our destruction was always its agenda.

After 35 years of hands-on experience with navigating and guiding The Path, I have written a book designed to give access to step-by-step instructions on walking the path from awakening to self-love. I highly encourage you to invest in a copy of this book and take your first step or walk further down the path of securing your journey home to Love. If you follow the instructions and guidance in the book, you will learn how to start loving yourself. I am sharing excerpts from the book on Instagram. You can access the feed on the home page of this website.

All healing modalities supporting awakening to everything between and beyond require commitment and work. Learning to love yourself is a process that takes time to unfold. What you discover on the journey is an inner landscape filled with your life stories, experiences and lessons, with opportunities for immeasurable growth and healing.

What's New On The Path?

'Living Life In Love!' is a new journal I created especially for you where, I will share insights, inspirations, and guidance from our daily journey on this path of Love. First entry: "Meet & Greet You Inner Aspects!" Check it out here.

Love-Sourced Awakening & Life Guidance Sessions via Skype.

For a limited time, I will be offering the following:

  • Awakening: Taking My First Steps

  • Walking My Spiritual Path: Just Checking In

  • Relationships: (All Types) How Do I Love People In Fear?   

  • Work / Career: How To Envision, Rebuild, My Life / Purpose In Love

  • The Path Book Check-InSelf-Guiding Support

  • Life Questions:  (Any Subject) What Do I Do?

  • Length/Cost: 15 Minutes - $30 / 30 Minutes - $75 / 60 Minutes - $150

  • Days: Mondays & Fridays / Times: Flexible

Next week I will publish a session page on the website with more detailed information.

The Path Future Projects

You-Tube Channel 

I have created over 200+ subliminal templates for the awakening and loving yourself journey and essential, detailed subliminal instructions for the subconscious on how to navigate the path from the third to the fifth dimension. 

Patreon Podcast

Transcendence: Exploring The Soul Journey In A New Dimension and other exciting discoveries in Love. Also, channeling sessions with The Path Team to address the personal and profound challenges of living life in transition––as we and our world shift from Fear to Love.

Inner Session Cards

I created The Path inner sessions to engage in introspection and intercommunication with the self, all aspects of our being (body, mind, spirit +), our spiritual family, and angelic and ancestral bonds. Inner Session Cards, a new deck I am designing, will strengthen and deepen the connection and communication between the conscious self and our inner aspects. This new tool will allow us to use our inner team's knowledge and wisdom to understand better our human design, nature, and actual abilities. When it comes to knowing who we are and what we are capable of, we will realize that we are the wisdom we seek.

That’s it for now! Talk with you again soon. Stay happy and strong, and know that Love will always have your back!

With Love,

Melana ~


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