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The Path: Updates, Journey & History

Mining Your Magic: Writing What You Know

Image: Ksenia Makagonova

Welcome to A Writer's Journey, a continuation of 60 days of journal entries leading up to the publication of my book,The Path: A Journey Into The Light: The Journey From Fear To Love. (The first five posts can be found here.)

I felt the need to create a writing category on The Path blog because aside from being a spiritual teacher, I am also a writer and a newly published author.

Although my book is about my spiritual practice as a channel and guide for The Path: A Journey Into The Light, the process I underwent from conception to completion was that of a writer. One whose life was sometimes consumed with uncertainty and struggles, from finding and composing the right words to honing my craft and believing in myself and my dream that finishing my first book and becoming a published author, was real, doable, and within reach.

I'm excited to share my experience walking the path of growth and self-discovery as a writer and human being.



I am changing. And the experience is not without its discomfort.

Each day, I have insights about myself that are helping me to understand more and more why I am the way I am. I was going to write this in a way that defined myself––without intention––as not being where I should be by stating what I have been lacking somehow in my life. However, if I take a different seat in the arena, I can see that it isn't what I'm lacking; it's not a deficit that I am trying to fill; it's that I am simply adding to the wholeness I have already developed.

Isn't that a much better, healthier, and positive way to look at it?

I will use this perspective as a template for letting go of all the old ways of seeing that portends lack instead of supporting growth. We can only grow or achieve anything if we are willing to see ourselves as doing it, as in expanding and deepening, instead of feeling that we are always trying to start from ground zero. Once we decide to walk the path of Love and begin our journey in earnest, we will already be covering the territory of ground zero. Everything after that is expansion and growth.

Seeing it like that is so helpful to me in so many ways. I feel more inspired instead of a bit limp and all at sea about where I am. I feel like I'm seeing the truth, and it feels right. My new awareness of this transformation is significant. It has changed the course of my day. I feel more capable and accomplished. I'm building up the reality of myself that I started even before ground zero by first pulling up and letting go of the roots of the injury of Fear. We must start by planting new seeds of the truth in Love, allowing them to take root, and then building from there.

Thus, if I look at what I am experiencing now as making up a deficit, I am missing the point of the whole experience. And I am feeding my subconscious mind misinformation about what is happening. This misdirection will only slow down the process of my further healing and growth.

Okay, self, listen up.

I am rebuilding myself in Love. I am not using the injured parts and pieces of the old template of who I was in Fear, which is why I have this sense and may feel that I am behind or not where I should be now. I am not evolving according to the 3D design and structure. I'm doing it in 5D, in Love. This revelation is powerful and shows real growth and evolution in my thinking. I am changing. I am feeling more positive and hopeful.

Another interesting thing is that I listened to a positivity hypnosis session yesterday for the first time and now wonder if I am experiencing some of the effects. I am curious about this, as it will add a fantastic upgrade to my new hypnosis and subliminal toolkit. I am just so stoked about having discovered these new avenues of healing to add to what I have already been doing. 

When I think I might be overdoing it, I must keep reminding myself that this type of learning and growth expression is one of my passions. I love the process of discovery that using tools of this nature engages me in. It's like a constant and daily path of unfolding who I am and reworking and reconfiguring myself into the proper order. I am putting myself together correctly, as I was meant to be.

It gives me an idea for a short sci-fi story where you are sent to gather all the aspects of your true self. This journey takes you to different places and puts you in the company of other people, some of whom are actually 'housing' aspects of your true self that you must retrieve somehow. Your wholeness depends on your getting all your pieces and parts, and the future of your existence as a being is at stake. 

If you fail, you will face total extinction. It's about whether there is life after death. People play around with that theory, and many brave atheist types speak of there being nothing after this life. I sometimes think that people say that–and believe it–to cover up the fact that they are terrified that there is nothing beyond this life. Conversely, they don't want to set themselves up to think that there is life after death, which turns out to be nothing.

It's self-protection and a kind of bravado approach to the uncertainty of death. In this story, we discover that there is more after death, but to experience it, you have to find out who you indeed are because life after death is the real one. It's where all the beings experience themselves as they were always meant to be. This life is only a dress rehearsal for what is truly to come.

I like this idea, and it's fun to think of playing around with the many ways we can discover and envision the journey from Fear to Love. Speaking of which, I received an email from Amazon this morning about free sci-fi and fantasy books they have. I am going to take a look and download a few titles. The timing couldn't be more perfect, especially with this new idea about writing this type of story. Well, lookee here. I am starting to have creative ideas in my morning writing. Actual story ideas! What a wonderful surprise.

Okay, now this is getting even more 'Aha!'

Yesterday, I also listened to a creative self-expression hypnosis mp3 for the first time by the same person as the positivity one. That's two for two. If his sessions are having a notable effect on me, I am so grateful that I got the chance to purchase his titles for $1 a piece!! That is an insane opportunity! And that's the magic of following your passion.

Finally, I am following mine, and the gifts keep coming. Oh, Love, and all of my family of Love and Light, I am so grateful to you. And, speaking of pieces and parts, I must say a big, loving thank you and give a big warm hug to Team Melana, all the aspects of myself that are making this possible. You rock!!

I will try out more of the hypnosis titles today- I bought 23 of this particular one! Yes!!

M ~


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