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My Awakening; Walking My Spiritual Path


Walking My Spiriual Path

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When The Following Or Similar Situations Occur In Your Life

Taking My First Steps

   -  You have been sleepwalking through your life and have no idea where you're going, but know that up until now, you haven't been happy with where you've been. Everything seems meaningless and without purpose. Why am I here?

    - You have been barreling through your life at a speedy pace, aiming for and hitting all the markers to succeed at reaching your goals. Exhausted, hurried, harried, with no time for yourself, and unhappy or unfulfilled with your returns for the output. Was it worth it? Is this all there is?

    -  You have just hit a wall in your life seemingly out of the blue. You sit in tears, wondering what happens now that you feel blocked, hindered, and afraid to move forward––and there's the wall you have no idea how to get through, over or around, and the childhood memories rushing towards you that won't stop. Help!

  - You've experienced a tragedy, and suddenly, an avalanche of grief and despair hits you and your life without warning. You're devastated, leveled, and unable to climb out of the darkness and loneliness consuming you fast. You ask yourself, "What's the point or the purpose of trying to go on living? Why am I the one still alive?

How Do I Love People In Fear?

   -  You find yourself embroiled in the same 'misunderstanding' you've had with your family since you were young. The one where you realize that the assessment of you agreed upon by all the members leaves you, once again, as the odd one out, the one who was always different, hence difficult. The one who is too sensitive and full of feelings that could only be unhealthy. The one silenced by the consensus of everyone that what you have to say always leaves everyone feeling uncomfortable. Who are these people, anyway? Do you remain ambivalent, attempt to find yet another road to healing, or finally cut them off and accept that there are many reasons why we choose the families we are born into––and try to understand yours? And what does loving yourself have to do with it?

  - You've met the perfect friend who loves everything you do, and you share the best of times whenever you are together. The two of you are inseparable. Then something happened. Was it something you said or something they did? Was it a petty fight that turned into a war? Was it the hidden jealousy, envy, or competitive push you felt or them needing to be better than you? Was it the new person they met that they seemed to want to spend all their time with? Was it your need to spend more and more time alone? Was it them flirting with or hating on your significant other? Was it that you just started growing apart? Any of these and many different situations can halt a once bright relationship. How do you know when to resolve and heal it or when to accept the loss and move on? And what does loving yourself have to do with it?

  -   They are 'The One' or at least the best you've ever had. Either way, they ring all your bells, or at best, they are willing to try almost anything to make you happy. They are perfect or at least have the makings of perfection with just a little work. They have your whole heart, and you would take a bullet for them to keep theirs beating. Or, their earnest effort and willingness to try anything to please you tugs at your heart. In truth, they are like the above or resemble many other combinations of people and relationship types we find ourselves involved or in love with. The two most common threads that weave through them all are how to bridge the person you first met with, the person you wind up with, and what to do if you or they choose someone else to love. How do you know when it is a 'bridge too far' and it's time to say goodbye? And then there's 10, 20, 30 years down the road, and perhaps your awakening tells you it's time to move on. Can you? Should you? In all cases, what does loving yourself have to do with it?

What Do I Do?


  • Can I choose to awaken when I'm ready? 

  • Should I embrace my awakening even if the thought of it scares me? 

  • How will awakening change my life? 

  • How can I prepare for what may happen to me after such a big transition? 

  • I'm not the type that goes in for the spiritual self-development hype; could awakening still happen to me?  

  • What exactly do I awaken to, and what happens next? 

  • Can I go back to sleep if I awaken and don't like it? 

  • And what does awakening have to do with loving myself?



  • I have a near-perfect family; we all get along really well. But all families have issues, so what am I missing? 

  • I am the firstborn––not the sensitive middle child or the indulged youngest. Even now that we're older, everyone still leans on me and expects the most from me. How will I ever be able to live my life free of these burdens and expectations? 

  • I don't have any friends, but I don't mind; I love my company. Am I weird? Do I need to change?

  • I'm so lonely. I have no real friends and find it hard to connect with people. How do I make myself more interesting and likable? 

  • I am alone, happy, and uninterested in being in a romantic relationship. Is this normal? If not, why not? 

  • My partner and I are stuck in a 3D relationship based on Fear. We both desire to transition our relationship into a 5D, Love-sourced experience. Is it possible, and how do we do it?

  • And what do relationships have to do with loving myself?


Learning To Love Yourself

I've guided people on the path for 30+ years through The Path Process of learning to love the self. During that time, I gathered the core data from my numerous individual and group sessions and wrote a book that outlines and teaches anyone who wishes to learn how to love the self.

While writing and publishing The Path book, I made the decision, along with my spirit team, that I would no longer personally guide people through the ins and outs of The Path Process, primarily because all the information necessary to make the journey I provide in the book The Path: A Journey Into The Light: The Journey From Fear To Love, which is available on Amazon.

I am willing and happy to offer supplemental support for people who use The Path book's guidance to walk themselves through the process. I can assist in getting you started and provide periodic check-ins along the way. You can also avail yourself of any of the Love-sourced sessions I offer to gain deeper insights into issues that arise on your journey.

You can also read the transcribed recordings of Chakra and Monea, The Path Spirit Team, guiding the very first group of allies starting their journey on The Path. It is powerful to witness their masterful ability to love and nurture everyone while guiding them gently through their Fear-rooted issues into the light and clarity of Love. If you are interested in or making the journey yourself, this is an excellent resource and support to assist you in finding your way home to yourself and Love.

Just Checking In

-    You have awakened, answered the call to follow your purpose, and have been learning about dimensional shifts, the soul's journey, and deepening your understanding of who you are in the bigger picture. Are there any messages from Home you may have missed? Or, would you like to gain new insights, knowledge, and visions from a guide and fellow traveler on The Path?

   -   You are focused on everything about Love and know that as an empath and lightworker, it's the energy bringing you into balance and showing you the way Home. You know something of the importance of self-love but have a sense that loving the self has a greater meaning than what we know in 3D. Is the relationship between Love and self-love a critical factor in your growth and evolvement as a being? Since this is my focus and expertise, you might reach out for deeper insights on the subject.

   -   You have run into severe energetic interference on the journey. You sense that psychic bullies, group stalkers, and dark forces have suddenly appeared in your energy field, attempting to undermine your sense of self and unravel the fabric of your life, home, work, and finances. It's a life-disturbing and even life-threatening situation the likes of you've never faced before. You are in desperate need of immediate insight and support. What the f__k is going on?

How To Discover And Live My Purpose

  -   You realize that your life is being shaped by societal designs, from your age to your educational status to your marital and parental goals. In other words, you are living your life according to a script you neither wrote nor signed off on except to go along with what you were supposed to do. What if you have/had other ideas about all of these aspects of your life and wanted to chart a completely different course for yourself, one in which you could be responsive to who you are as a person, to how you choose to age or define the aging process, to feel organically drawn to do what you choose as far as relationships, childbearing, and child-rearing. What if you’ve discovered that you may have a purpose, a reason why you decided to walk this human life, and would like to explore and unfold a new path? There are no inbuilt societal designs for that turn in the road. Is it possible to take it anyway, create your version of reality, and live it?

  -   You realize that your work/career is just a job and nothing more. It pays the bills (or at least some or most of them), and it fulfills your need to be responsible and take care of the day-to-day functioning of your life reality. But, you feel limited by or stuck in a work situation that will not change. However, you are changing and starting to inwardly feel like running away, getting free, catching your breath, and believing you still have options in your life––even if you can’t see them. The frustration mounts and your unhappiness swells even on your best days. What kind of change is possible for you? You have to pay the bills, but you also have a growing, almost desperate desire to explore something within you that you won’t ever get if you don’t seek something more. Is there a way to create a bridge to your freedom, your purpose, and your new vision of your life while maintaining your stability and fulfilling life's responsibilities?

  -   You realize that you, too, have been bitten by the ‘What is my purpose’ bug that more and more people around you have been alluding to or asking outright amid personal sharing and talks about life and career goals. Or, you’re on your spiritual path and have reached the point when you face the trifecta of deeper self-awareness, ‘Who am I?’ (Tapping into your soul’s journey). ‘Why am I here?’ (Tapping into what you came to discover or learn about yourself.) And, ‘What is my purpose?’ (Tapping into what did I come here to do for my growth and contribute to the evolution of the human story). Or, what is a purpose? Am I missing out on something important that I’ll regret not doing when it’s too late? Will my purpose make me happy? Can I make a living or real money by pursuing or doing my purpose? What does knowing my purpose have to do with living my life in Love?

    Walking My Spiritual Path

  • What is a spiritual path, anyway? 

  • Can I walk a spiritual path if I'm not religious and don't believe in God?  

  • My spiritual path is taking a turn on the road I was unprepared for; can I go back?  

  • My spiritual path is wreaking havoc with my day-to-day life in the 3D world; how do I bridge the two?  

  • What do I do if my spiritual path leads to the dimensional shift from 3D to 5D I've read and heard about? 

  • If my spiritual path leads me to the 5D world, can I still live a regular everyday life? 

  Life and Career:

  • What is the meaning of life? Why was I born?

  • Is it possible to overcome a devastating beginning in life and find hope, happiness, and a true sense of accomplishment? How?

  • How do I become a better person and make more of my life than I have?

  • What does it mean to be a decent human being, and how can I become one?

  • Can I ever truly embrace and unconditionally love persons of other races? Or is it always conditional and unauthentic?

  • I love making money and want to make it as much as possible; am I shallow?

  • I struggle to make ends meet and can never keep my head above water financially; will things ever improve for me?

  • I have dreams and goals for my life; how do I get beyond my fears to pursue them?

  • I'm in a highly successful career with an excellent salary and unlimited benefits; how can I be so unhappy?

  • I am always stressed; how do I stay on top of my health and well-being with so much going on?

  • Is being happy just a pipe dream in the world we live in today?

  • And what does my life and career have to do with loving myself?

What Is The Path Journey?

     When a person chooses Love and explores The Path as the vehicle for their healing, it is a life-altering experience. Learning to love yourself, and to embrace Love as the energy to govern and support your life, is the most significant decision any human being will ever make. As your guide, it is my job to speak with you, frankly and clearly, about the changes that will happen and the impact that your decision to heal will have on every aspect of your life.

     What does it mean to walk the path of Love? It's choosing to wake up instead of staying asleep. You embrace the freedom of Love instead of the imprisonment of Fear. You decide to become your authentic self instead of the persona you create to survive the illness of Fear. In choosing The Path as a vehicle for your journey, you must understand precisely how it intends to get you to your destination and what requirements you must meet to get there.  

     The Path brings Love in its full expression into our lives, introducing us to a new relationship with the most powerful energy that exists. Because we were born into a reality of Fear, we have had little preparation for what to expect or how to show up when we come face-to-face with the true reality of Love.  

     The Path belief system and structure awaken our minds to the possibility of living a life based on Love. When we allow our minds to accept the beliefs about Love that The Path teaches, we can access a conceptual knowledge and understanding of Love. This awareness enables us to imagine how choosing Love will work for us. If we take it one step further and embrace the teachings as our own beliefs, we can begin to see and accept that Love has the power to heal us.

The Path: A Journey Into The Light

The Journey From Fear To Love

Available On Amazon


When The Following Or Similar Situations Occur In Your Life

Life Questions; The Path Journey To Self-Love
The Path Journey To Self-Love
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