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Who Are You?

One of the biggest missteps we can make when first engaging in a dynamic of any type with another person is assuming, but now knowing who they are.

Who Are You?

My inner sessions are always my time to catch up with myself and bridge what is trending on the 5D world stage. Although it's my experience, it's never mine alone. We are linked in spirit on this journey in Love; as I speak for myself, I speak for many.

Sitting quietly and looking within, I knew, would bring me the needed insights to understand this significant and pivotal time in my life and process. A new moon and eclipse energy guided and fueled the many changes afoot.

Relationship stuff is the main ingredient in everything at present. From mine with myself, those in my past, my present to future encounters, who I am engaged with now, and which relationships I will sustain or create moving forward.

Recently, there's been much interference and backlash to my forward movement. Some people and energies have made it known that they oppose and do not align with the walk of my life. They are not of concern to me. I have learned that these opposition dynamics are like the existence of duality.

With Love and Fear, there will be those who support and oppose both. These dark forces and entities who seek and insist on having center-stage agency in my life will soon discover that they cannot and will not succeed. I have been to hell and back to realize this and will now put them in their proper place and perspective. In a duality, there is always an opposite energy. On our planet, if we are beings of Love, it's Fear.

Finally, I can relegate these energies to Fear's domain, robbing them of the autonomous position they have attempted to secure in my life. In short, they are just the voice and energy of Fear trying to steer me in the opposite direction that I am heading. The ability to do this makes them a part of the entity that spawned them. Some are personal, but most are nameless and faceless, and their sole purpose is to broadcast their dissonance and unsavory intentions––none of which I have to listen to or heed.

I know that I am dealing with the outcome of my life choices. All of these things I am navigating through have to do with the new life I am building in 5D Love. I am acutely aware that the slowing down of everything ensures I don't overlook the need to take a closer look at the moves I am making now and will be in the future. Love is a major component in all of this, and how I choose to embrace, give, and utilize it in the walk ahead will impact me and all aspects of my life.

I feel pulled inward in deep reflection and simultaneously guided to slow down in my outward output of energy and focus. Walking this balance is a fine line for me since I am also envisioning my future relationships. Given my recent encounters with destructive human beings viciously acting out their injury in Fear, the mere idea of entertaining the thought of being in a relationship with another person is almost unfathomable. But also, it could be timely and, perhaps, healing at this phase of my life.

One of the things I want to put on my table and own up and admit to is that, from previous experience, I don't know what type of person this being would have to be and how they would need to show up and relate as a person. I realize, however, that these are the things one must find out, and to do so, one must be willing to engage and embark upon this discovery.

In truth, neither knows who the other is. We act upon our feelings about each other's existence and presence. It's imperative to me to acknowledge this and realize that in accepting an offer to engage, one of the first things I want to set about finding out next is. "Who are you?"

This critical step in considering a relationship is so important to me because I have unwittingly walked into relationships in the past, assuming that what I sensed in my heart about a person was the absolute truth about who they were. I left no room for discovery since I believed that who I imagined them to be was who they were.

One of the biggest missteps I have made when first engaging in a dynamic of any type with another person is assuming, but now knowing who they are. Instead of hoping that I will piece together this vital information along the way, from here on out, I have committed to making this the priority and the first step of any new relationship.

With Love,

M ~

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