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Rebirth: Preparations For A New Beginning

Rebirth signals a new beginning. A time when we discover and explore emerging insights into who we are, where we are, and what's coming next.

Rebirth: Preparations For A New Beginning

Today is a new beginning for me and, perhaps, for you. In many ways, rebirth is the beginning of a new life. A life we will base on the truth of who we are as beings. That is, as much as we know of ourselves thus far. I still have yet to unpack all that I know. There are things I have intellectually known, but my heart has never entirely owned the mysterious creature I have always been. It's so odd that it takes us so long to accept who we are––to see ourselves precisely in the truth of our fullest expression.

I say it is odd, but deep within, I know it is not. There has always been an outside interference with the self and one's relationship to it, even as we grew in and exited the womb. It's one thing to discover the basics of who we are as a being and quite another to realize that there are parts of ourselves who, in that initial discovery that comes with learning to recognize our fingers and toes, may never be revealed to us. Almost as if they did not exist.

For most people, those parts remain unknown for all their lives. We live and die without ever knowing that there were things about us that we never knew. Things that could have impacted us most profoundly and most certainly changed the course of our lives. How does something like that happen? Did the human architects of our societal design consciously greenlight this? Most likely not. They know as little as we who once subscribed to their version of reality about these missing parts and pieces. We were all wired to accept that what you see is what you get when assessing the total make-up of a human being.

Still, we were pretty sure that things about our psyches and bodies were to be studied to understand the underpinnings of how we operated and what caused us to misfire or become imbalanced or ill. And how those states could and would create evidence psychologically, mentally, and physically of what was ailing us. We have always thoroughly investigated all the apparent things presented to us for deeper diving.

However, when the question of exploring beyond the obvious into the possible existence of things not readily seen––like the apparent parts of who we are, in the acceptable summary of what makes up a human being–– these things were at best overlooked, at worse altogether denied. If something was hidden, it simply did not exist.

Those who made a fuss and took up their exploration beyond the seen were considered 'fringe' individuals whose discoveries could not be regarded as accurate or taken seriously. What was that response about? At first glance, it could appear to be rational and pragmatic thinking. After all, if there were things about ourselves that we were supposed to or needed to know, they would not have been buried so deep that it was a crapshoot if we had discovered them. It would seem that our Creator was, if not more humane, simply more intelligent than that. This absence of information could, thus, make sense if you look at it through that lens.

However, what if our Creator always meant for us to know these things, and on the route to being born into our human life, someone or something interfered and redid our wiring, taking something well-placed on the top of our consciousness and buried it on the way bottom where ordinary curiosity could never unearth it. The culprit is easy to discern, if not entirely clear. The only someone or something that had that kind of reach, access, and influence over us and everything that we are and could be––other than Love––is Fear. Hmm.

More to come

With Love,
M ~

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