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Meet And Greet Your Inner Aspects!

You are body, mind, spirit, and so much more. Discover the team behind the scenes responsible for the fundamentals of who you are, how you function, and the way you express yourself as a human being.

Meet And Greet Your Inner Aspects!

Welcome to 'Living Life In Love!' I have been thinking a lot about all of you these past weeks. Preparing for beginning this new journey with The Path and you, I needed to build a bridge where we could meet in the middle and find our purpose for coming together at this time. You don't know me yet; it will take a moment for you to learn who I am and why I am reaching out to connect with you. What are my intentions? I have explained a few things about all of that in my recent blog post. However, I feel that the best way to move forward together is for me to tell you something I know about you, which, interestingly enough, will also tell you more about me. Funny how this 'We are all One' notion does, indeed, work.

For someone to know who we are, it's more than a bit helpful for us to know who we are ourselves. One of the most incredible things we've discovered on this path of Love is our introduction to who we are inside––the inner substance of our being––and how we express it. These inner aspects represent different parts of ourselves that function independently (meaning they each have their job to do) but ultimately interdependently because they all have to work together to make a whole, functional 'us.'

We are in charge of organizing these aspects, giving them guidance and direction. Bet you didn't know that! No worries. No one ever said a word about this when we were growing up or at any other time in most households. As far as we knew, our functionality since we first learned how to eat whole food and take our first step was pretty automatic. Our only job was figuring out the mechanics of how to make ourselves work.

As we got older, we heard a phrase that was quite popular in spiritual circles: body, mind, and spirit. It could have been our first introduction to pieces of ourselves that described something about who we were. The body and the mind we were familiar with. The spirit was our connection to something big outside us, like God or The Holy Spirit. For some, the priests, pastors, or ministers of our chosen or inherited faith tended to the religious part of ourselves. The body was placed in the hands of the medical profession and the doctors who learned how to 'heal' us when needed. The mind was shaped and guided by the education we received growing up and extended, for some, into our early adult years. It seems as if everything to know about us was apparent, and everything had its place. And everyone but us was in charge of who we were.

Okay, so what if I were to tell you that everything isn't as it seems? It is always the case in Fear, the energy that has defined everything we know about ourselves and what we believe to be true. Love, however, tells a very different story about everything. One of the most fascinating things about spending time in Love is all the new stuff we learn. So, let me give you an update on the aspect situation. Trust me; you'll want to know about them.

After all, your aspects run your life like a train with spotty breaks and no conductor. They all have issues; each had to learn the ropes about their job while navigating through Fear the same way we (the conscious self) had to. Though uninformed about how to properly work together, they still do the job they were designed for to help support and keep us functional in our journey as human beings. We've learned we must take responsibility for our lives once we grow up. But no one taught us how to know or take responsibility for how to work together with who we were inside.

Okay, drum roll, please! Without further ado, let me introduce you to the full spectrum of your inner aspects, your team and family of self, and their respective jobs. Oh, and by the way, you're the team leader, the one in charge!

Your aspects:

Body - Sacred Home / Keeper of Health & Wellness
Mind - Data Base / Fact Finder
Heart - Feeling Center / Voice of The Soul
Subconscious Mind - Operating System / Beliefs / Wiring
Conscious Self - YOU / Choice Maker / Creator
Soul / Spirit - Speaker of Truth / Lifetime Guide
Male / Female - Root of Duality / Balance / Harmony
Sexuality - Seat Of Desire / Passion / Creation
Child Self - Vessel Of Truth / Play / Fun / Magic

I know it's a lot to take in, and you're welcome! I'll leave you to sit quietly with yourselves and contemplate how your life has become much more interesting than you previously imagined. The conscious self is the one who (knowingly or not) green lights or squashes everything any of them puts forth as guidance, a thought, action, belief, idea, or expression at the moment-to-moment unfolding of your life. What you say goes, even if you're cluelessly giving orders to parts of yourself you've never met, you rely on to secure the best possible outcome for all involved. There's a lot at stake, like your health and well-being and the successful navigation of your life. But, as usual in Fear, we are purposely left blind to everything related to self-discovery, self-care, and our true power.

I'll write more about this again and discuss the fantastic experience of meeting these aspects and discovering their genius, unique abilities, and how built for success they are. And that's no mystery for sure. How could they be anything else.: they are you!

Until next time.

With Love,

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